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Simple and Gorgeous Laptop Sleeve

My sister had three kids... Yes you know that by now of course. But yesterday I only showed you what I made for the boys for Christmas and not yet for my niece. My niece wants to buy a laptop for Christmas so everyone is giving her some money instead of a present and together with her savings, I'm sure she will be able to buy a lovely laptop. The problem with sending money is that I live in the UK, and they dont. Hence we dont have Euros. Small problem there... Of course I would send Pounds but then she would only waste half of it on exchange rates and bank fees. So I thought of something else. A little while ago my my mother made her a pillow of this gorgeous rose print cotton fabric and gave the rest to me. So I asked if she would like me to make a cool laptop sleeve for when she has her laptop. Luckily she agreed that that was a cool idea (told ya, am the 'cool auntie' LOL).

After browsing online for a bit, I found the perfect tutorial for the perfect laptop sleeve. No k…

Star Wars Bathrobes

My sister has three kids. Joy... No, they're really nice kids, I was just never one for having any myself so we always joke around that she had one for me so my mom is happy at least ;) However, even though I dont want kids, I get to be the cool auntie :) Nothing wrong with that! Hihi... My sister has a girl and twin boys who were born about a week before Christmas (yes all three of them!) so the present thing is even more difficult. They're slowly getting to the teenage stage of life, so all those lovely baby tutorials are a little wasted on me. But that doesnt mean that I didnt come up with some of the coolest presents this year :) I was quite adament that I didnt want to spend too much money (still being frugal after all), didnt want to send toys yet again, and I wanted something really cool that they would also be able to use. And I didnt want my sister to send me a wishlist, I wanted a surprise. That's a lot to ask right? Oh yes... The whole sister-not-knowing thing d…

Christmassing - Presents Presents Presents

Hello everyone!
It's been a while... I know! And I had so many things planned and so many things to blog about that of course I managed to do nothing and have forgotten most of my ideas by now. Typical... BUT this weekend things finally turned around and the sewing machine came out for the first time in a good few weeks :) Christmas is nearing and as much as I love the vacation part of this holiday, the present stress is something I would rather avoid. Of course I love to give my loved ones presents, although I do that all year round, but this whole 'have to' business is not for me. So I told myself that this year I would be prepared and only have minimal (if at all) purchases to make in December. And guess what?? I've done it! I'm as good as finished with my Christmas shopping/making etc. All the Christmas deco is unpacked and 'pimped' as needed, most of the presents are finished (apart from a couple for the bf), and the last box will go in the post tomorro…

Fairy Stocking Giveaway Winner

Good morning everyone!
Just came back from seeing HP7, not a bad movie at all (except for the other people in the cinema who were eating, talking, giggling, or indeed very smelly) and I can highly recommend it. This might indeed be a movie worthy of the series :)

As promised, I picked the winner of the Fairy Stocking Giveaway via
And the winner is: Theresa at Fairy Moon Creations!

Congrats Theresa, please email me your address so I can send the stocking to you :)

Now, off to do some more crafting/cleaning/enjoying Sunday, whichever comes first hihi...

88 Followers and Gogo Yubari

Good morning everyone!!
I checked my blog last night and saw that I had 88 followers, 88!!! So I thought I'd share this costume that I made last year for a Japanese themed night and had this whole chain of events in my head: 88 followers -> Crazy 88 -> Kill Bill -> Gogo Yubari -> Share costume. Now, on this lovely Saturday morning while the bf is still sleeping, I find that I have 90 followers, 90 followers!! I am so pleased :) Thank you all so much for following my little blog and the things I create :) It means a lot to me, especially as I feel that a lot of negativity is coming my way from people I know IRL so to see that there are still people that care and leave positive comments sure means a lot :)

Not wanting to deprive you of my Crazy 88 mind set, I still want to share the costume with you. The party was in January 2009 so a little while ago already, and it was Japanese themed. Obviously not very Japanese looking, I had a challenge. I love a good challenge! I wen…

Christmassing - Felt Gingerbread Couple Ornaments

The felt ornamenting continues... Well, when in Hobbycraft... ;) No seriously, I was there anyway and I saw this great tutorial I just knew I had to try this. They were so cute!! So I bought some brown felt while I was there, and knew I had the rest to off I went. These are is my lovely gingerbread couple:

Arent they cute?! Yes, I know they look more like the creatures in 9 than the gingerbread couple in the picture of the actual tutorial, but I think it gives them this extra nerdiness which is also very The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season. Hihi...

I kept to the original colour scheme, using more tiny cut-offs from the felt glitter ornaments and other felt leftovers I had. I didnt have red glitter felt, but I added some glitter glue so I still got the sparkling effect. So far I've only made this pair but I'm tempted to make more! How about you? Are you going to make some gingerbread men (and women!) to hang on your tree?

Christmassing - Felt Glitter Ornaments

Of course I didnt only just glitter up some normal ornaments (which by the way only cost 99p and some glitter), I also made some ornaments from scratch using some black and silver sparkled felt that I bought at Hobbycraft last week. Hobbycraft is pretty much the only hobby shop in the vincinity and even then it takes about 40 mins to get there.

I got the idea from a colleague who saw some owls at Habitat for like £2 and decided she can make those herself. Of course hers look so much better ;) I also got a lot of ideas from the flyers that they had lying around at Hobbycraft. I started off with some very basic shapes, I made a circle and a star. After all, I needed some practice first! ;)

The circle is quite flat but I still really like it, and I love the star also. I used a cookie cutter to get the shape. I used some leftover silver ribbon to tie them to the tree.

Then I upgraded a bit to this circle with a bow on top, and I also made a heart.So after seeing this flyer at Hobbycraft, I …

Christmassing - Glitter Ornaments

Hello again :)
Finally, the camera has been located, only to find that it is really taking bad pics today (yes that is the camera and not the person taking the pics hihi) so I had to use the bf's one which had no battery. It has really been a day for lying on the sofa in front of the telly or things would go wrong. I even tried to make some soup for lunch tomorrow... I cut all the vegetables, put it on the stove, lit the fire, and left the kitchen... can you guess what happened? About an hour (!) later, I remember the soup, which has by now turned into this yummy black cakey stuff on the bottom of the pan. I guess we're going out for lunch tomorrow then ;)

In exactly 4 minutes, it will be Monday morning and my holidays will be over. Sadly I didnt get as much stuff done as I wanted to, but I did finish a few project such as the purple rosette top, the cupcake pincushion, and the teacup pincushion. I also darned my medieval dress as it was full of holes (wear and tear or moths, am…

Fairy Christmas Stocking Giveaway

Good morning everyone :)
I cant seem to find my camera and therefore cannot take any pics of the lovely and cute Christmas decorations that I've been making this past week. So in the mean time, I wanted to host another giveaway. This one is for an item made by myself, and is a Fairy Christmas Stocking. Personally, I dont really like the regular stockings very much and they're always so big that I can never fill them completely (also because then they usually fall off the hook). So I decided to make one that is small and cute and fairy style:

It is made out of cotton fabric with stars and glitters and has a baby blue velvet ribbon twirling around it. The curled toe also has a bell and is stuffed with fiberfill to keep the shape. It also has a loop on the back to hang it anywhere you like. I made some of these for myself also as their great for chocolates and a little gift since the bf's presents never fit into a stocking anyway hihi.

The stocking doesnt have a name on it, but …

CSN Stores Giveaway Winner!

Good morning everyone!
I totally forgot to pick the winner last night as I was trying to get my comments to be numbered which actually worked thanks to this excellent tutorial, so this morning I jumped out of bed and worked out how to use So without further ado, the winner is:
Comment number nine which was:

Sunny from Life in Rehab!

Congratulations Sunny, it seems that luck it with you this week! LOL. I'll let CSN know so that they can send you the voucher asap. Let me know what you end up buying :)

To everyone else: thank you so much for entering this giveaway, it has been a lot of fun :) So much even that I am thinking of having one giveaway a week until Christmas, how cool would that be! Now that I've worked out how to do this, I think it's a great idea!

Ok, must get ready and actually leave the house and do some much needed shopping in the Saturday crowds... yay... But tonight I'm sure I have some more craftiness to post!

Teacup Pincushion

Hello again everyone!
Oh no, it's Friday! The last day of my holidays!! And of course I stayed home the whole week and did not take advantage of the crowdless shops during work hours, but preferred to stay dry and warm rather than being outside in the awful weather we're having. So time to do some crafting :)

Do you remember this teacup I bought a few months ago during my thrift shopping spree?

I bought it to make a pincushion for a friend. See, we were in Liberty's a while back and I saw that they were selling teacup pincushions for like £27!!! Thats about $45 for anyone not living in the UK. Now that is a LOT! Granted, their cups were better looking than mine but mine definitely has the cute factor :)

So I added some baby blue felt to match the bows on the cup and bought some pearl white sewing pins as well to completely the look. I even got a pretty teaspoon and glued that on it as well :) I did consider brownish felt to give the coffee look but all it did was make it look…