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Running Through 2015 - 250K - I did it!

Happy New Year everyone!
It's been a while and much has been achieved in the last 6 months, best of all: I've completed my 2015 running challenge!

This is what this challenge has achieved! Apart from a healthier body, mind, and life, 250K in event distance also gave me bling. Whoohoo! And a lot of event tshirts...
As the challenge is now done, I didn't want to blog about each run separately, so here are the highlights since the Sumo Run in June:
 5K in Hyde Park, was going for 10 but had to stop at 5
Hyde Park 10K, his was a difficult one but met a running buddy and we got each other through
Clapham Common 5K, they had to resend me the medal as they handed out the ones with the wrong date on it (as am doing a challenge, the date had to match of course)
Spitfire 10K, run organised by the RAF Museum. The route wasn't the greatest (it had part of it along the freeway) but the medal and the venue was amazing! And yes, this is a real Spitfire in the background :)
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