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Running - Glow in the Dark Running Skirt

Hi everyone!
It's been a month, and it's time for another run. After the half marathon I really needed to recover and I'm not sure my knee is entirely up for it, but I'm going to give it a go anyway. It's only a 5K, whoever would have thought I would ever say that? Really, like ever? LOL. I've also registered to the Virtual 5K run by Sean Astin so I'm doing both races at the same time. I have until 11 May to run the Virtual 5K and this one is so much fun that I wanted to combine them. Technically it's not cheating as I'll still be running 5K and the Electric Run doens't have a medal so at least this way I get one, whoohoo!

Last year's run was great and I had a wonderful shiny tutu, which I really started to dislike after running several races in it, and I wanted something new. I found an image online that showed a tutu with a neon cord in it. It looked amazing! I just needed to buy the cord and make a new tutu. Yeah, that sounded really nice a…

Gorgeous Costumes as Hobbycraft Excel Show

Hi again everyone!
As promised, finally a post about the craft show I went to the day before my half marathon. I got cheap tickets via Groupon, I only paid £4! Excellent bargain although the show was tiny despite Excel being huge so I was kind of glad I didn't pay more. There was not much for sewing purposes, a few fabric stalls, but it was mainly focused on crafts like beading and cardmaking. I did get some excellent decoupage bits for card making, my mother is very pleased as she is the recipient of most of them and I'm getting better at it! :)

There was, however, one bit that I particularly wanted to share with you. There was one display which was just amazing. I could have stayed there for a looong time, had it not been for the crowds. I took a ton of photos but made some collages so the post isn't too photo-heavy. 

First, I spotted this display, it's all movie costumes! The one in the middle is from The Duchess, the ones on the right from Sense and Sensibility. Arent…

Waterproof Swimming Tote

Hi everyone!
I've been going for a weekly swim for a while now, and every time I carried my stuff home, everything was wet from the towel and the suit. Surely there had to be a better way to carry everything home without soaking the rest? Then I had the answer: waterproof fabric! You know, that kind of laminated fabric you can find these days that is kind of plastic-y? So I brought a friend and went on the hunt for the laminated fabric. We found some, but the prints were awful, very flowery and not in the right colours.

However, on the way back from the show, we stopped for tea at my friend's house and he showed me some fabrics he wasn't using anymore and if I wanted any of them. Lo' and behold: raincoat fabric! It was perfect :) Not only would it be waterproof, it also had big purple flowers on it, I was instantly hooked. So I took the cutoffs home and got started. Are you curious yet? Oh alright, I'll show you the result:

Not a great pic but this was first use, I wa…

Fabric Covered Journal

Hello again!
I was going to tell you all about the Hobbycraft show, but I've just finished another one of the projects I meant to do during Fabulising February, better late than never...

I'm so happy with it, I just had to show you :)
A few years back, this notebook was offered on Freecycle. Freecycle is a network where you can offer anything you want to throw away (and is still in good condition) and see if anyone wants it so it stays out of landfill and goes to a good home. I got this cute notebook. It's about A5 with thick pages and silver edges on the page. At the time I loved the fairy. 
While I still like fairies, the part where I loved this has come and gone and I think I wrote in it once in the last year or so. I now use it to keep a log of updates for running and medication, that kind of thing. So something needed to change. The book itself is gorgeous, it was just the cover that annoyed me. I checked my fabric stash and found a fabric that my wonderful sewing friend…

Running - Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon

Hi everyone!
It's been a week and I am now sufficiently recovered from my first ever half marathon!!!! *eek*! 

I don't have one of those lightweight running tops and I didn't want to wear my heavy charity t-shirt over the raincoat for 13 miles, so this time it had to do without. Instead I ran in my trademark purple :) And yes, you read correctly, I ran a half marathon.
Well, technically I finished it as what I did was not running exactly, at least not all the way. I actually ran about 6K easily and then my knee started to be all funny, so I put on the knee brace and continued. I'd only ever done about 12K in one go before so I thought if I could just run 10K then I could walk the rest. Yeah right, I couldn't even run 10K... but it wasn't all bad (although I'm having a hard time being all happy about it really).
To start off, I was nervous for like a month. I think I drove the bf a little bit crazy... The time would change to summer time right that morning so I…