Sunday, 29 March 2015

Running - Starfish Foundation Breakfast Run & Picnic 5K 2015

Hi again everyone!
You're reading this at the same as I'm running my first ever half marathon... Yes, am pre-blogging this one, a post about a run during a run, feels a little like Dr Who hihi ;) To be honest, I'm very worried about this half marathon, but let's not dwell on it too much and tell you all about my 5K from a couple of weeks ago.

It was freezing outside! But I went and I finished, whoohoo!

Remember the skirt I made especially?

I arrived in style of course :) I look rather enormous here as I'm wearing 2 tanktops, 2 thermals, a windbreaker, and the event tshirt. But at least I was warm, sortof... 

I couldn't resist taking a piccie of the warmup. I was quite in the front so that made sneaking out really easy. We were all quite glad of the warmup as it was horribly cold. On top of that, my phone would die at the start line and decide to work again at the finish. How annoying! So 5K without music or app...

BUT I had a really good time! That's me there, think you can find my time? Hihi... it was 30mins 45 secs. I found the stats of my second run the other day, I didnt have an app for the first so have no idea what the time was, but the 2nd one was over 37 mins. Yes it's two years later, but I'm slowly reaching my goal of 30 mins :)

Quick piccie with the medal, it's tradition! Somehow the thumbs up always goes with this too ;) It was too cold to actually have the picnic there, so I took everything home with me.

Best goodie bag ever! The croissant is not in the piccie as I ate that along the way, but there was also dried mango, raisins, water, fruit water, cereal bar, banana, Popchips (I tried to find the baggie with my fav flavour but couldn't find one), small box of cereal, and a box of tea.

I was really glad I did this, as it was great fun! I now also know that I hate running when it's this cold and that my knee is far from happy with it. But I did put down a great time and even sprinted the last few meters which is a first for me. Fingers crossed for the half marathon then.... *really nervous* It;s going to be in Hampton Court Palace which is my favourite palace with amazing castle grounds so at least I can enjoy the scenery :) I'll post about it asap!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Starfish Running Skirt

Good evening everyone! (or morning, depending on when you read this)
Remember the starfish fabric I found? So.... I signed up for the Starfish Foundation 5K Run & Picnic which was a couple of weeks ago (yes am way behind on blogging). I actually found a voucher where I could sign up for £8, that's really good for a race. And they would provide picnic? Yes please! Of course I had to run in style, but finding starfish fabric is easier said than done. Printed fabric is few and far between here, at least the fun ones. Enter the sewing show, and what do I find? Starfish fabric! Well, actually fabric with sea creatures but it was close enough to be rather perfect :)

I'd bought on overlocker (and I haven't blogged about it yet!!) just before New Year's and actually only got to use it now. I made this skirt with it :) Well, not the sewing together part, but I just overlocked all the edges to stop the fraying, it was so quick!

I used the same pattern as I did for the other running skirts, after all I know this one works :) I used a burgundy fabric for the lining that I still had lying around (with white overlocked stitching but who cares!) The skirt came out really cute!

Now I was all set for the run, only the weather needed to improve. Race details to follow!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Knitting & Stitching Show Olympia 2015

Hi all!
Like every year, I went to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Olympia. I had great fun and found some gems too! (I've actually realised I haven't even posted last year's events pictures yet... but nevermind, one day that will follow too). We took an afternoon ticket as after all, the longer you're there the more you spend!

A car full of sewing machines? Yes please!

Totally selfie worthy :)

They always have dresses on display and this one was by far my favourite. I could make something like this!

They also have a quilt show each year, and of all the quilts I liked this one the best. I just love how the colours are done and of course the dragon is great!

This artist (whose name I forgot am sorry to say) always does wonderful things with silouettes. I just love it, it's so creative.

This one appealed to me for many reasons: it's purple (duh!) but also the little people in the basket all look like Princess Leia hihi... 

And this was my loot for today! I needed some sturdy material for a new yoga bag for the bf, and I needed something with starfish (you'll find out why). The rest are just great finds :)

I had a lovely day, especially as this is the one just before my birthday so I always get to pamper myself a little hihi... curious about the starfish yet? Watch this space!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tourist Tuesday - Birthday Weekend in Cambridge

Good morning everyone!
It's been a while... There is so much to do at the moment, and not a lot of time to actually write about it! It was my birthday on Saturday and I thought this was a great time to pick up blogging again, I have so much to tell you :) Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start... LOL well actually we'll start at the end but who's counting right?

It was my birthday weekend!

The bf took me to Cambridge for a lovely weekend. I always wanted to visit Cambridge as I'd heard it was really beautiful, and I finally got to go :)

He'd organised to have flowers in the room of the hotel when we arrived... 

And champagne with chocolate covered strawberries, so wonderful! The bath tub was actually in the room, we're not having this celebration in the bathroom ;) 

At dinner they brought this lovely plate over as well.

On the Sunday we went sightseeing, this is King's College. We could go in, but I was more up for seeing the rest of the town.

Obligatory tourist piccie (yes, it's March 22nd and I'm wearing a woollen beanie!) with Trinity College in the background. 

 The architecture was just amazing!

Yet another college, they have so many... 

When we came across this sweet shop I just had to get in the picture the big lollipop hihi.

The Round Church

The canal, you can go 'punting' here, a bit like Venice where the sail you around in this gondola-type little boat. It was cold so we just walked the path next to it.

Look at all the daffodils! It's definitely sping! Or at least supposed to be... *pulls beanie on tighter*

I had a wonderful birthday, very relaxed which is what you need at my age ;) No but seriously, it was great!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Oscar Party 2015

Hi everyone!
Fabulising February has taken a back seat at the moment, I was just too tired this weekend to create anything new... Must be the weather or something as everyone is saying the same! I might just have to create something in March to make up for it :)

But the time of year has come again to celebrate the Oscars. I have only seen a few of the movies nominated for anything this year (well that's pretty much the same every year tbh) but somehow there was much less of a hype to it this year than normally. I can't quite put my finger to it but it just wasn't the same. Coming up with a menu also wasn't easy let me tell you. All my usual websites didn't have any suggestions whatsoever, but in the end we had a lovely meal that didn't even take that much prep! Now there's a change... So let me show you, the Oscar Party of 2015!

I had the usual decorations up of course... I forgot to take a picture of the Oscar statues, doh!

As I'd only started the (minimal but still needed) prep when I got home from work, we skipped the red carpet and went straight to the show. I'll have to catch up on the red carpet though as I love seeing all the dresses. It was a bit tricky with the food, and the ballot, and the bingo going on at the same time! Let me show you the food I made for the nominees for Best Picture:

The Theory of Everything - blini with caviar (the cheap stuff), and chorizo (because you know, it has everything). This one was so difficult so we just diverted to our usual option. Very yummy though!

American Sniper - Texas Caviar. As the main character is a proud Texan, I had to find a recipe that was the same. This was amazing! I had the leftovers yesterday, it's really really good!

Selma - Southern Broccoli Tomato Salad. MLK loved his greens apparently, so I tweaked this recipe (left out the cheese and the dressing) as a side. It was gorgeous!

Boyhood - Pizza Hawai with BBQ sauce. In the movie they appear to go for pizza etc a lot, so this seemed just perfect, especially with the added BBQ sauce.

This is where the light got turned off so the pics are terrible but you get the idea... 

Birdman - Panseared NY Strip with Garlic Butter Sauce Onions. No chicken for this movie, but as it plays in NY, the bf cooked this lovely steak :)

Whiplash - South Style Lima Beans. Another southern dish as jazz is from the south. Apparently so are lima beans, but guess what? They don't sell those here! Or so we found out after hours of shopping... So we opted for butter beans instead which also worked very well.

The Imitation Game - Potato-Celeriac Cakes. The celeriac was left out, but these were really nice! Loved the nutmeg addition :) And the bf saved the day by telling me to add some flour to make it stick together more, it worked like a charm.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Chocolate Eclairs and Custard Slices. I shamefully admit that I didn't prep this at all and had to go out and BUY dessert. I've never bought dessert for an Oscar party. But making choux pastry in the last minute when I've never made it before just wasn't something I wanted to attempt. And the bf looked everywhere for a Religieuse, but again no luck. These were still very good though :)

I managed to spectacularly lose not only the Oscar Bingo (my square came up at the second to last award!) but also the Oscar ballot. Can you believe I only had 4 points out of 24? Shocking... Must prepare better next year. But as always it was great fun, and I just love how this became a tradition!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fabulising February - A Small Hiatus

Good morning everyone!
I haven't posted a Fabulising February in a while actually... I had so many plans! These plans actually included having a couple of sewing weekends to make stuff as during the week life just gets in the way (you know, things like work and exercise and possibly sleep). But I haven't forgotten yet, I may just have to extend it a little though. 

Just to give you an update, I did start another project. It was a vest made out of a sweater. It had a good start but then I tried felting on it and it just looked awful. So I wore it to my last race to keep warm and then just dumped it in the charity box. No piccies I'm afraid, I'll spare you those ;)

As for the weekends, I flew out to visit my family so that was one weekend where I couldn't make anything, and this weekend we're having visitors so I'm not sure exactly how much I will be making then either. And I've run out of already-finished projects! Oops... Having this silly cold didn't help either I have to admit. 

On the plus side, I did make a killer Valentine's Day dinner. Yes, another no-sew weekend as I spent most of the day preparing for this and the next day cleaning the kitchen LOL. But it was wonderful!

I made prawns in mango-basil sauce, heart-shaped potatoes from the oven, lobster (yes really, my first lobster!) and Minnie's chocolate pie. It was delish :)

The rest of the in-between time I spent registering for yet more races. OMG I am so out of shape and I have to run a half-marathon in 6 weeks and I have yet to start. Not a great plan... I really need to get off my butt and start training for this! But the races I've signed up for are all 5K with a fun twist so that should be great fun :) There is one next month which is a 5K that includes a picnic, can't go wrong with that! Then there is the Color Run in June which is always fun, and the Race for Life in July. That's a 10K but it's going to be in my Cinderella dress again, yay! AND, registration isn't open yet, but I'm planning on doing the Sumo Run, 5K in a Sumo suit. It sounds hilarious :) Please 'like' my Facebook page for more updates, I would love to have some more likes!

I do have a pile of items to fabulise so I'm hoping I can get some sewing time in soon. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Fabulising February - Swimming Towel

Hello again everyone!
It's been a few days... I was visiting family and then I got this really annoying cold so I haven't sewn a lot these past few days. I did make a quick and easy project in finally having a swimming towel :)

Some of you may remember that I made a wet bag last June for my swim suit. At the time I added a shower curtain on the inside as per the blogland recommendations. NOT a great idea... it still leaked through! 

This was the wet bag in question. I still love the print :)

So I took the bag apart again, removed the shower curtain and just sewed in a normal plastic bag. One of the shop ones, not the supermarket ones. And now it's so much better! Plus it meant that the bag is now smooth and not as bubbly as shown in the picture. It still meant I was dragging along my very boring towel though... it's only a small little thing, but it's not like I need a beach towel in the pool really. I still had some of this mermaid fabric left, so I just added some strips to the towel as a border on each side, and it matched :)

Check it out! I was never a fan of this towel, but now that it matches the bag, I feel very stylish.

This was made before I fixed my sewing machine so the stitching is not great, but it's only for me so I don't mind too much. I also made a cute little pouch out of some leftover vinyl to carry my coins for the locker. Originally I wanted to use the fabric for this as well, but at least now I can see how many I have left. I don't quite know why I chose to stitch the coin purse with purple thread, but I did add a blue button so it matched the rest of the lot. 

I have another swimming project to share with you guys but it will have to wait until next month as it's not a fabulising one. I hope to be rid of my cold soon so I can finish the rest of this month's projects!
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