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Celebrate Oz 2012

Heyhey again everyone! After a busy weekend, I'm slowly getting into the creativeness again and today's it's time for Linda's Celebrate Oz 2012 blog party over at Olde Baggs 'n' Stuffed Shirts!

As I didn't want to blog about my Mombi dress yet again, I needed a new project. I mean, sure I loooove my dress but I've already blogged about it way too much... So time for a new project, but what to do? With the events of the past few weeks, my life was not exactly Oz related and another costume was not needed really, but wait I still had those gorgeous fabrics I won last year at the giveaway from Quilts Sew Shabby! Remember these?

Not to worry if you don't really. My favourite piece is the one on the top right and I really don't want to cut it up so I haven't used that bit yet. But after about a year of thinking about using these fabrics I actually came up with an idea that was both practical and cute :) I decided to make toiletry bags! No, not a…

Another Wedding Attended

Hi everyone! It's still busy around here, it seems to be wedding season and for some reason this time for lots of people we know. No, that doesn't mean I will post about every wedding we attend hihi... Last weekend we spent at a wedding in Windsor which was really lovely and there were even a few mins of dry weather to take some pictures outside. Yes really... since then it has pretty much rained non-stop but what can you do, it's England after all.
I'm really trying to craft some more but with all these events it is tricky getting some time in. All these events of course also need to be arranged which is my part of the job so it can be quite nerve-wrecking sometimes. But the wedding was good, I'm a sucker for romance anyway ;) Let me show you some pictures, you'll agree... 
 Let's start with the food, in true Hobbit style ;) The food was very nice, simple but really good. This was dessert, a chocolate mousse with fruit stuff (I didn't eat the fruit st…

Another Year at London Zoo Lates

Hi everyone! Do you remember when we went to London Zoo Lates last year? Not to worry if you don't, I nearly forgot also until I accidentally saw an ad for it on the tube. Normally, tickets cost £20 and for some reason I couldn't find a cheaper deal and I didn't want to pay that much so we nearly didn't go. Then, in the last minute, there was a deal. Whoohoo! 50% off so of course we went :)
And this time I even got to see the turtles!
 It was so much busier than last year! The weather was worse but I guess last year's fun had become public knowledge and there were hundreds of people. There was lots of food of course and since everyone came straight from work, the queues were horrendous to get something to eat. Luckily I'd planned ahead and had a big lunch. I mean, the taco queue was like a mile long! On the other hand, who wants to eat a taco in the zoo anyway? Must be tricky to eat that and walk at the same time...
 After finding our friends and waiting for …

Recipe - Apple Cider Cake

Heyhey everyone! As my last baking day kind of fell in the water due to my lack of butter and sugar and motivation to leave the house and buy some, I only made my usual banana-chocolate cake and none of the other yummy things I had planned. Luckily I now have eggs, butter, sugar, and motivation so let the baking continue! I have this recipe book which is basically a collection of recipe that people email me or I find online or I get from friends and family by hovering over them while they cook and bake, so not all of the recipe have a source of origin. So also this one, the recipe for this lovely apple cider cake. I received this via email a long long time ago and I wasn't able to track down the origin of it. 
A little while ago I hosted a small dinner and my guests kindly brought some drinks. Including a small bottle of apple cider. After the left, the bottle of cider was still unopened so we put it in the press for another party. But when I found this recipe in my trusty binder…

Recipe - Rhubarb Muffins

Hi everyone! Ok, so the crafting thing isn't working yet except for my cross stitch which is slowly but surely progressing nicely, but anything else is not being done right now even though I have many projects in mind but somehow cannot yet decide on the exact layout so it will have to wait a few more days. 
In the meantime, however, I've been baking :) Such yummy goodies that I just had to share. This weekend I made rhubarb muffins. I LOVE rhubarb muffins! The whole sweet/sour idea is really nice, and yes it contains a lot of sugar but that's why the muffins are so small, hihi ;) 

Because the rhubarb will give the muffins a pink centre, I used pink cupcake liners for these muffins. I even found some princess ones in Poundland, complete with designs of wands, shoes, and tiny handbags on them. Too cute! Good thing the bf didn't notice ;)

You want to know the recipe? It originally came from here. I got it via email from a friend but I managed to track it down online :)

When Bloggers meet Bloggers

So imagine this, you're taking a large group of sewing girls to the fabric district of west London and while in the shop you randomly meet other bloggers. *squeel!* Cue totally girly reaction and lots of blog and fabric talk. This is what happened when we were in the shops at Goldhawk Road and we met Dibs from Dibs in the Machine and Claire from Sew Incidentally. Of course we swapped blog info immediately and I was just on their blogs and guess what I found? This gorgeous picture of us together: 

We tried about 10 times to get this not blurry which was really quite amusing. I got the piccie from Dibs' website, I hope she doesn't mind me watermarking it. I have become painfully aware that people think everything on the internet is free so am trying to watermark everything... 
It was lovely meeting these girls, and they've signed up to Meetup so we might be seeing more of them soon :) I just love meeting other bloggers, it happens way too rarely. Oh yes, you have to che…

Inspiration and Fabric Shopping Trip

Hi everyone! I'm slowly getting back to my crafty roots and working actively on my cross stitch at the very least. It's looking good so far, and by the amount of squares I've crossed off on the pattern it looks like I've come a long way but sadly it really doesn't look like that yet on the actual fabric. But am sure with patience I'll get there :)
As I also wanted to get back into sewing as my poor sewing machine is starting to feel lonely, I organised a fabric shopping trip in Shepherds Bush Market last Saturday with the Sewing and Craft groups. We were about 15 people and boy was it tricky to keep the 'herd' together! That much fabric can be quite exciting... 
We met at Goldhawk Road tube station went up the road towards the Green, crossed the street and back down the road until we hit the market, going into EACH AND EVERY fabric shop we passed along the way.Unfortunately, we were way too distracted by the pretty fabrics to take a lot of pictures, bu…