Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cupcake Pouch for my Purple Blackberry

Remember the shiney new purple Blackberry that the bf gave me for my birthday? Well, it has a really big screen (in comparison to my old phone that is, but it's by no means an iPhone LOL) and with me being as clumsy as I can be, I really needed a pouch so I really can keep this phone for a long time. Especially with it being so purple and all ;)

So this weekend one of my projects was to make a new pouch for the phone since the old phone was a lot smaller and of course that pouch wouldnt fit the new phone. A while ago I accidentally stumbled onto some of the cutest cupcake fabric ever in the fabric shop and of course I couldnt leave the shop without buying some of it, as well as some coordinating fabric. Together with some of the purple fleece I bought at the Stitch & Craft Show the other day and some wadding, my project was ready to go.

I chose a purple fabric with white polka dots, pink and white striped fabric, and greenish/turquoise fabric with white mini polka dots and cupcakes :)
I wasnt sure how to incorporate all three chosen fabrics into the one pouch, but after some thinking I decided to not make a quilted pouch as originally planned, and to just make a normal pouch with added pockets.

First I made the inner pouch out of light purple fleece covered in wadding. That way the screen cant scratch up because of the fleece and it will be all snug and comfy in the wadding. I then made the cover with the fabrics and sewed the whole thing together.

This is the result, all pics taken by the very patient bf (I just didnt find a photo that I was happy with so it had to be taken a lot of time...):

Side one, purple polka dots with cupcakes highlights as the pocket on pink striped fabric. I also added the purple polka dot ribbon around the top as an extra highlight. The top looks a bit crooked here but that is because I didnt cut the stripes entire straight. Woops!

Side two, here I used the cupcake fabric for the pouch with a small striped highlight and purple as a background.

See how protective and puffy it is?

It looks so cute with the phone! And the pocket is great for quickly dashing to the shop, I can now always carry my bank and coffee cards with me. Great for quickly getting some coffee or so at work when you dont want to carry a lot but still want to have the essentials. :)

Monday, 28 March 2011

Quilts 4 London - Quilting for Olympians

As introduced in Saturday's post, I wanted to write a separate post about Quilts 4 London. I saw them at the Stitch & Craft Show and was inspired by their idea.

Maybe you know this already, but London is hosting the 2012 Olympics. Despite of the fact that I am not a fan of that particular part, I like this idea: Quilts 4 London want to give each Olympian (that is what you call someone who participates in the Olympics, right? Hihi, maybe I should just call them athletes...) a quilted panel. That means they need 14,000 panels!!! I have no idea how far they are now and how many they have, but I wanted to spread the word and help them out. I think I wil even make a panel! ;)

Should you be interested in making a pennant also
, it is very simple:
  1. Choose a shape (approx the size of A3 (12"x16") but no bigger) - see template ideas on the website which you can download and print
  2. Choose a design - check out the Inspiration area on the website for ideas or just choose whatever you like (please note the information relating to use of Olympic branding and 2012 media)
  3. Make your Pennant (see our various guides and videos on Youtube)
  4. Add your details to a label and fix to the back of the Pennant
  5. Display / Exhibit / Photograph and upload to Gallery
  6. Send into Quilts 4 London at the Project address so it can be displayed at exhibitions and distributed to competing athletes
  7. Make another one!
  8. Get everyone else making one!
Below are some examples of what people have made. I think the scarf one is very funny, it just shows you that it doesnt have to be difficult :)

I think I will make one of these as I do have a lot of fabric scraps and this is a great way to use them :) Will you join me too? Just imagine how cool it would be to make this an international thing!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Best of March 2011 - the Voting has Begun!

Good morning all!

I have just received an email from Dana at Saturday Morning's that the voting for the Best of March has begun! Yay so exciting! Now I do know that the chances of me winning this thing are extremely small but wouldnt that button look wonderful and shiney on my blog? ;) Also the prize pack is really nice. OK, I'm really just dying to win this thing!

So if you all love my cupcake bathrobe as much as I do, please vote for me HERE. What you do, you click on this link, scroll down the page, and tick the box in the black voting section near the bottom of the page. Important: clicking on the link or the picture of the creation will not help! You can vote for up to five projects at once and I would appreciate if I could be one of them. I really dont want to go out with the least votes of all so please please vote for me! LOL... Am feeling like I'm in the Eurovision here, hihi... Oh yes, and you can vote until Friday 1 April.

Thank you all in advance and have a great Sunday. I'm off to go rollerblading in a minute :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Olympia Stitch & Craft Show 2011

It's a week ago today, but life is keeping me busy so I didnt have time to blog about this earlier. Plus the three posts about my birthday didnt help ;) Beware of this post, you are bound to be inspired after reading this!

Last week, the Stitch & Craft Show was on again. This one was the March one which I normally miss as it is always on or around my birthday. However, since this year was a quiet one I actually went and checked it out. Plus I missed the one in February as they relocated it to somewhere far far away.

I arrived at about 10.30am, just at the same time as multiple busloads so it was immediately crowded. I was supposed to meet people from my sewing group at 11am, so I sprinted through the venue checking everything I really wanted to see just in case I wouldnt get around to it afterwards. You'd be surprised how quickly one can shop when needed ;) I did find a few things in those 30 minutes, yet funnily enough I didnt find anyone of the group throughout the day which was rather amusing. At least I had lots of time to walk around and see the stalls (over and over and over again).

The view from the escalator. Yes, this thing had THREE FLOORS filled with crafty goodness :)

The ground floor was all about sewing and stitching, the basement was the knitting section (they were even selling those giant knitting needles I want but they were like £40 which was nearly my entire budget for the day, so maybe another time), and the top floor had papercrafts and workshops. I spent most of my time in the sewing section of course and really had to limit myself to not buy everything ;)

One of the ribbon shops on the ground floor, Crafty Ribbon. They were AMAZING! They were selling 6 items of ribbon for £5 which was great. And believe it or not, I didnt buy a single ribbon with cupcakes on them as they were all super pink... :(

On the top floor, where all the papercrafts were, there were also some stalls for charity.

This was one of them. I will blog about this later as I think this is a really intriguing idea :)

There was also a stall where you could buy a raffle ticket for £1 and you would get a random FQ of quilting fabric with the same number as your ticket. As I am extremely picky with my fabrics, I asked them if I could swap if I didnt like it, and luckily they had a seperate box where I could choose from should that be the case. They did have a cakey fabric which was nice but I wanted the lottery thrill so I bought my ticket. My number matched a blue cotton with spider webs and spiders on them! How cool is that! The lady of the stall assumed I wanted to swap but I was like 'no way, this is perfect!'. She was a little surprised but happy to have another happy customer. And I have some more spidery fabric :)

Also on the top floor was this cupcake card workshop. I dont even know if you had to pay for this as the next run was an hour away, but it did look cute!!

Check out those cupcakes! Makes me hungry really ;)

In the basement was the knitting section and they had the funniest thing!!

This stall was promoting the book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding! As most of you probably know, England is only weeks away from the big Royal Wedding, and they made a book so you can actually knit every person in it! Knit your own Prince William! Hahaha, hilarious!

This is what the finished result would be. Check out the Queen on the left, so funny :) You know, I might actually do this if I was a good enough knitter, it is just so funny :)

Also in the basement was Loani Prior who wrote Really Wild Tea Cosies. She was signing her book:

Sadly I didnt get to meet her, but some of her creations were on display. I took some pics of my favourite ones:

Dont you just love these!!! The Mini Me is just so funny! This I would probably not make, or at least not for a tea pot. Maybe a wine bottle? ;)

OMG I was just so inspired after seeing all of these creations (and more as there were 3 floors after all...), that I didnt even know where to start once I got home. Plus I had bought a few things which I was dying to use. Curious what I came home with? Check it out:

Buttons! One can NEVER have enough buttons... And these craft buttons were only £1 a pack, so I got more pumpkin buttons (yes again) and this time they also had to witch hat buttons (which I found out later were flat-backed but I guess I can use them on other things). Those three sewing buttons came from Crafty Ribbon and will be used in some sort of special sewing item that I have yet to decide upon. The two glass beads will become necklaces :) Purple ones of course :D

More buttons from Crafty Ribbon, and another glass bead, a really big one this time :) The one I have right now is white and I hardly ever use it because of that. This one will suit much better :)
Here you can also see the blue spider web fabric that I won in the raffle.

Halloween ribbon from a different stall. There were the last two! I sure was lucky there :)
And also one of those snippy scissors that I now just cant stop using. I normally just use tiny scissors but these ones are so handy!

More ribbon from Crafty Ribbon (I really loved their stall). Lots of polka dots and some Halloween. As I forgot to choose a 6th ribbon, I quickly picked the cherries. Not sure how I will use them yet but they're cute nonetheless. The fleece is for my jacket as I have just cut up my green fleece jacket and am in the process of recreating it (having been inspired by the ease of the bathrobe). It's nearly done now but one side is not cooperating and I cant start over since I'm out of fleece and it has a quilted section so it's this is nothing... I'll keep you posted on that one. The little baggy in the front contains roving wool as I also bought some felting needles and three colours of roving wool (black, purple, and dark purple).

Some more buttons, all purple this time :) I realised I only have a few in purple so this baggy will surely come in handy with my current obsession for all things purple (much worse than usual, trust me!)

Some handmade card from the Cancer Research stall. They were selling these for only £1 each and they were gorgeous!! There was also a 'make you own card' bit but I didnt have time. Shame really. I need to improve my card making skills.

So this is my entire haul for the day:

And I didnt spend a penny over my budget :)

I left at about 2.30pm as I had seen everything a million times and the ribbons were starting to get to my head hihi. I just wanted more!!! So time to leave... but I had such a great time :) And I was sooo inspired that I have started a ton of crafts since then!! Finishing them is another thing but it will happen sooner or later. Have I inspired you too?

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Birthday Dinner and the Purple Present

Hello again everyone,
Finally, the post of the actual birthday. With such a hectic week I finally have a chance to post about this :) With all the lovely pics by my wonderful bf of course.

As you may remember, my real birthday was on a Monday, meaning I had to go to work. But it wasnt all bad, the girls took me out to lunch and I had planned my day so that I wasnt completely swamped :) Dont you just love planning? The funniest thing was that my department had organised a birthday card and then it somehow got lost. Near the end of the day they had to tell me and I actually knew the only place it could be. Of course it was there which made the whole thing a little silly. Hihi! But it was really nice of them, the card had a huge cupcake on it so it was perfect :)

Once at home, I helped with the dishes and then was banned from the kitchen until further notice. Whoohoo! I like my kitchen but watching youtube was nice as well LOL. Enter bf with starters:

Really yummy salmon on toast with some lemon and champagne :) So good!

As a main he cooked quail. I liked it so much on Christmas that I actually requested this when we were deciding what to eat. With mashed potatoes and green beans. Dont they look tasty?

We had some Gewurztraminer (so good!) and the bf had some red wine also.

Then it was time for the cake. Yes, we still put as much candles on it as the age so the cake had to be a bit bigger than planned, or so the bf said. It was quite nice, chocolate with chocolate cream inside.

And it even had my name on it!!

Thinking hard to make a wish...

...and blowing out the candles (this took a few tries, there were so many! LOL)

Then it was FINALLY time for my long-awaited present! For months I had been running around between two shops as there were two purples and each one was specific to one particular shop. But I made up my mind about 2 days before the day and now was the time :)

Ok granted, this must be one of my worst pics ever as I really dont look very flattering in it (am thinking Roadrunner) but this is it!! My new phone!!! It's a purple Blackberry! I will finally be able to not get lost all the time and also not be out of battery all the time :) And after all that doubting and choosing, I am extremely happy that I chose this one and not the darker purple (it had pink buttons so def a no-go). I really hope this photo wont show up on some weird website or so LOL

All in all it was quiet and lovely. Now I just have to read the manual and get my old phone settings back ;) OMG It's purple!!! I love it !!! And now that the bday hype is over, more craft posts will follow. After all, I need a new pouch for the new phone ;)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pre-Birthday, It Exists!

Even though my bday was only on Monday, the bf really wanted to celebrate on Sunday already so we'd have the whole day to do something. But that was before I decided to chop up my jacket... more on that in another post. So anyway, I was making breakfast on Sunday and I came out of the kitchen and there was this massive bunch of flowers on the table waiting for me. Arent they gorgeous??? I love them! (all pics made by the bf of course)

They are now nearly dead though as I moved them aside to make space for dinner on the coffee table and totally forgot about them. Woops! Maybe they will miraculously recover, who knows? ;)

Then it was time for something to eat... we had a wonderful starter... with a twist! The bf had bought some caviar (the affordable version) and put it on mini blinis. So good!! The twist was that I had to finish a shot of vodka as the plate with the caviar and the vodka was balancing on my pre-birthday present.

This is me trying to finish the shot. Needless to say, that was so not going to happen! I'm a lightweight with Baileys, let alone vodka... I'm not that young anymore! LOL So I sneakily swapped glasses and taadaa, my glass was empty ;)

It worked, I got the present :) Tension was building as there was only one thing I had asked for and the shape of the present was all wrong for that.

Yay, girly comics! I'm not that much into comics usually, but the bf really knows how to pick some that I like for some easy reading. I cant read LOTR or Twilight all the time after all! The two in the back are 'The Bellybuttons', it's kindof like Mean Girls in a book. They're hilarious although also a little sad as the not-so-cute one just never gets a break. Melusine was the best, it's a French comic about a witch who has a fairy godmother for a cousin and they dont get on very well. Superb!!

Yes, I also got one about Smurfette, hihi. Can it get any more girly? ;) There was an even better one. This birthday was obviously going to be the Purple Birthday and the second Smurf comic was actually called the Purple Smurf! Did you know that smurfs go purple and evil when they get stung by a bee? Neither did I...

This one was the Tink edition of the Guild comic. I love the series on the web but wasnt so sure about the comic. I think it shows... hihi, I still need to have a read, it should be good though. It's by Felicia Day after all :)

Taadaa, my entire comic haul for my pre-birthday :) Here you also see the Purple Smurf comic. This present session was followed by a wonderful steak made by the bf (I cant cook a proper steak to save my life) and some R&R which is always great on the w/e.

I like this pre-birthday, I think we just started a new tradition! Stay tuned for pics of the actual birthday and my wonderfully purple present :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Birthday and the Dress

It's my birthday!!! Yay!! I am officially one year older... might be a reason to stop cheering LOL. But this was my day and even though I had to work, it was all really good :) The girls at work took me out to lunch and I brought a divine cake to work to share (vanilla-white chocolate chip-nut bundt cake, recipe will follow!). It was gone in no time and people lined up at my desk for seconds. Hahaha, I need I may need to bake some more ;)

I have a ton of pics from both my pre-birthday (yes that exists too) and today already, all taken by the bf and his shiney camera so I will need to spread this over a few posts. I'm sure you dont mind though... I have also been to the Stitch & Craft Show this weekend and I have lots of pics of that too. OMG, so much to blog! It's a great start to my 32nd year though :)

But let's start with the birthday dress. A couple of months ago, I really wanted a new dress and check eBay for some bargains. And indeed I found this gorgeous little dress in exactly my colour (purple!) and it was only £3.50 including shipping! It's wasnt by some great fantastic label but who cares, I love the colour :)

The only thing that really annoyed me was the button. I just wasnt convinced by it... So it had to go. This was exactly the reason why this dress had been lying around for weeks as I just couldnt decide what to do with it. Then I thought of my wonderful yoyos and got creative. As I also found a bag of silk roses I had totally forgotten about (I got those on eBay too, years ago. A huge bag with hundreds of silk roses in various colours for only £7! A total steal since 10 of those already go for £1 here. Anyway, I took off the button, made some yoyos, added the roses and voila:

Now I love the dress :) I dont have a proper closeup of the yoyos, but they're just plain ones and there is a rose in the centre. The one in the middle has a light blue rose while the two on the outside have a dark blue one. I got so many compliments at work with this dress! And it's a good thing I'm not too tall so I can actually wear this as a cute dress rather than a top. (I have actually changed the pics since I posted this as somehow my resizing software makes the pictures all blurry... so if any pics are really not clear just let me know and I'll try to fix it...)

Of course I also had to have a matching hair yoyo, so I made this also:

This was so easy! I sewed on the middle tiny rose and just glued the rest around it :) I wore this today also of course to complete the birthday look:

I have to open my present now, I'll post more soon!

Happy Birthday to me... yay! Now, for some cake...
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