Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tooth Felties

Hi again!
Something more cheerful today than the graveyard ;) Although I do find visits (in daylight) very relaxing. Anyway... remember the Halloween felties I made from the tutorial on Paper and String?

Yes these :)

My friend at work said that the ghost looks like a tooth! Something I completely disagree with but it surely could be turned into one with a few minor adjustments... Her sister is a dentist and she asked me to make some tooth felties for her as a keyring. She wanted a good tooth and a bad tooth. Dentists... *shiver*

This is what I came up with! I used the original pattern from Paper and String as shown in the original felties post, and changed it a tad. I made a good tooth with white felt, black eyes, blue cheeks (they have to be squeeky clean after all), a smiling face, and a white ribbon with black dots. The bad tooth is made with light yellow felt, grey eyes, green cheeks, a sad face, and a black ribbon with white dots. I even has a hole in it!! I tried making the hole with just a 'spot' idea, but it looked horrible. I quite like it this way even though it may look a bit like a bow ;)

I was out of large keyrings, so I hung each tooth on a tiny keyring and then put them on yet another small one together. That way the sister can decide how and where she wants to use them without having to take anything apart. My friend loved them, I hope her sister will too!

Dentists... *shiver* Although this may be a nice Christmas gift idea to make for the people at the dental practice who were so kind to me when I had my treatment. Mmm... *lightbulb*

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Visit to Highgate Cemetary London

During the visit of my friend from Berlin, he had a schedule as usual of things to see and do (I do the same when we visit him hihi) and another item on his list was to visit Highgate Cemetary. Highgate Cemetary is one of the Magnificent Seven cemetaries in London and so far I have seen 4 out of 7. I cant remember if I already had this blog when I last visited one of them though.

This was all in the Halloween spirit so it totally worked. My colleagues thought it was a little weird (but they think I can be weird anyway haha), but there is so much history there! We were just in time for the tour of the western cemetary which could only enter at specific times. Lots of interesting graves there, including the one of that Russian guy who was poisoned a few years back.

We didnt find the entrance right away so we took some pics through the gates here and there as we tried to locate the way in.

Gorgeous scroll stone

Just after the entrance of the western part of the cemetary with the tour.

This tree was on top of the Egyptian Avenue. They said that they had to keep trimming the branches so it wont topple off the roof, so in a way this is a giant Bonsai tree :)

Gorgeous grave stone near the end of the tour.

After the tour we went to the western part of the cemetary. Lots of famous people were buried here but we didnt have a lot of time and my feet were killing me, so we walked around until we found the grave of Karl Marx (hard to miss) and then we slowly made our way back.

This headstone reminded me of the goth walk the day before as that was also about a girl named Fanny ;)

The next day I had to go back to work and my friend left back to Berlin. It was a lovely (although very unproductive and foot-killing) weekend with lots of Halloween themed activities :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Goth Walk 25 - The Cock Lane Ghost

Hi everyone!
As you may remember me mentioning before (dont worry if you dont, I'm told I talk to much all the time), my friend Thorleif came over from Berlin the other day, just a week before Halloween. It just so happens to be the same weekend as another goth walk was scheduled. Such a coincidence! LOL. So naturally we joined in.

The bf stayed home due to his shoulder and the area we would go to would be super crowded, but he did join us for a lovely hearty breakfast.

It was a lovely sunny day and the theme of this walk was most excellent: The Cock Lane Ghost. With our regular priest as our tour guide, we set off. (I wont copy/paste the whole story here, but if you click the link above you can find out all about it)

The walk took us through Smithfield, which is always a lovely area and great for pics. One day I must do this in a costume...

Past various churches...

...and to the front door of Dr. Samuel Johnson who seems to turn up in a lot of 18th century London history. In this story he makes an appearance as well. And not only for writing the first dictionary!

We slowly headed towards St Paul's Cathedral...

.,,,which was rather busy with Occupy London who are there to this day. Did you know that St Paul's Cathedral has stayed open during 2 world wars and numerous other big events and now had to close its doors because of this? Forget the money they're missing from tourists, just the fact that this happened is a little sad I think.

But let's not spoil this beautiful day with such negative talk ;) See, nice weather, blue sky! In October!!! (yes, this was three weeks ago after all)

Some detail of St Paul's

We're nearing the end... as you can see everyone wore their comfy shoes. They just happened to all be the same! Hahaha... The bf insists I have some too. But I want them in purple and not quite as shiny. He might be able to convince me someday...

Since had been circling St Paul's Cathedral for nearly 3 hours and we never got close enough to Bea's of Bloomsbury for cupcakes, I dragged Thorleif there after the walk while the rest of the group went to the pub. Blasphemy in London? Too bad, I need cupcakes!! Two red velvets for me please!! Yumm :)

My friend made lots of pics also but I havent seen them yet... When I do I'll post some more!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmassing - Harrods Christmas Display 2011

Hi all!
Ooooh my very first 2011 Christmas post, how exciting!
You are not going to believe this but I am totally in the Christmas spirit right now :) Starbucks has their Christmas coffees (toffee nut latte, yumm!) which are amazing and immediately make my day :) Though maybe not so much when drunk after lunch, I tried that and went to bed at 4am LOL. Good thing it was a weekend! But having learnt this, I now get one before work and my day cannot be ruined :)

It was my friend's Jose's birthday a while ago and of course as per tradition I totally forgot about it. Oops... but I invited him for coffee and cake (his favourite) in Knightsbridge and we checked out the Harrod's Christmas display afterwards. It was lovely and very Christmassy which was perfect after the Christmass coffee :) Want to join me on a little tour?

This year the theme is 'Crystal Christmas' and really, they mean crystals!

Lots of mannequins in sparkly dresses in a sparkly forest. I posted this one on FB and lots of people thought this was me at first glance. LOL. Nope, I have much better taste in shoes ;)

I wasnt really sure what I thought about this dress, I think it's a little too Narnia, but the picture came out really well so I had to share :)

Some of the poses of the mannequins were a bit eh... compromising so I didnt photograph everything. This one made me laugh however, especially when both my friend and I titled this one 'Death by Jewellery'. I mean really, the guy looks like he just strangled the woman with her necklance...

The piece de resistance I think.. according to the newspapers this dress costs... wait for it... £230,000.00!! Yes, 230 THOUSAND pounds! (Thats nearly $370,000.00 for all US folks). OMG... It is stunning yes, but really not poofy enough for that amount of money I think... But then I guess it is the lack of fabric and the amount of Svarovski crystals on it ;) Here is a link to Vogue website showing the dress on an actual person and yes, it does looks amazing... The website actually says 'Inspired by the decadence of the Twenties, the Ralph & Russo-designed dress will be the centrepiece of the department store's Swarovski-sponsored window displays over the festive season'.

This was the ONLY purple dress in the display and that meant that I needed a picture. Somehow I posed and with some guidance from my friend, we managed to get this photo. I think it is hilarious!

Some tiny windows also had some sort of display, like this one. I just love this pic :) So cute!

As we went around the other side, we hit the food and drink section. Also sparkly, but a different kind of sparkly, more bubbly so to speak :) This dress reminded me of (of course) my leaf dress but this one was fraying already (I checked!). The pic is a killer though.

The Godiva chocolates display. Love the teacups everywhere, so cute!

Jose just wanted the chocolates ;)

We also saw this handbag/shoe display. Mmm, great idea if you have a large wall you're not using and lots of handbags and shoes :) They had this in pink as well but it was still being set up.

So I took my friend Jose out for coffee and cake and I took him around Harrods. LITERALLY around Harrods, we just walked around the outside of the building looking at the window display, hihi. But it was good fun and really nice weather for it.

Oh yes, remember these? I made these a few days ago and this was their first outing :) Everyone thought they were cats as the wings arent very visible. But I set them straight hihi...

Well, I hope you liked our Christmas trip around Harrods. Maybe next time I will go in, if I arrive when the shop is still open hihi!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Upcycled Sock Projects

Yes, still Halloweening away over here with my remaining Halloween projects :) Well this isnt really a Halloween project, this is just a upcycling project which just happens to use Halloween socks! Hahaha, yes it's a sock post :)

I had this mountain of faboulous Halloween socks that all had holes and I just refused to throw these away. I have more but those are still ok for now ;)

After months of scouring the internet for cute projects to make with socks, I finally decided to go for it and the big scissors came out. It's amazing how few cool sock projects are actually out there! All I found were sock monsters/animals which I really didnt want to make, door snakes (also not useful at the moment) and gloves. Ok, the glove idea I did try. Not great but the idea is good. In the end I decided for this:

I made hand warmers and lavender bags!

The hand warmers are on the bottom, two of each using my favourite prints of these socks. I filled them with plain rice to microwave and put in my pocket once this bound-to-be-near-Ice-Age-freezing winter will start.

The lavender bags you can see in the back of the picture. With all the costumes I have, moths are having a field day in my closet, and I read online that lavender helps against moths so I bought some lavender in the herb shop. I used the tops of all the socks with the fold-over rims (so I cut them just above the heel), sewed the bottom shut, and wove a ribbon through the sock just underneath the rim, then tied up the ribbon. The remaining two purple ones are the bottom of the same socks. I couldnt use the toe section as that was the broken part, so I did the same as above just without the folded print covering the ribbon. I put the bags in drawers and hung some on hangers in the closet to keep the moths away.

So now I have rice bags to keep my hands warm in winter, lavender bags to keep the moths away, and all with my very cool Halloween-print socks which I have now saved from landfill :) Whoohoo!

Plus I'm sure that lots of you have great ideas for socks that are not bags, gloves, rice bags, and sock puppets. If yes, then please share as I still have some left!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Halloweening - Cute Felties

Hello again everyone!
I had a lovely weekend :) The bf was away for a day and a bit and I got to laze around the house eating popcorn (which he hates me eating hihi). I hardly did any crafting but was still in the Halloween mood so I browsed around and found these pinned on my Pinterest board to make sometime:

Yes, this is the lovely tutorial from Paper and String, arent they the cutest!!

Now I have to warn you, my pics arent nearly this good, but I was just too lazy to use the mini studio we have to take decent pics, especially as I made these at 3am, courtesy of Starbucks' wonderful Toffee Nut Latte which I had way too late in the day.

These are the ones I made :) I used 'gold' felt for the pumpkin as the orange I had was much to neon. I also used purple for the bat as I just didnt have grey and after all, purple is my favourite colour ;) The ribbons I used are from mt favourite ribbon shop whose name I have just blanked out on, but if you read some older posts you will find it. The brads I bought a while ago in Hobbycraft after reading many lovely posts on Paper and String. I love them! I got rid of my old (disgracefully dishevveled) teddy on my keyring and replaced it with these cuties :)

I liked the bats so much that I made some more and added them to these ueberlarge hair clips. I havent tried them yet but that's what Fridays at work is for ;)

So I relaxed a lot, crafted a little, and had a lovely relaaaxing weekend. Hope you all had the same and managed to get through Monday alright!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Halloweening - Upcycled Spider Pots

Hi all!
For most of you, Halloween is over now as November has started and people are starting on the Christmas preparations or maybe even Thanksgiving, depending on their location. Well, in the UK we dont celebrate Thanksgiving, nor in the Netherlands for that matter, and I dont really have a lot to prepare for Christmas. So I say now, am sure that in three weeks I will be panicking with all the stuff I still have to do LOL. But for now, stick with me, I still have some Halloween projects to share and I really dont want to wait until next year, who knows if I will remember? So just give me this one...

Today I want to share with you my spider pots that I made for work. You are probably wondering what a spider pot is doing in the office... Well, to put stuff in of course! I always use this really ugly plastic box that used to hold business card to put paperclips and stuff in. I only have the one box so everything is always nice and mixed so that when I need something out of it, I never find it... Enter the spider pot :)

And this is why I call them spider pots :) One plastic cream pot, and two Mueller Rice pots, all washed and painted. I used normal house paint that I had leftover from last year's Halloween projects and sealed it with MP. This is the inside being painted first.

Two layers later I also painted the outside, in black to be highlighted later.

I added purple lines to where the grooves of the pot were anyway and lined them with silver glitter glue I still had from last year's Christmas projects.

In the top rim I added purple glitter glue from Hobbycraft (on sale!) and hot glued some tiny spiders on the rim and the sides (sides not shown here). The front pot contains some elastic bands and is currently stored in my bathroom since the bf keeps losing all the elastics LOL

The other two (the Mueller ones) are on my desk at work. Arent they cute? I love them! And aiming for them when throwing in some paperclips is much easier than that square old ugly box I was using before :)

See, they're filled already :)

This project was actually finished on Sunday night so the pots were on my desk on Halloween much to the amusement of my colleagues hihi. So technically it's still in time for Halloween :)

On another Halloween note, one of my friends from the zombie walk posted on FB about two nights before Halloween that they were selling the Hellraiser movies in Poundland (yes, £1 each, how cool is that!). So I ran over there and looked in three different branches but no movies. Pout... Ok so no matter, not like I needed them anyway. But then today when I was in Poundland and there they were! All 3 Hellraiser parts AND Children of the Corn! SCORE! Totally bad marketing by Poundland, especially since they have been selling these in branches in different parts of London weeks ago, but this time they were mine, all mine! And since the bf is away today, I am currently enjoying a Hellraiser marathon :)

£1 each, how cool is that! Even though it is the 5th of November and it's Guy Fawke's night, I will watch all of these and then maybe V for Vendetta just to stay in the spirit of the day ;)

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I know I will!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloweening - Baby Pumpkin Outfit - Pics!

Hi all,
Yes I know it is November, and Halloween is over. Tesco is already decorating Christmas and they mainly sell Christmas candy and the likes (seriously?!) But I still have so many Halloween projects! Plus today my colleague showed me the pics of his daughter in her pumpkin outfit, it is so cute! With his permission I wanted to share this with you since many of you asked:

Isnt she adorable as a pumpkin? Granted, the outfit was still a tiny bit big as she is this wee little bundle, but it still looks cute and I doubt it will still fit next year ;)

LOL Not entirely sure she will love Halloween as much as me but at least she has been introduced to it in style :)

So all in all it was a hit :) I also received some great advice about the booties. It turned out they were a little tight due to the elastic (not like I have a test subject when making those LOL) but I had the best idea how to fix it: no elastic, but stitch a ribbon to tie up. Much less work and it will fit better :) I guess I have to make some new booties then!

In the meantime I am so enjoying an evening off. The dishes are piling up, the laundry isnt done, but I am comfy and warm on the sofa. I need a bit of rest after this hectic Halloween! LOL. I'll do more tomorrow... maybe... ;)
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