Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmassing - It's Cookie Day!

Hi again all!

I declared last Sunday Christmas cookie day. It's been ages since I made proper cookies and what better season for it? I couldn't do it next weekend as I've got a 10K scheduled so I'm going to be like way tired probably (or in pain but I sure hope not!). So right after our yoga session I got started and spent the next 6 hours making cookies. 

One of the girls at work is allergic to gluten and every time I bake something she can't have any so this time I was going to make something for her too :) And I did it in style!

I had my Christmas hat, my Christmas apron, some Christmas music and a ton of sprinkles...

...and this is the end result! The round ones on the top are gluten-free chocolate sugar cookies, the others are normal sugar cookies. I love the tree especially, and the stocking. I'm quite pleased with the results, and I hope work will be too!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmassing - Advent Loot Week 2

Hello again :)

The second week has already passed already so here is the second update on the loot from the advent calendar :)
The bf got some more Green & Blacks chocolate, some Kinder chocolate, a mini bag of Haribo Christmas sweets, a balloon propeller, a pair the Homer Simpson socks, some highlighter tabs, and a tiny tool to fix glasses which I'm sure will come in super handy. I didnt write down when he got what but this will give you some idea.

My look this week was strangely no chocolate at all, three mini cookie cutters (the last one wasnt in the picture), mini jar of green edible glitter, a hair clip, sewing machine needles, and some arrow tabs.

Not bad for week 2! I'll keep you posted on the rest :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Zumba 2014

Hi everyone!
Oh my it's been a busy weekend! On Saturday I had quite a few events lined up. We had yoga in the afternoon, followed by the annual Christmas Zumba session. And then I also had to dash off to the LOTNA Christmas party! But I made it all in the end :)

Here is our group picture of the Christmas Zumba session. It was great fun, although my knee hasn't quite recovered from last week's run so at the end I was in pain and a little grumpy. 

This time I'd brought my camera and I really tried to get a decent piccie of the whole outfit, but the fan was next to the tree so all I ended up with was this Marilyn Monroe shot LOL

The selfie worked a little better :) The hair was great! The sparkly Santa hat was too small to fit over the wig even though it's a tiny wig, but I had some fabric leftover from when I bought the wrong amount of fabric for the skirt so I used it as a headband and it worked like a charm! Am so using this for my running event next week :)

In the end I managed to get an ok piccie, no Marilyn effect or at least not as bad ;)

The class ran out by about 30 mins so I had to really run to make it to the LOTNA Christmas party. I arrived just in time for the food, so perfect timing :) There were lots of pics taken but I don't have those yet so I'll update this post when I get them. But I sure was in style for it, hihi. I was not chosen Santas Little Helper this year, partially because I was at the bar at the time and also I think because I did it last year already. It was great just sitting down and enjoying the event!

These were my presents from Santa, aren't they cool! I just love Tim Burton and whoever gave me these made an excellent choice :)

Trust me, when I got home I was knackered! I just collapsed on the sofa with some well-deserved tea. Sunday was amazing too but more in that later...

Friday, 12 December 2014

London SantaCon 2014

Hello again!
As mentioned in my previous post, I went to SantaCon straight after the Nativity Run. Yes, it was that time of year again where everything Christmassy is happening at the same time ;) Originally, I wasn't even sure if I would be able to participate in the run, but once I found out that the SantaCon south route would start about 2 mins away from the starting line, everything was sorted :) So off we went!

Witchy Santa is back!! I brought all my gear to the race and just got ready on site. It's all in the planning :)

This year I actually did the south route. One of my good friends joined me for the race (he was on cheering / photo duty) so we walked the route together with all the Santas afterwards. 

We started off in Clapham Common and walked to Brixton. It was quite a sight seeing all the Santas walking down the street!

Once we'd arrived in Brixton we all gathered in the sun for a break, pictures, a chat, and of course chocolates! I'd brought a banana since I'd just been running and this break was perfect for that!

We even ran into some Santas that we knew!

This was by far my favourite costume of the day. Check out those trousers!! And the helmet with the little hats is so cute too! Definitely the best this year.

From Brixton we took a train (the poor passengers, being invaded by Santae like that!) to Victoria and made our way to our lovely Queen's home: Buckingham Palace. Just had to get a piccie of that ;)

Excellent piccie of my friend Mexican Santa. He got so much press at the Nativity Run it was so funny :) And check out the guys in the background, hahaha...

I was so pleased to have some sun, it was about 3C out there... 

My knee was really starting to hurt at this point so rather than joining the group at the big statue in the back, we sat on the edges and relaxed a bit. Perfect time for a selfie also.

Moving along to Trafalgar Square via the Mall, we gathered at this square just before Traf Sq. I think they wanted to avoid more people climbing the statue there and falling off again. What is it with Santae and wanting to climb statues?

At the square I also saw this Ming Santa, brilliant idea!

Once we left the square there was lots of zig zagging towards Oxford Street. This was the longest walk on SantaCon ever. There were hardly any stops and at this point my knee was killing me. Yes, Witchy Santa was getting grumpy. So we left the group and had a coffee somewhere warm where we could sit down. Unfortunately, this was also where I lost my broom. The broom has been part of the outfit since the beginning (that's since 2008!) so am quite gutted. It was a great broom! 

After the coffee we joined the rest of the Santas at Hyde Park (which was quite far from the coffee really!), met more Santas we knew, and headed home shortly afterwards. It was great fun once again, although maybe next year doing the walk and the run might not be the best plan. But at least we managed to spread Christmas cheer :)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Running - CAFOD Nativity Run 2014

Hi everyone!
You didn't think that I would spend that much time detailing a running costume and not actually have a run in it already? LOL. I spent a good few weeks getting everything together for the Christmas Running outfit, and this weekend was its first outing :) It was the Nativity Run 2014 in Clapham Common in aid of COFAD. 

I just love this outfit! I went with the long white wig as I needed that for the SantaCon outfit afterwards. Which also meant that I couldn't use the sparkly hat even if I wanted to. 

I'd been sick for a month so I hadn't actually done much apart from yoga for a good while, so I only did the 5K and not the 10K. Hey, am doing a 10K on the 21st so no need to rush things ;)

Lots of Transformers were there as well (that's my 'gym'), all in style of course!

Some elves arrived also so we had to take an 'Elfie' ;)

One last high-five and off we went!

I had a friend join me for support and he took lots of piccies from the sidelines. Very handy (you can see me waving 'we're over here!) LOL

The course was a big star so it was easy for me friend to take lots of pics from different angles.

And I made it!! The course was actually 5.22km which I've finished in 31mins and 26 secs. After a bit of calculating and checking my split, that meant I did 5K in 30mins and 20 secs. Not bad! I'm still not under 30 mins, but it's getting there. I'm not complaining. There was no medal but I did receive a yummy hot choccie and a mince pie (gave that to a friend, I really don't like them!) and a certificate that I'd finished the race. 

I've raised about £300 last year (really thought it was closer to £500 but that was the first year I think) doing various races. I'm all for running for charity but it's getting very popular and I really hate asking for donations. So this year I'm doing things differently. I set up a Justgiving page which is active for the whole year, for all the races. There is one page, one charity. No fussing about with various pages for various charities. If people want to donate, great! If they don't, that's fine too. It shouldn't be a must so this way it's there and it's open for all to see. I'll include the link just in case HERE.

Just after the run, I had to go to SantaCon, pics of those will follow shortly!

UPDATE 11 Dec 2014:
I've just seen the video of the run on Youtube and it's a really lovely video :) You can see my a few times in the background even so check it out:


Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Running Outfit

Good evening everyone!
And so it begins... when I was off sick with the one-month cold, I got really annoyed about being sick again. It's just very frustrating when your brain wants to do tons of stuff and your body just doesn't cooperate. Am sure many of you know (or know someone who knows) how annoying that can be. So when that happened yet again, I decided to register for as many runs as I could find to have something to look forward to and work towards. Last Sunday there was a Nativity Run that lots of people from my gym were joining, but as it was also the SantaCon weekend, I wouldn't make it. UNTIL... I realised that one of the routes started just outside the event so that opened up a whole new set of options for me! I registered for a Christmas run on the 21st so I needed a costume anyway so I got started. 

It was an interesting start as I'd spent ages selecting just the right shade of red sparkly fabric and then it turned out I didn't buy enough of it. Doh! So a few weeks later that problem was rectified and I officially begun my Christmas Running Outfit!

I made the same skirt as I made for the Cinderella dress, I just love that it's so light. It's even better than a tutu! I will post a tutorial on this skirt soon as I've been asked about it many times at various events. I still had some white plush from years back in my stash so I cut off about an inch of it and sewed it along the bottom end of the skirt. NOTE: this is not rolled over or even hemmed. It doesn't curl which is great and as it was hanging down anyway, I didn't see the need for hemming.

I love legwarmers. They're 80s I know, but when running they're nice and warm. It would be cold at the run so why now? From my Blood Elf costume I still had these beauties leftover. They look pink but are actually red with gold thread. The sparkles kind of get lost when running so I wanted to change that up a bit. 

I bought a bag of pompoms in Poundland (140 pompons in 5 colours for £1, you can't go wrong with that, and some were sparkly too!) and sewed those onto the leg warmers. Just randomly, using about 10 pompoms (about 5 sparkly and 5 normal) for each leg warmer. The little creature here was a gift from one of the ladies at my sewing group where I did this. She made one for everyone! It was so sweet!

They all had different colours, they were just amazing!

I wanted to keep the top simple as the running numbers are normally huge so there would be no point in putting lots of stuff on the front, so I settled for using the white plush again to hem the collar and the sleeves. Here I did fold the plush as these parts would not just hang down like the skirt but would move constantly.

So with all these parts, I should have an amazing costume! What remained was the hat...

 I'd made two trips to the shop and found two different hats. This was the original plan, using the sparkly hat to match the sparkly skirt. It was cute, close but no cigar.

But when I put this hat with the outfit, it was just perfect! I love how the hat has stripes and the leg warmers have polka dots! This would be the one.

Roll one the Christmas events!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmassing - Advent Loot Week 1

Hi everyone!
I've been getting lots of questions about what I've been putting in the pouches of the advent calendar, so I thought I'd share the first week of advent calendar 'loot' with you. It's tricky buying things for guys sometimes!

So I thought I'd post something each week to show you what we received in the lovely new advent calendar :) The bf has already finished all of the edible goodies (boys will be boys) so sadly I hardly have any pics of that, but I did get some of the non-edibles. The bf's advent loot this week:

Dec 1: Sticky tabs to use in his books while studying (no piccie as I have no idea where they are)
Dec 2: Green & Black's organic mini chocolate (Dark)
Dec 3: Ferrero Rocher (1)
Dec 4: Key fob to find lost keys
Dec 5: Mini screw driver (part 1 = the holder only)
Dec 6: Mini screw driver (part 2 = the various bits to use with the holder)
Dec 7: Green & Black's organic mini chocolate (Milk)

My advent loot this week:

Dec 1: Mini cookie cutter (the kind used for pies) (Christmas tree)
Dec 2: Mini cookie cutter (star)
Dec 3: Mini cookie cutter (boot)
Dec 4: Jar of edible glitter (pink)
Dec 5: Kinder chocolate bars (2)
Dec 6: Mini cookie cutter (flower)
Dec 7: Kinder chocolate bars (2)

Not a bad load for the first week :) Yes there are chocolates, but only a few and then the really nice ones. Plus if you only have one Ferrero Rocher, you will just have to be happy with that. Having the whole box just makes me want to finish the box (girls will be girls). The Kinder chocolate is tiny so I packed those in twos. 

Basically, I've wrapped everything, labelled it, and then just divided the presents over the baggies. The relatively small size of the pouch means that if the bf has a larger present, I get a smaller one and vice versa. But because everything was wrapped when I did it, even I don't know what I get on the day. It's great! I'm really enjoying this 'not only chocolate' calendar :)
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