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Recipe - Chocolate Cinnamon Bread Wreath

Hi again everyone!
A few weeks back I decided to make one of the recipes I found on Pinterest, a chocolate cinnamon bread wreath. It had Nutella and cinnamon, what could go wrong?

The original recipe can be found here and as it has all the step-by-step instructions, I won't repost them all here, but I will show you the end result. The recipe was very promising, but alas my bread making skills are not so it was a bit chewy. Yes I know I need to practice more, I just dont have the time (or the patience, that rising takes all day sometimes!). The idea of having 'cooked' Nutella also was not my favourite suggestion in this, I think maybe next time I will use the cinnamon only and spread the Nutella on top afterwards. I find that it loses its sweetness if it's warmed up too much. Or I've done something completely wrong which is very possible too of course ;)

By all means, I don't mean to criticize the recipe at all and I'm happy I've tried it. I just need to wo…

Cross Stitch WIP - Further Update

Hi everyone!
It's been a while but I have finally taken some pics of my progress regarding my cross stitch project. It's been almost two years since I started and with all the exercising I haven't really taken a lot of time to work on it in the last six months, but as I'll be going to my sewing group in two weeks I have to have something to show! I was sure I'd taken some pics since I last posted about this last year but I can't find them anywhere so I may be wrong on that one. Anyway, here is my progress of what I've finished this month:

The tree now has roots and grass and is all done
The house now has a fence and a door. Am still working on the stairs... 
And most of the right hand side of the house is done :)
So good progress so far! Am trying to get more done as I have another project that needs finishing by July so I really have to hurry with this one. The back stitching will come, as long as all the cross stitching is done. But it's looking good don&#…

Shiny New Yoga Bag

Hi everyone!
I FINALLY have a new yoga bag :) 

My class provides yoga mats but I wanted my own (in purple of course) which I got last winter. But I didn't have a bag so I just carried it around like that. Very inconvenient. Then I was given a yoga bag which I consequently also managed to break, the bottom came apart and no matter how many times I sewed it back up it just wouldnt stay together! I guess it was the sewing gods telling me I should really get started on that bag... I still had all the fabric from the tote bag I made for my teacher so it was really just a matter of sitting down and start sewing.

A few years ago, I made this bag for someone else who then never collected it so I gave it away for my one-year blogaversary. It's an Amy Butler pattern and can be downloaded for free here. AND... I was so impressed with myself because when I made the first bag many years ago, I was still much more organised and I made patterns for everything, even plain squares. Oh my how thin…

Pancake Day 2014

Hello again!
This year, Pancake Day was the day after the Oscar Party. Ouch! I actually wanted to skip yoga and just eat a ton of pancakes, but after all that food and drink at the Oscar party, I really needed to go. So we had pancakes afterwards :) 

I didn't go to any races again this year, my lunch break isn't long enough to cross half the city to see one. But someone posted a hilarious video on Youtube of the Parliamentary Pancake Race this year so check it out here:

It's so funny!

My pancakes are far from great so the bf made them. I sadly didn't catch him when he flipped the pancake in the air, but when he caught it in the pan I managed to get it :)
There were so good! And much better than my quite bad piccie shows. It's really quite wonderful to have pancakes after yoga, I could get used to that!

Oscar Party 2014

Heyhey again everyone!
The Oscars were on again! Having pretty much ignored Halloween and not done a huge amount for Christmas, I really wanted to make a lot of effort for the party this year. Dishes were cooked, ballots completed, and a LOT of champagne was drunk. In short: it was great!

I used a lot of decoration from last year, but some things changed as well. For example, the golden plates are great for serving cold light dishes. Anything heavy or warm is a bit problematic so I used normal plates instead. More dishes in the end, but safer for everyone. 

I used the same bunting again but as the lady who normally makes these wonderful labels didn't make any this year, I just stuck the new nominees on the old bunting. It worked as well :) And of course we also had gold and black balloons around the living room.
I got these great decorations from LA when I was there. I had three (Lights, Camera, Action) and they were great. The little golden statue came from my office where it was jus…