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#MakeYourStash - Ghastlies Apron and Kitchen Set

Hello again everyone!

This idea of blogging more didn't really happen yet as my last post was already over a month ago. Time flies when you're making things! I'm also realising that I'm starting every post with the same sentence in a way so let's not focus on delays with blogging anymore. Instead let's focus on all the cool stuff I made!

On a friend's blog I found this challenge: 'Make Your Stash'. It even has its own hashtag! How cool is that? The challenge ran until today actually so I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but let just extend it for this blog's sake. Mostly because I've been flying through my stash! Which simultaneously is a great thing as I'm using up fabric that's been lying around and therefore creating space, and a bad thing as new items take away space. I can't win!

Last week our annual 3 days of summer arrived in London. We had a minor heatwave (really bad for the marathon but lovely for everyone …