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What a Wedding!

I spent the entire day watching the Royal Wedding! OMG... what a wonderful wedding. Every girl dreams about this and she was the lucky bride to experience it. Ok granted, the media hype might have been a bit much but everything seemed to be going alright and no major dramas happened which is a success in my book :)

I have googled some images as I really wasnt going to take photos of my tv while I was watching it LOL. I wasnt even supposed to be in London but in the end I was very glad I didnt go anywhere. The weather was a bit tricky so I just stayed at home and as the bf was away I could enjoy (tearfully) watching the wedding without any mocking :)
Google search for Royal Wedding Images

Check out that dress! So pretty! Very classic and appropriate. And yes, it has sleeves because you must have a sleeved wedding dress during a royal wedding. At first sight I thought the bouquet was a bit tiny but it works very well. As for Prince William, he looks dashing as always though red would not …

Castle Week - Windsor Castle

OMG OMG the Royal Wedding is today!!! So I'm posting this super early so maybe I can add another post at the end of the day with some pics of the wedding-hype in London. Provided I am going to leave the house... the bf wants to goto the archery, not very royal despite the fact that it's near Kensington Palace...

Anyway, on Tuesday we went to Windsor Castle. Not at all scheduled but an idea of the bf (I was very impressed!). It is one of the 'active' castles, meaning the royals actually still live here and only part of the castle is open to the public.

So we took the train to Windsor and got our tickets. Good tip for anyone wanting to visit: if you buy the tickets from the Castle directly, you can have them stamped and they will be valid for one year! So you can go back anytime for a year FOR FREE!

Walking onto the grounds of Windsor Castle. This is where I discovered that my camera didnt have a memory card in it... How clever... so all pics here are taken by the bf :)


Castle Week - Tower of London

Yes the Tower used to be a castle and people actually lived here! LOL... So as part of the Castle Week (which will last three days as it has to do with the Royal Wedding), let me show you some more of the Tower of London:

No this is not yet the Tower. One needs nourishment before a big visit ;) So we went to Le Pain Quotidien for a lovely Easter Monday breakfast :) Once we were all fed and nourished, we took the Tube to Tower Hill.

Behold the view of the Tower when coming from Tower Hill. I have seen it many times before but it continues to amaze me.

The first thing of interest you see when entering the Tower, is the Traitor Gate. This is where prisoners would arrive at the Tower but boat via the Thames. Really creepy, just imagine this when it's cold and dark and threatening...

My favourite building: the White Tower :) A pic was a must of course :)

The bf really wanted to see the Crown Jewels, having only seen them once many many years ago. As it was Easter Monday, it was a tad busy …

Castle Week - Hampton Court Palace

Hi again everyone! My Easter holidays have been quite busy so far, so havent really done any sewing *blush* BUT we did see a lot of London :) Many things I have already seen but the bf hadnt so I dragged him to various castles to visit. It was great! Today we're getting some things done around the house (am getting a new stove at last whoohoo!) so plenty of time to blog. With all the visits we've done in the last few days, I will post only about castles as a small tribute to the Royal Wedding happening in just a few days. I wont go into central London as it will be super crowded, but this way you can see some of London and it's royal history anyway :)

On Good Friday, as is tradition in my family, I dyed the Easter eggs :) Just plain with a tablet, some water and vinegar as we've been doing for years. The result was great though:

The two bird eggs are styrofoam so not real, am not that handy with eggs! LOL

On Saturday I dragged the bf to Hampton Court Palace. I love this p…