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Race for Life 2013 - Clown Style

Hi everyone!
After having planned this for years and gotten sick just after I started training, I've finally done it: I've run the Race for Life! Granted, only the 5k but for a couch potato like me that is very far. For those of you who don't know, the Race for Life is a charity run for Cancer Research in aide of all cancers. It's a girl-only run although I did spot some guys this year, and its main colour is pink. Naturally, running in a normal outfit is not my style and since the only pink costume I have was my clown outfit, enter Bubbles the Clown!

 It was early, it was warm, but still the bf came and support me and cheer me on (and try to take my picture). Isn't he sweet? He also wore an orange shirt so I could easily spot him amongst the pink :)
There was a whole warmup programme so I thought I would join. Yes, I am heading towards the activities... It was getting warm already! The sign on my back says who I am running for, and I dedicated this run to my best fri…

Ice Cream Apron

Hi everyone!
Oh my, I have such an intense few weeks I don't even know where to start... But the best and biggest news for me personally is that I have FINALLY made something again :) I mean from scratch, with pinning and sewing and hemming and the works. I'm just so glad! 

You might remember that I bought some ice cream quilting fabric last year at one of the shows (if not that is totally fine). I really wanted to make an apron with it but I wanted to make it really sweet with lots of pink and stuff (yes really). I had some pink and white striped fabric but not enough to make some much desired ruffles, so I had to wait for the shop to get it back in stock. And lo' and behold, last Saturday they had it back in stock! So now I really had to sit down and make this apron. And I did! I literally just finished :)

It doesn't have the extremely ruffles I wanted originally so it's a bit less sugary than planned but I'm still very pleased with it. Let me show you:

Do you se…

Knitting and Stitching Show in Olympia (March 2013)

Hi all!
Not a tiny bit at all, I wanted to share some inspiration with you. I'm currently working on some fairly big projects so the updates are few and far between. Soon I will need some more small instant gratification projects! LOL. But in the meantime I wanted to share these pics of some gorgeous quilts at the Knitting and Stitching show back in March:

Artsy dresses on display
Fun seasonal people quilt
Super impressive mini-block quilt
Check out how tiny those squares are!
This one was just too funny!
By far my favourite quilt in the display. So very impressive!
I nearly bought this cross stitch pattern, it is so gorgeous! Maybe after I finished my current one though, one step at a time! Of course I had to be a few things as well, but I was good. Only bought some FQs, ribbon, wool, and purple seam rippers! Those are definitely the best purchase of the day :)
Even though this post is from the show in March, the quilts there were just amazing and I really wanted to show them to you. I hav…