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New Sewing Machine!

Hi all,
As promised, I have to share this exciting news with you: I got a new sewing machine!!! 

I am ecstatic! 
My old one is about 10 years old and had a service about a year ago after which it was never really the same, so I started looking out for a new one. But where to start right? Well, I had no idea. I tried some online forums and website, but I just couldn't make up my mind. My friend J. had the marvelous idea to try some machine at one of the sewing shows and get a better idea. Look no further, I tried my first machine and I was hooked! This was the one for me :) 

It had everything I needed. I'm not a great seamstress so I don't need tons of special features, but my old one was super basic so some additional stitches would be nice and a longer arm for quilting. So after much umm-ing and ah-ing I finally decided on the model: Husqvarna Viking Opal 650. I didn't choose the newer model 670 on purpose as I really don't like touch screen and the only noteable diff…

Running Tutu #2

Hello again!
Yes I had to make another running tutu. The orange one I made is great and I would gladly use it again, but I have a race coming up this Sunday where I need to wear as much white as possible so I needed a white one. I guess I could have made/used a coloury one since it is going to be for the Color Run but what's the fun in having colour thrown at you if you're already colourful? So white it was :) It turned out quite well actually, I used 4 meters this time as 3 was just not fluffy enough. Maybe I used 4 meters for the orange one too, I don't know as I just used stuff that I already had in my stash. The fun part with this one that I made this while watching the Eurovision while the bf was in the pub. Not a bad deal, that way I got to have an ueber-cheesy night with sewing and songs and the bf got beer. :)

And the results are:
It's really ONLY white, I even had to ask in the shop for white white and not cream. It was of course in the wedding section ;)
Freshly …

Wet Bag #1

Hi all!
I seemed to have injured my knee a little so I have to take it easy on the exercising for the time being. It's been about 6 weeks already so nearly there, but I've had so much time for sewing :)

I found this great tutorial for a wet bag here. I love swimming but getting your wet kit home is always a bit of a drama when public transport takes a while. Enter the bag! Now I can just put all the wet stuff in here and keep the rest of my belongings in my bag dry.

The tutorial says to use a shower curtain. I didn't have one at hand, so I used some sewing plastic (am sure this has a name but you know what I mean). Sewing with that was really annoying and I got really annoyed when my zipper broke just when the whole thing was put together and I had to start all over again. I also wanted to make this into an easy project (obviously the zipper thing didn't help) so I wanted to use a fabric that didn't need quilting or anything. I found this adorable owl fabric in my …

Vintage Afternoon Tea Memories

Hi all,
Today my best friend in London is leaving for a year to Australia. I am going to miss her very much, and I am sure that she will have a great time over there. As I hadn't posted our outing for a vintage afternoon tea for her birthday last year, I thought I'd post this today to wish her a great trip and let her know that we're all waiting with baited breath for exciting news updates :)

For those of you who have never had afternoon tea before, there is an order (yes, this was my first tea as well and I had to be shown LOL). You get tea, possibly some bubbly also depending on what you order, sandwiches, and a three-tiered tower of goodies. That is where it gets difficult.

First, you start with the sandwiches. These were particularly pretty :) No, it's not food colouring, it's beetroot flavoured bread, spinach bread, nutty bread, and eh... something else. (it's been a while). My friend gave me the tip to start with the thing you like the least and working your…

LOTNA Sweet 16

Heyhey again!
Here is yet another backlogged post... I'm finding these left right and centre! But no matter, I still have so lovely things to show you :) About 8 weeks ago, it was the 16 anniversary of our LOTNA group. LOTNA is a group in London that is all about sci-fi. Luckily for me, things like LOTR etc are also included :) They've been going strong for 16 years, and I've been a member for about 3 years now. 

Whenever there is an event going on, some members bring food so of course I had to chip in with something nice as well. As the only sci-fi bakeware I actually own are Star Wars pancake moulds (very cool by the way!) I baked a cake in cool colours and topped them with a ton of different sprinkles. I basically put all the opened sprinkle jars into a bowl and poured that over the cake. The effect was great!

I made my usual banana/chocolate bundt cake, and covered it in white chocolate and said sprinkles. I was a tad with the baking so the chocolate hadn't set yet bu…