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Recipe - Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

Hi everyone!
It was my colleague's birthday and I baked her a cake. She is allergic to gluten so I wanted to make her something nice which doesnt taste as bland as in the store. I hope it worked because she loved it!

I got the recipe here but I did make a few changes in the method so I've written the easier version below. 

You will need:
300 g white sugar
185 g Butter
3 eggs
200 g Gluten free plain flour
70 g Gluten free self raising flour
90 g milk
20 g Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Or 4 Tablespoons
half a bag of chocolate chips (I used dark but you can choose whichever)

Pre Heat fan forced oven to 160 Degrees, and butter a Kugelhopf baking tinWhisk the sugar and butter together until creamyAdd eggs one at a time while you are mixing Add the remaining ingredients and mix until well blendedPour into prepared tin and make for 40-60 minutes until skewer runs clean when tested. Leave on bench to cool completely before serving The last part is super important as this is gluten free…