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Haunted House Cross Stitch is FINISHED!

Hi everyone!
It's finally done! OK, it was done a little while ago (in 2016 to be exact as I've just discovered on my Facebook memories), but it took a long time to find the right frame so now I can finally display my beautiful Haunted House Cross Stitch :)

This is it, hanging in my hallway.
This project took my about 4 years, although I didn't work on it every day so I can't actually tell you how many hours are in this. Let me give you some closeups:

 I was so pleased when it was done! This was taken at the craft group, most of this cross stitch was done here so it was only fitting to have the grand unveiling here too
I found a frame in Walthamstow and getting it home is a whole story on its own, but I think it's perfect! It is just the right amount of ol and creepy. 
The next project is already underway, so hopefully soon I'll be able to post an update on that too!

Cupcake Pincushion Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I always want to make tutorials and when I'm doing a project, I get so engrossed that I forget to take photos. Oops... This time I think I managed, even if it was over several versions of the same project. This cupcake pincushion does require some prep work, so let's get started!

The prep:
Before you can start assembling your cupcake, you need to create the following:
Empty jar: ok so you'll technically not assemble the jar, but you do need one on hand. I use the jars from lumpfish caviar as they are the perfect size. Just eat the caviar (this sounds much more expensive than it is, we have this on special occasions and a jar is maybe £1.99) and clean the jar well.Knitted base: knit a rectangle using only knit stitch so you get the ribbing long and wide enough to cover the sides of your jar. I haven't added exact measurements as I assume that you might use a different jar. The rectangle should be about 4mm wider than the jar to cover any overlapping and se…

The Great Oscar Dinner 2018

Hi everyone! 

I think I've said this many many times already, but oh my it has been a long time since my last post! A good number of years in fact. Running has kind of taken over my life, along with long hours at work, but fear not! Some things have changed and I surely have not been sitting still :) I have many posts lined up to show you my fabulous new creations (and fabulous new failures as well LOL) so I do hope to be blogging a lot more again from now on. I've also changed the layout of the blog a bit, what do you think?

Originally, I had a different post lined up for my "I'm back" post, but it's already been a week and I have not yet shown anyone my food creations for the Oscar Party of 2018. Well, it wasn't really a party this time, both myself and the bf are currently injured so it was a nice evening on the sofa with nice food, so let's call it the Great Oscar Dinner of 2018 instead ;)

For anyone who needs a reminder of who was nominated, here ar…