Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter - Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

Finally, after having bought a ton of Styrofoam eggs a couple of years back, I finally sat down and wrapped them in yarn. Having seen a lot of tutorials on Pinterest (this is one for example), I really wanted to do this. So, having some time off at Easter and actually taking the time for lots of crafty stuff, I did it!

I won't post a tutorial here as there are so many everywhere to be found, but the process was easy. You just need lots of hot glue, Styrofoam eggs, and any yarn you have on hand (I have a LOT of leftover 80s acrylic LOL). Check out the result:

I kept an egg carton for easy storage, so handy!

I made on egg too many for the box though LOL. The ribbons are attached with a tiny silver pin that (sometimes) glued into the egg. I didn't glue in all the pins as the result was about the same and it's not like the eggs are that heavy that they need to be glued in.

 Proper branches were so pricey so I used a normal bunch of flowers. 

Most of the wool was thick enough to completely cover the eggs, once I got the hang of it it was pretty easy

Clearly I had a lot of stash in a lot of colours

Not bad if I say so myself :)

Of course we had real Easter eggs as well

I am very pleased with the result! Now to pack up everything again for next year...

I did spend a lot of time crafting so hopefully I will also have a lot of time to blog about it all, fingers crossed!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter - Much Needed Wreath Improvement

Good morning all!
In 2012, I made my first ever Easter wreath. It came out OK and I did use it for that year, but I was never excited about it and felt it was missing something... Do you remember what it looked like? It was this one:

A little sparse, don't you think? Not to fear, more Easter stuff to the rescue!

I added a better bow. I found rolls of bright colours at Tiger for only £1 each so I got a lot. I also added only one ribbon with bunnies so that really pops I think.

 Then I added another pack of plastic eggs to the whole thing, rearranging some of the existing ones as well. And a little more paper grass that I had leftover from the original wreath.

The result is amazing. I really love it now :) I also left out the large hanging ribbon and replaced it by a simple white one, drawing attention more to the wreath itself.

Would you like a comparison?
Before and After

Yes I like the new one much better! Now it's definitely more Eastery and looks much better. I am very proud of this one :) With some time to spare, I also made some more peasant bread (I love that recipe!) and some pull apart cinnamon bread. There goes my healthy regime!

Now we're all set for Easter and some time of R&R :)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter - Gradual Egg Dying

Hi all!
It's Good Friday and that always means one thing: dying Easter eggs! It's been tradition since I was a little girl, and I am still doing this every year. 
I found this way of dying Easter eggs in a Martha Stewart magazine (or so I think, I have since given them away so I can't remember exactly, nor can I remember the exact word for this technique), and it's really easy and fun :) The result looks great too!

The instruction are easy. Add you dye and vinegar (or whatever you normally use) to a bowl and add the egg. Let this be for a few minutes, then add more water. Leave this be again, and add more water after a few minutes. Gradually, the egg will be covered in water, but because part of it has already been dyed, it will become lighter and lighter towards the top. It's great fun, check out my results:

It can be seen best on the purple and pink ones. I love this technique!

I made a few, we're only two so why make more? There is one where I tried the elastic technique but that didnt come out well at all so I just continued with the adding water bit.

Nearly time to eat them now!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Recipe - Chocolate Cinnamon Bread Wreath

Hi again everyone!
A few weeks back I decided to make one of the recipes I found on Pinterest, a chocolate cinnamon bread wreath. It had Nutella and cinnamon, what could go wrong?

The original recipe can be found here and as it has all the step-by-step instructions, I won't repost them all here, but I will show you the end result. The recipe was very promising, but alas my bread making skills are not so it was a bit chewy. Yes I know I need to practice more, I just dont have the time (or the patience, that rising takes all day sometimes!). The idea of having 'cooked' Nutella also was not my favourite suggestion in this, I think maybe next time I will use the cinnamon only and spread the Nutella on top afterwards. I find that it loses its sweetness if it's warmed up too much. Or I've done something completely wrong which is very possible too of course ;)

By all means, I don't mean to criticize the recipe at all and I'm happy I've tried it. I just need to work on the whole baking bread thing a bit more. Oh yes, and getting the wreath to fold over nicely at both ends. Honestly, how do you do that properly? My wreath had a very thick end and a very thin end. I tried to take some nice piccies of it though:

It doesn't look too bad if you look at it from the right angle ;) Hahaha, oh my I really must try this bread thing again soon when I have some more time. Or maybe stick it in the bread maker and have that do the kneading for me? Ooooh idea! 

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you, check out the recipe with its very clear instructions if you like Nutella-cinnamonny goodness :)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Cross Stitch WIP - Further Update

Hi everyone!
It's been a while but I have finally taken some pics of my progress regarding my cross stitch project. It's been almost two years since I started and with all the exercising I haven't really taken a lot of time to work on it in the last six months, but as I'll be going to my sewing group in two weeks I have to have something to show! I was sure I'd taken some pics since I last posted about this last year but I can't find them anywhere so I may be wrong on that one. Anyway, here is my progress of what I've finished this month:

The tree now has roots and grass and is all done

The house now has a fence and a door. Am still working on the stairs... 

And most of the right hand side of the house is done :)

So good progress so far! Am trying to get more done as I have another project that needs finishing by July so I really have to hurry with this one. The back stitching will come, as long as all the cross stitching is done. But it's looking good don't you think? *huge smile*

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Shiny New Yoga Bag

Hi everyone!
I FINALLY have a new yoga bag :) 

My class provides yoga mats but I wanted my own (in purple of course) which I got last winter. But I didn't have a bag so I just carried it around like that. Very inconvenient. Then I was given a yoga bag which I consequently also managed to break, the bottom came apart and no matter how many times I sewed it back up it just wouldnt stay together! I guess it was the sewing gods telling me I should really get started on that bag... I still had all the fabric from the tote bag I made for my teacher so it was really just a matter of sitting down and start sewing.

A few years ago, I made this bag for someone else who then never collected it so I gave it away for my one-year blogaversary. It's an Amy Butler pattern and can be downloaded for free here. AND... I was so impressed with myself because when I made the first bag many years ago, I was still much more organised and I made patterns for everything, even plain squares. Oh my how things have changed ;) Not that I don't need the patterns anymore, I just don't make them anymore ;) But with this one I actually had a pattern and it made such a difference! I made this bag in 3.5 hours, completely lined and everything :) Well it did help that my machine didn't have a crisis and managed to run smoothly all the way through. See? Sewing gods, am telling you. Let me show you:

The original pattern doesn't have a closure on the top, but I just made the top a bit longer, folded it over and stitched it closed creating a tube. I used laces from some boots (really who wears yellow shoe laces) and one of those squeezy things to stop it from moving.

I only had one choice for the strap and I only had one piece long enough for this. I love the little frog in the Lotus pose but alas it didn't end up on the strap. 

I made sure it ended up on the bottom though! 

The inside has a layer of linen and this printed cotton. Black with grey swirls to match the yoga fabric. Even if you don't really see it, I know it's there :) And with all these layers, this bag is bound to be sturdy and not break in the near future!

The bag has three pockets which are super handy for things like my mini towel, yoga socks, tissues, keys etc. The pockets are of course also lined.

Random picture of the fabric, this is just so cute! Sadly the girly yoga mouse fabric was sold out, but this is a good second. :)

The bag can be worn on the shoulder or across the back. I think across the back is super comfy (and it doesn't cause my dummy to fall over when taking pictures!) so I wear it like that all the time.

Impromptu photo at yoga class. This would be the one occasion where I should have worn the bag just over one shoulder, but it was already done. Oh well...

And just one more thing, I finally managed to grab my feet! Whoohoo! Yes, it had to be photographed as evidence hihi... It's far from perfect but it's great progress for me, when I started I couldn't even touch my ankles :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pancake Day 2014

Hello again!
This year, Pancake Day was the day after the Oscar Party. Ouch! I actually wanted to skip yoga and just eat a ton of pancakes, but after all that food and drink at the Oscar party, I really needed to go. So we had pancakes afterwards :) 

I didn't go to any races again this year, my lunch break isn't long enough to cross half the city to see one. But someone posted a hilarious video on Youtube of the Parliamentary Pancake Race this year so check it out here:

It's so funny!

My pancakes are far from great so the bf made them. I sadly didn't catch him when he flipped the pancake in the air, but when he caught it in the pan I managed to get it :)

There were so good! And much better than my quite bad piccie shows. It's really quite wonderful to have pancakes after yoga, I could get used to that!
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