Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Upcycled Wine Cork Trivet II

Hi again everyone!
I told you I had a lot of posts to publish? Well, here is another one :) Easter was a very creative time so I actually manage to do some projects that have been on my list for a while. One of them was this wine cork trivet. You may recall my first attempt at this? Over time, it needed some reparation (=more glue) and as I was working with the glue gun anyway, why not use up the rest of my corks? In the meantime, the stash had grown again and I even had enough corks to make a large trivet this time.
I have a tiny problem with buying funny grossgrain ribbon at pretty much every show, so this is also a great way to use some of that :) Isn't this gingerbread man print the cutest? I made sure to take a piccie right away in case of kitchen spatters or so ;)

So now I have a small and a large trivet. They're really handy for oven dishes or teapots. 

I'm still saving corks for other (yet undetermined) projects but as the stash is tiny right now, that may be a while. But this just shows, with the right motivation you can even make a cool small project :)

Monday, 28 April 2014

Running Tutu - In Detail

Hello again!
I just discovered that I took a LOT of pics of the finished tutu. They were on another card so I only just found them LOL. It's a real shame I only have the one piccie of the me in the outfit but that can't be helped now. The below images show a bit more of a detailed view of the tutu, done with less than 3 meters of tulle! I am still shocked by this... for a really crappy girls tutu you can easily pay £7 here. This only cost me £3 in tulle (I still had ribbon leftover)! I still have a little bit left so I can still add some more if I should need to for some reason.

I used a black ribbon as a base. I did sew two ribbons together as the instructions say. I decided on black for several reasons: I had plenty of it around, this colour combination is great for both Halloween and the MS Society who I will be running for in October.

Close up of the tying of the tulle. It was really easy, although I did manage to ruin 4-5 pieces by pulling the fabric too hard and tearing it. If you want to make this, be warned: don't tug the fabric too hard, it will tear. 

It came out in a really nice mushroomy shape :)

This was a pic I actually took yesterday as I had to detangle the tutu a bit. My jacket was quite long and managed to get caught in the tulle sometimes. But now that it's all straight again, I can easily store it until I need it again.

If you've read yesterday's post about the event, you will see that I also had a beanie. When I ran in October it was so cold and I kept thinking 'if only I had a hat'. So this time I made sure I had one. It was a bit of a last-minute purchase, but I found a pink Puma hat for only £2.50! It had the large symbol on it, but I wanted to embellish it with a large bow anyway so that didn't matter. Making the bows actually took longer than the tutu but it came out quite well I think:

A while ago, they had spools of neon ribbon on sale at Tiger Tiger for only £1 each so I stocked up of course. These come in very handy for bright coloured events like this :) I also have a bow maker which was part of the problem since I'd never used it before. In the end I made a normal bow on it with 2 ribbons and added two ribbons just before tying it up. It's very cheerful :)

I also made some for my hair, and I think this is the only clear piccie of it. Yes this is me goofing around in the queue, the glasses came with my running pack. The hair bows are half of the large one, each having only two large ribbons and a small one. So one was pink and orange with a small green ribbons, the other was blue and green with a small pink ribbon.

And this is the whole look! It was a very cool event :)

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Running - Electric Run London 2014

Good morning everyone!
Running event season has started, every day I get an email from one friend or another asking for sponsorship for some event. And yes, I am also one of those friends. LOL. Although I know that I will only raise a little bit, it's still great fun to take part in these events :) Not to worry, this is not a request for sponsorship! It's all about yesterday's event!!

About 6 weeks ago, I managed to injure my knee somehow and running has been quite painful since then. I've finally been to my doctor and it seems to have something called 'iliotibial band syndrome'. No idea... I still want to see a specialist and see what they have to say. So for the time being I am taking it easy. What does this have to do with the event, you ask? At the beginning of the year I signed up to lots of charity races so I really have to heal quickly! 

The first event was yesterday, the Electric Run 2014, in Wembley Park. A 'race/rave' which takes place after dark and uses lots of neon and glow-in-the-dark things to have fun. Not a race to set a personal best, but really an event to just enjoy yourself. Being injured, this was actually quite perfect and I had a great time. Let me share some pics from the run-up to the event and the event itself. I have a LOT of pics so I made some collages to keep this a fairly low-pic post.

The packs were not sent out so everyone had to queue up and get it. Good thing I don't work so late as about 20 mins after I got mine, the queue was enormous!

The pack the pack! It contains a tshirt, the running number, glow-in-the-dark glasses, and a flashing wristband thingy

Of course one has to do a run in style, and I always wanted to wear a tutu :) I had one at the Race for Life last year but that was part of the clown costume so I never just had a tutu. After some searching, I found this great tutorial on how to make a quick no-sew tutu with only 3 meters of tulle. All the others needed about 7 and I only had 3 so this was perfect. I even had some spare at the end! I also added 6 pieces of shimmery fabric out of my leftover pile so make it extra shimmery.

Taadaa! This is the tutu, I love it! The fleece was a bit long for it, but it was colder than expected so I wore it during the event as well. I also made some bows for my hair and my hat in neon colours. The bows took me longer than the whole tutu!

As we came out of the tube, we queued in various places for various things. This collage shows some atmosphere piccies of the the gathering of the neon-clad people. Yes, that's me on the bottom right heading towards the starting line!

In the queue for the start. I was quite in the front, I think I was in group 2 or 3. There were a LOT of people behind me, in total there were around 15,000 people!

During the race there were so many neon and glow-in-the-dark things! There was a neon-lit forest, a black light tunnel, even the water station had lit up cups! It was great fun :) And as I read somewhere online a while back, if you add a glow stick to your water bottle, your water glows, so of course I had to do that! 

It was a really great event. Afterwards there was a concert as well, but we didn't stay for that to be honest. It was already after 10pm and the bf who had kindly waited until I finished the event was getting cold. So we went back home for some lovely tea and some ice for my knee. I had a great time, and only need to raise another £10 for my charity to hit the target. Sign me up for the next one too!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter - Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

Finally, after having bought a ton of Styrofoam eggs a couple of years back, I finally sat down and wrapped them in yarn. Having seen a lot of tutorials on Pinterest (this is one for example), I really wanted to do this. So, having some time off at Easter and actually taking the time for lots of crafty stuff, I did it!

I won't post a tutorial here as there are so many everywhere to be found, but the process was easy. You just need lots of hot glue, Styrofoam eggs, and any yarn you have on hand (I have a LOT of leftover 80s acrylic LOL). Check out the result:

I kept an egg carton for easy storage, so handy!

I made on egg too many for the box though LOL. The ribbons are attached with a tiny silver pin that (sometimes) glued into the egg. I didn't glue in all the pins as the result was about the same and it's not like the eggs are that heavy that they need to be glued in.

 Proper branches were so pricey so I used a normal bunch of flowers. 

Most of the wool was thick enough to completely cover the eggs, once I got the hang of it it was pretty easy

Clearly I had a lot of stash in a lot of colours

Not bad if I say so myself :)

Of course we had real Easter eggs as well

I am very pleased with the result! Now to pack up everything again for next year...

I did spend a lot of time crafting so hopefully I will also have a lot of time to blog about it all, fingers crossed!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter - Much Needed Wreath Improvement

Good morning all!
In 2012, I made my first ever Easter wreath. It came out OK and I did use it for that year, but I was never excited about it and felt it was missing something... Do you remember what it looked like? It was this one:

A little sparse, don't you think? Not to fear, more Easter stuff to the rescue!

I added a better bow. I found rolls of bright colours at Tiger for only £1 each so I got a lot. I also added only one ribbon with bunnies so that really pops I think.

 Then I added another pack of plastic eggs to the whole thing, rearranging some of the existing ones as well. And a little more paper grass that I had leftover from the original wreath.

The result is amazing. I really love it now :) I also left out the large hanging ribbon and replaced it by a simple white one, drawing attention more to the wreath itself.

Would you like a comparison?
Before and After

Yes I like the new one much better! Now it's definitely more Eastery and looks much better. I am very proud of this one :) With some time to spare, I also made some more peasant bread (I love that recipe!) and some pull apart cinnamon bread. There goes my healthy regime!

Now we're all set for Easter and some time of R&R :)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter - Gradual Egg Dying

Hi all!
It's Good Friday and that always means one thing: dying Easter eggs! It's been tradition since I was a little girl, and I am still doing this every year. 
I found this way of dying Easter eggs in a Martha Stewart magazine (or so I think, I have since given them away so I can't remember exactly, nor can I remember the exact word for this technique), and it's really easy and fun :) The result looks great too!

The instruction are easy. Add you dye and vinegar (or whatever you normally use) to a bowl and add the egg. Let this be for a few minutes, then add more water. Leave this be again, and add more water after a few minutes. Gradually, the egg will be covered in water, but because part of it has already been dyed, it will become lighter and lighter towards the top. It's great fun, check out my results:

It can be seen best on the purple and pink ones. I love this technique!

I made a few, we're only two so why make more? There is one where I tried the elastic technique but that didnt come out well at all so I just continued with the adding water bit.

Nearly time to eat them now!!
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