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Recipe - Fridge Soup

Hi everyone!
I told you I would be posting a recipe ;) But not to worry, this is a super easy one. I just wanted something fun to share with you which has minor chance of failure or drama, and that is my Fridge Soup. What on earth is fridge soup you may think... well, it's this:

Sure looks nice, doesnt it? And I'm telling you, it tastes even better!
The recipe for this is easy peasy. I usually make this on a Sunday night for my lunch for the following week. What you do is you basically take all the vegetables you have in your fridge, chop them up, put them in a big pot and add stock. And maybe some herbs and spices, and also tomato paste. You can even use meat if you have any left. I had a whole pack of bacon in this case which I quickly fried up and added when the soup was done. 
This particular soup contained leek, carrots, butternut squash, onion, zucchini, celery, potatoes, and bacon. The one I made after I made this one had spinach, zucchini, carrots, onions, potatoes, leek, …

Baby Girl Presents - The Presentation (Onesie Cupcake Wrapping)

Now that all the present are finished it's time for the big presentation!

 I found this fantastic tutorial on Pinterest (I used that a lot during the making of all these items, it's just so handy!) The tutorial shows you how to make onesies look like cupcakes, which with the whole cupcake theme I've got going on here really makes sense.
I can also finally show the whole lot together. I'm quite proud of this lot actually, especially since I had a few issues along the way. They came out really great :)
The only thing is that I couldn't find a cupcake box (and I went to so many different stores) so I used individual cupcake boxes which also had a certain charm.

So first I wrapped the onesie into a cupcake using either a shoe or a mitten as the 'cherry'. This took a few tries as you need to roll it so the folded bit is on the bottom. To get the swirly effect you need the bits showing that are 'piled' together so to speak. If you check the tu…

Baby Girl Presents - Fleece Baby Mittens

Hi again everyone!
It's the final present for the upcoming baby girl :) I found an adorable tutorial on Pinterest and really wanted to give it a go. Again, it seems that just like with my boss' pregnancy, this would not go without hiccups.

This is what I actually ended up with... but let me show you what it was supposed to be, it's quite different!
I found this tutorial first, which shows the mittens being made with flanel and cotton lining. First of all, I couldn't find the flanel I wanted to use for this (yellow with butterflies, so cute!) so I had to use a really soft cotton instead. I still had some leftover bedding fabric left which would be perfect for the lining. So I got started, but something was missing from the instructions and I had to resew the same bit about three times. Needless to say that caused some serious sewing frustration. Then, when I finally got it all sewn up correctly, it was crooked. Honestly, I was fuming!
So I looked for another tutorial which…

Baby Girl Presents - Itty Bitty Tag Blanket

I'm baaack!
The whole reason why I wanted to make this particular item was because of the name. I mean, 'itty bitty tag blanket' just sounds so amazingly cute :) I've seen these in blogland for a while but never really knew if this would be a thing and if it would be used. But I've asked around and apparently they're great. With my enormous ribbon stash (I just love buying ribbon), it was the perfect project :) The pattern came fromhere, it's an excellent tutorial with how-to pictures and everything.

This project was great fun to make, most of all because I didn't have to make it three times like the booties ;)
 I have a rather large collection of ribbon and I finally got a chance to go wild. After all I've read, the more different designs and ribbon widths the better for the baby. I only used grosgrain ribbon as they're much more durable than satin ones. On this side I used light pink with grey polka dots, funny owls, and a plain dark purple.

Baby Girl Presents - Goldilocks Booties

Hello again :)
The bf actually came up with this title as these booties were driving me up the wall, I kid you not. I found a pattern on Pinterest. It only had pictures and not the original source so after some digging, I foundthe original tutorial, which was in Russian. As I don't speak Russian, Google Translate came to the rescue, it's so handy you can just tell it to translate the entire website! Anyway, I got the (somewhat incorrect) English version, and the proper pattern and instructions, and got started. I used red fleece for the outside, and cupcake fleece for the lining.

You can probably see why we are calling these the Goldilocks booties now ;)
As you may have guessed, the pattern was way too small. Not having any kids myself, I have no idea how small a baby's foot it and I really thought they were ok until they were completely done. The soles of these booties were about 5cm long. I actually had to Google the size of a baby's foot which is around 7cm so this wo…

Baby Girl Presents - Very Girly Onesies

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since I made any baby things actually. I didn't realise until I just looked at my 'creations' folder LOL. My boss is 8 months pregnant with a baby girl, and of course I had to make her some cute items for her baby shower. It turned out I made quite a few things so you'll be seeing a few posts on this ;) First up: onesies! I just love making onesies, I buy some in the colour I need (pink in this case) and sew on appliques. I went onto our good friend Pinterest to find some designs and I did find some lovely ones :)

Check out the great results!

For the last few months, though, my sewing machine has been really annoying with the tension settings. They were just on and off, and no matter what I did I couldn't get the bottom tension to work right. When making the onesies, the above was the result. Do you see the thread clearly running through the stitching? Cut that and the whole thing comes apart. So, I once again read through the thread…

Disney's Frozen Running Skirt Tutorial

Hello again!
As promised, here is my tutorial for the running skirt. As it's quite difficult to find these sparkly skirts I see being used in all the Disney runs here in the UK, I just have to make my own. And sometimes people even ask me where I got mine so that is definitely a compliment in my book *happy smile*. Clearly your skirt doesn't have to be for the Frozen costume, it just happened to be the one I was working on.

I really love this skirt. As I normally hardly ever wear anything sparkly, this is a real treat and I went all out :)
You will need all of the above items. I always buy 1m of the sparkly fabric as it gives me a nice square piece to work with. The sizes of the fabrics and elastic depend on your size of course. With the Cinderella skirt and the Santa skirt, I chose white lining. The fabric is quite see-through between the dots, and I needed the lining to show and to be white. Using white lining here dimished the icy-ness of the fabric a bit so I chose the blue …

Disney's Frozen Running Outfit

Hi everyone and (better late than never) Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a great and end of 2014 and a spectacular beginning of 2015 :) Mine didn't start with a bang but it's slowly improving. The first projects are done and I'm very excited about what they are. I waited so long to post anything on here, because my first blog entry this year just had to be my new running outfit (yes another one!) for the Winter Run on 1 February. I nearly forgot to make this actually because I made this so many times in my head, and a couple of weeks ago I realised that I only had less than a month left so I'd better get started!

The Winter Run is a new 10K race organised by the Cancer Research charity and their main colour is blue. Mmmm, a race in blue and in the cold? What better running outfit to make than Elsa?! It was kind of a no-brainer really. So after tons of research and practicality checks, I came up with this outfit. It's basically the same running skirt a…