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Wizard of Oz Gymbag

Hi everyone,
Time flies even when you are not having fun... so much has happened in the last month and work was very busy so not only did I not craft a lot, I didn't have time to blog about the few things that I did do! But not to worry, hopefully this time I can keep up my posting thoughts and ideas ;) Technically I wanted to be sewing right now but as I spent most of the evening watching telly, it's a little late for that. 

Not that I have been sitting still! I FINALLY managed to come up with a project that really works for the Wizard of Oz fabric I won so many moons ago. Among the fabric bits was a rather large piece of quilting fabric that I just didn't want to cut up. Hence my options were fairly limited, I could make either a bag or a pillow cover. Great ideas... I mean, who needs more tote bags? Then I also realised that the size of said tote bag would be a little weird so that wasn't going to happen. Mind you, I had already bought the lining fabric and everything…