Friday, 30 September 2011

Virtual Visit to the V&A Museum

Haaa, the week is over! It was a tad more stresful than planned but at last it is over. My projects are done (well most of them anyway) and today was museum day. Or so I thought...

At 6pm my friend cancelled our museum trip because she wasnt feeling well. Which is fine of course, others were going anyway. Then I thought about it. It was 28C here today but it is September after all and it gets dark at 7pm now so after that it is more like 18C so not really mini skirt weather which I had chosen to wear today (the green dress has its second outing). So I went home instead and slept on the sofa while watching the Social Network (I love that movie!) which had more to do with my mental state than the movie itself of course. I guess it was a good thing my friend cancelled!

But to finish this busy crafting month in style, I wanted to share some images with you that I took at the V&A a few years back. Oh yes, the V&A stands for the Victoria & Albert Museum and contains a lot of artsy craftsy stuff and a LOT of clothing exhibitions. Plus it's free :) I dont have pics of the planned exhibition (The Power of Making) but I do have some nice ones that give you a good idea of the style of museum.

Probably the most famous thing in this place, it is in all the brochures. Can you believe this is glass? I love this!

You can go through the history of clothing chronoligically and when you do, you see this authentic pair of stays. Loving the detail as was doing some research at the time.

A corset too of course. This is underwear, not overwear as so many modern corsets are. It would look a bit funny anyway otherwise, hihi!

This was just around the time that I started looking for bustle pillows and this was a great reference. Of course mine looked nothing like it LOL

Speaking of bustles, now THIS is a bustle. When I try this it always looks like an apron...

Going back in style a bit with my bustle comment up here, this dress is to die for! It has a very long square train and I will definitely attempt to make something like this once. I think Grosgrain did actually for her daughter for Halloween and I was so envious!

A bit more modern but oh-so-cute is this piano dress by Karl Lagerfeld. It has a few layers underneath to get it al puffy but I love the simplicity of it. Might attempt this one day also :)

In a different section they had all kinds of authentic 'Jane Austen' dresses, with the empire lines and the embroidery. I mean, look at this dress! I wouldnt be surprised if this was hand embroidered!

Again something very simple yet very elegant. I think at the time this was very stylish and would actually turn some heads. Makes you think about today's half-naked fashion sometimes ;)

We hit the testing area for kids and of course I had to try on the major hoop skirt that was there and ready to use. It came complete with corset which wasnt exactly laced properly so I had to hold it, but it was really fun! This is by far the largest skirt I have ever worn :)

For now this is it, I hope you enjoyed my little virtual tour. All in all it is a good closure of the month. Am off to bed now and will hopefully be able to sleep in tomorrow :) :) :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stashbusting September - The Finale

Hi all!
This is it, the end of Stashbusting September. I am actually still working on my upcycled project as that was part of the challenge also, but it literally fell apart so I will make the baby room flower my upcycled project. It does have candy wrappers and drinking straws so I think that counts, doesnt it? And yes, September only ends tomorrow but I have plans so wont be at home crafting (for once) LOL. I will post something probably but it is more likely to be about the outing :)

So, what is my finale piece? Do you remember the 60 fabric circles?

Yes these...

Which turned into the 57 yoyos as I needed three unsewn pieces? Made out of remnants of my clown dress, the failed pillow covers, the Sally dress, the Mombi dress, you name it it's in here.

Some of you may remember the yoyo clown I made a little while ago for a friend at work. Well, for her little baby boy that is, not actually for her ;) And when another colleague had a baby girl, I really wanted to make a toy and after careful discussion with some mothers (after all, I am so not maternal) this was deemed the best option. So I made a GIRLY yoyo clown! Oh now please dont be disappointed that it is not actually a new idea. It still came out adorable and completely different that the other one.

Which mainly meant that is was a lot harder to pose than the other one and kept falling over LOL. But I still love this pic as it shows the layers and layers of different coloured yoyos which are actually all the same size this time!.

So I had to hold it. See, it seems less tall than the other one although I think that is just the angle as the measurements are the same, and the head is larger too. Really, I had about 10 tries in taking this...

The face is more girly as well, with a pink mouth and a lovely pink hat with white dots and a massive pompom.

I used the same green plush (that stuff just never ends) for the hair. I made it a little longer this time which worked out great. I wanted to make plaits with wool but it just didnt look as good as this.

This clown is a very happy clown, it just couldnt stop dancing!

That's all folks, thank you for joining me in my VERY busy crafty September with a post a day and stashbusting projects. Roll on Halloween, I'm going to the museum now :) Well, tomorrow anyway... Good night! *clowny wave*

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Quilting Failure & the Origin of Fabric Scraps

Hi all,
OMG I have literally just finished the 57-yoyo-project! Photos will have to be done tomorrow, I am exhausted! But it sure came out good :) Ok I know that is horrible English but am watching Conair so just imagine that sentence in a Nicolas Cage/Cameron Poe accent and it works quite well ;)

Anyway, September is nearly over and I wanted to show you where a lot of my scraps come from. It may be surprising but they actually come from one project! A few years back, my sister asked me for some quilted pillow covers. I had never quilted before so I didnt know about 'quilting quality cotton' and just bought some fun designs. I spent hours over the design and trying to cut the fabric (also new to the rotary cutter idea of course) and I sewed everything together. I didnt zigzag, I didnt use FrayCheck, and I didnt topstitch after sewing it all together. I did add lining, however, as I knew how much my sister loves to do laundry and the pillow covers might not last very long. This was the result:

I made 5 pillows in total, these are three of them (my favourite was the one on the right)

The other two

And a closeup of one of them as I used tiny squares on the edges and I wanted to make sure it was noticed ;)

Of course I bought waaay too much fabric, after all I had never quilted before, and now I have all these pieces left of fabrics that I normally really wouldnt use... The colour scheme I was given was simple: blues and greens and a bit of white. So not my colours! I think I did quite well for a first timer! Ok, maybe not for all of them but some of them came out really well :)

My sister loved them and put them on display immediately. But then..... she did the laundry... and this one time on Christmas Eve, when these pictures were taken, was the only time I have seen the pillows. I was told they completely came apart in the laundry. Even though I had lined them, the stitching didnt hold. *pout* Weeks of work down the drain...

So now that I have bought proper quilting quality cotton for my Halloween quilt (in it's 4th year of planning), I am not exactly what you would call confident in starting it. Any tips will be more than welcome! Am thinking zigzag/FrayCheck/topstitching at the very least! LOL... oh my... in the end it's a good thing we can laugh about it.

I ended up using the leftover fabrics for various projects such as the charger bag, lots of baby clothes, a flower and a makeup bag (also for my sister by the way) and some PJs of which I actually never took pics. I must ask my sister if she still has those! Now the fabric stash is slowly dwindling (at least that bit) so I'm really making progress :)

Ok, I'm off to bed, soon the pics of the big project will come!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stashbusting Baby Booties Collection

Hello again everyone! And of course welcome to my newest follower, I appreciate you (and everyone else) taking the time out to read about my crafts :)

In the spirit of stashbusting, I'm still making stuff. Although I have just gone over my list of things to finish before Friday and I dont think that I'll manage really... Shame as I have so many cool items nearly done! Most of all of course the yoyo project which I really hope I can finish by Friday. I am currently about 35% done so who knows. Also, I really wanted to have one month where I post something I did or made every day (have you noticed yet?) and this is it! In Holland we have a saying which translates to 'the last lead pieces are the heaviest'. There must be an English equivalent but I dont know what it is. My point is that I am struggling to finish the month with a post a day LOL.

So anyway, today's stashbusting projects are baby booties :) I made three pairs and they all have matching other things but when I was snapping pictures of them I took this one and liked it so much I wanted to dedicate an entire post to them!

Dont you just love this picture? I just love the colours and how they're all different but still the same.

I wont tell you which pair of booties goes with what as I have some more pics and they're all sets and I dont want to confuse anyone or make my (according to me) very organised posting all messy. The pattern was found here as usual (I love this pattern), and all of these are for the same person as a present so I think it's within the guidelines of the original post.

The thing I love about stashbusting is that you find fabrics you forgot you had, or you remember what you made with the original pieces. The purple booties are made from a remnant of the purple fleeces I bought at the Stitch & Craft Show in March for a jacket that I made and have to fix as it has a mistake. The blue booties are made from leftover fleece from when I was asked to make something for a colleague's friend. And the orange booties are from fleece remnants from my Halloween house suit which I made about 3 years back (not actually sure if I have a link yet). See what I mean?

It's getting late and I must get to bed. I hope to be posting more craftiness tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Stashbusting Flower for Baby Room

Hi all,
I am so behind on my projects, and only this week and then Stashbusting September is finished! So without further ado, here is yet another project done.

At the moment I am making a rather large baby package for someone at work who just had a baby girl, so lots of girly stuff to make. He doesnt read my blog so I dont have to worry about him seeing anything before actually receiving it next week.

This flower was actually done a few weeks ago but I wanted to post everything together at first, so that's why I didnt publish this yet. It's much more fun to post this bit by bit though, especially when you see the materials I've used :) As always, the original idea for this comes from Bird Crafts.

Let's start off with the flower pot. A few months ago, in summer, I bought a few small pots for some herbs but never bought the herbs themselves so I had these and had been planning on making some flowers like this for a while. Score! I painted the pot purple (still leftover from last year's Halloween projects) and MP'd various Disney pictures on it which were originally (you will love this) chocolate wrappers from Disneyland Paris chocolate brought by another kind colleague for the team. Do you think it's girly already?

Of course I had to add a ribbon but somehow none of the ribbon I had seemed to match. So I used two sizes of pink (of cours) ribbon and did not make a bow in the front but a heart, and placed of my lovely polka-dot buttons in the middle, yellow with white dots to stand out properly. There is a small stain on the side where I MP'd too much but that's just a small detail which I hope no one will notice (although pointing it out doesnt help LOL)

I added some green netting for the 'grass', made the stem out of drinking straws covered in blue electrical tape (going for colourful here), and used some leftover green felt for the leaves.

Now this is where I had to search a bit as I didnt want to make it too girly and pink, so I decided on making each petal a different colour. It actually worked out quite well and my fabric scraps stash has now dimished by a bit :)

I really hope my colleague will like it, I think this will look lovely in any baby room :) And it will match the other presents too! Or so I hope... 4 more days to go and so many projects to finish!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Stashbusting - Not Making Any Progress

Hi all,
OMG this weekend has gone waaay too fast! With the bf out of commission I have to run the entire household which is actually more than I thought... On top of that I decided to do some ebaying this weekend also and I actually thought that I would have enough time left to finish the about 10 WIPs I have right now... NOT!

So we had a Star Wars marathon (currently on part 6) and all I seem to have done is sleep and make yoyos. On a positive note, I now have all the yoyos I need for the project I am making.

Check it out: 57 yoyos! Yes I need 60 but three need to be assembled mid-project.

To finish my stashbusting month I still have to make 2 pairs of baby booties, 1 onesie, 1 baby hat, one bathmat, and a sewing kit. I think I may have to roll over into October as I only have one more week, a full time job, and an injured bf. I feel tired just thinking about it...

Yes yes, I will stop complaining and focus on the movie now :) Hopefully I will be able to blog about a finished project tomorrow!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Practical Magic Blog Party

All hail and welcome to my Practical Magic blog post as part of the Practical Magic blog party:

Practical Magic Blog Party

I am extremely unprepared in comparison to last year's party, mainly due to the EFF dresses, work, and the bf's injury. So I wasnt able to host a spectacular party this year but I did want to stay within the essence of the movie and make it a little bit special (and funny I hope).

Of course I could go on and on about that wonderful house that the aunts live in (did you know it is just a facade and doesnt actually exist anywhere? *pout*) but I'm thinking that that idea has crossed everyone's mind by now. Which is why I wanted to go more into the element of magic.
While watching the movie again, I had the idea for this post. Dont you just love being inspired by this lovely film? I wanted to share with you what makes this movie special to me in a funny way by sharing my view of magic with you.

So what's magic anyway?

Magic is not just spells....

...and potions. It's much more than that.

It's getting dressed up in your finest when the occassion warrants it. Like in the office ;)

It is knowing that others share your interests and are there for you when you need them

It is respecting your elders

It is celebrating the changing of the seasons...

...and using all that nature gives you to the fullest

It's knowing where to find the best stuff to decorate your house with (throughout the year)

A cauldron is usually present in some shape or form...

...and even a Yule log is made out of wood and not cake (although there is usually a cake version also of course, no one would ever give up cake!)

Witches come in all shapes and sizes

Some are more nymph-like than others, like forest nymphs...

...or water nymphs...

Of course there are the more evil ones who can be quite cruel and even attempt to start a collection of heads by stealing them from other girls

But luckily mostly everyone gets on with each other :)

So if it werent for some great wine glasses, no one would ever know you're into magic ;)
And now that I am finally off the antibiotics, I drink to that!

(am pre-blogging, am not seriously drinking at noon!)

Thank you for visiting my party, I will enjoy reading yours too :) Have a great weekend everyone and Blessed Be!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Visit to Brueggen, Germany

Hi all, It's weekend at last!! The bf has cancelled his weekend plans due to his shoulder (poor him, he was so much looking forward to it!) so I had replan a few things, including my Practical Magic Blog Party which I was going to prepare tonight. As usual I planned this in the last second, with all the EFF stress I just didnt manage to get anything done! To tie you over though, I wanted to show you a little bit of Brueggen, Germany, where we were last weekend. It is a small town, very popular with elderly tourists (not us! LOL) and my sister lives close by. Which is why I dragged the bf along for a quick visit and breakfast.

See our yummy German breakfast? The bf looked a little weary as there was a wasp aiming for our food and he tried to stare it down ;)

I was completely delighted with our lovely brekkie outside and enjoyed it very much :)

Then we went to visit the 'Brueggen Burg' also known as the castle of Brueggen.

Did you know that they found documents about this castle in 1289?

The gate has this massive door which was very impressive. Doesnt look that big does it?

Think again! LOL. The bf was also very impressed

I liked the way that there was nature everywhere, even if it was in a pot

The bf waiting patiently for me to finish taking my pictures :) (pre-fall so not as annoyed yet here haha)

We slowly walked back around the castle, having this lovely view

Yes, definitely the country side ;)

Which can clearly be seen by this: spiders! This was a massive one!

We then went to do some shopping (Knorr Fix, yumm!) and had dinner with my sister. You know the rest LOL. Backwards posting is the way! ;) Now I will craft some more, maybe start my blog for tomorrow and enjoy my Friday evening. Relaaaaaxing :)

If you want to read more about the town of Brueggen which is actually quite old and used to be French actually (yes really, when the Netherlands didnt spread that far south-east yet and Belgium was entirely French also) which I thought was hilarious, you can read more about it here. Enjoy and see you tomorrow for the Practical Magic Blog Party!
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