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#MakeYourStash Black/Grey Striped Jersey Maxi Dress

Hi again!
Many many moons ago, about 12 years ago actually, I visited San Francisco. While there, I thought it would be a great idea to go the largest (or that's what my guide book said anyway) flea market in San Jose. Because that would be so easy to get to without a car ;)

A few hours later, I made it there though and had a stroll through the market in the insane heat. I remember buying an enormous bag of chili peppers, and of course: some fabric. I found this fabulous black and grey striped jersey for only $1 a yard! At the time, I really only made big poofy dresses and even though I had never sewn with jersey, I thought this would be perfect for a big poofy dress. So I bought 10 yards, as you do.... Once I'd bought the fabric I headed the long wayback to SF as this fabric was heavy, schlepped it back home to the UK after the holiday, where it has been in my stash ever since. Making a big poofy dress with jersey was really not a great idea really, and it would be a few year…

#MakeYourStash Blue Linen Summer Dress - Butterick B5836

Hello again my loyal readers!

Of course the minute I write about blogging weekly, I then don't actually get around to blogging weekly. Oops! But then again the weather has been improving, which also meant I could finally take my new dress on its first outing :)

I bought this amazing blue linen fabric at one of the medieval festivals with every intention of making a nice medieval dress from it. Many many years ago... it just never happened. Of course I bought like way too much fabric, I think I have about 4 meters of it. The fabric was quite stuff and for some reason I took great offense when even washing and extra fabric softener didn't help very much. So it was in the stash for a loooong time. Until one day, I found the PERFECT pattern for it!
I just happened to come across this pattern and it was ideal. I may have been biased as the picture on the pattern pretty much showed the finished dress already ;)

You may have noticed I don't usually sew a lot of 'normal' c…