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Hollywood Costumes at the V&A

Hi everyone,
Yet another week has passed and OMG was I ill yet again! So annoying... I haven't been this sick in years... or at least not this often. After about 2 weeks of fluey coughing and sneezing, I finally saw a doctor yesterday. Well, I went to A&E as I couldn't reach my GP (must get a new one soon, really, they can't book appointments for the following day when you call at 9am as they're fully booked, tell you to call back at 7am the next day, and then you get a busy signal for 40 mins!) I gave up and went to the hospital. England and doctors do not go hand in hand... 

BUT it wasn't all bad. Well, the doctor thing was, but last week my friend took me to the Hollywood Costumes exhibition at the V&A :) She is a member and can bring a friend. OMG the exhibition was so good, I am now a member also and can go as often as I want :) Sadly no photography was allowed (which still didnt stop people really which is a shame) but I did take one picture outside wit…

Trip to Boston and Salem 2012

Hello again!
I am trying to improve my ways and blog more :) Plus I still have so many pictures saved up of trips and projects and what not so hopefully I can catch up a little bit. The bf is away at the moment, more pizza for me, and I am having plenty of time to blog. Well, all clouds have a silver lining, right?

So, remember our trip to the US? OMG it was so good! Below are two collages giving you a general impression of the things we saw. This was Boston:

We saw Harvard Square, I made the bf stand next to the statue LOL, he so resisted but I made him pose anyway and now whenever we watch the Facebook movie, he can say he was there. Yes, he agrees it is kinda cool :) We also had amazing weather, shown clearly by the blue skies in all the pictures and the one with the very long shadow, hihi. That dessert in the bottom left corner was a banana cream pie and surprisingly it wasn't ordered by me! When it came out and the bf had this look on his face kind of like 'that wasn't m…

Halloweening - Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular - Take 2

Hi everyone!

Oh my it has been a while yet again. I had everything planned out into great detail, prepared posts for when we were away and then of course got stuck with jetlag and a cold. Oh joy... In my last post, I promised to tell you all about our lovely pre-Halloween trip to the US, so tonight after a rather annoying day I decided on pizza and blogging. Yay!

As the bf and I took about 800 pictures, I made a few collages for you to see. I figured it's better than having a ton of photos to load. Of course I'm still doing projects, but somehow I seem to have less time crafting while also having less time working. Bizarre... but am slowly getting disillusioned with the tv so there is hope yet. :)

So, to jump right in, I took the bf on pretty much the same trip that I went on three years ago. Boston-Salem-Providence-Boston. It was a good trip. Since I'd already lots of things there, I could avoid all the crappy restaurants and sights and just focus on the good s…