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My Neighbor Totoro Project #2: Catbus

Hello again!
So last time I showed you how I made Totoro. I ended up making yet another doll / pillow from the same movie for the same friend! I think this was a present for a combination of life events, and I knew she would love this. This time, I made Catbus! (if you don't know what Catbus looks like, please Google it as there are so many references out there! Or better yet: watch the movie, you will love it!)

Again, I went shopping for fabric... at least this time I knew what I needed, the wool was just perfect, I just had to find the right colours. Catbus has various shades of brown and a bright yellow. The brown was easy but I couldn't find yellow anywhere... In the end I opted for yellow felt which worked as well. Not the tiny squares of craft felt, no the proper felt on a roll. It seemed stronger, and the colour was perfect.

Sadly this time there was no tutorial, but I did find a pillow on ebay that served as inspiration for this project. Ok, I mostly copied it... Mostl…

My Neighbor Totoro Project #1: Totoro

Hi again my avid followers!

It's time for some projects with NEW fabrics!! Well, this project has actually been done a few years ago, but I did go shopping for it especially and I'm really proud of how it came out, so yay!

Way back when (not THAT long ago, although right now it feels like it... ), I discovered that my friend and colleague was a huge fan of the movie My Neighbor Totoro. So I wanted to make her a proper big Totoro, as I knew she'd been looking for one but those things are expensive! I mean £100 and upwards if you want a nice one.

Off to the shop I went in search for the perfect fabric, and I came across this fake wool fabric. I'm sure there is a proper name for it, but this stuff is great. It feels as soft as proper wool fabric but it's machine washable. Perfect for a doll. Really, doll is so not the right word for this, more like: stuffed animal I guess? Let's just call it what it is: Totoro! I found the perfect shades of dark grey and cream fab…

#MakeYourStash Willa the Witch Fabric Doll

Hello again!
I'll admit it, I'm actually pre-blogging this while I remember to share some more creations with you ;) Otherwise life will get in the way again! Kudos to all of you who do this regularly and still manage to keep up with work/chores/hobbies/etc.

Many, many years ago, I bought a few fabric panels on ebay with doll templates. One of them I made in 2010, and while I was convinced I blogged about this at the time, I cannot find the post so I probably didn't... Ooops... In any case, that doll has been sitting in my sewing corner for many years, while her sister has just been folded up in my stash. Not anymore! I finally took her out and completed another project. Now that I have more supplies like different colours of yarn for hair etc, I actually like the new doll better!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Willa the Witch:

Isn't she just the cutest? 
I tried taking photos in the few days where we actually had no sun, so that probably wasn't to…

#MakeYourStash Striped Jersey Layer Mini Skirt

Hi again everyone!!
This weekly blogging has not really happened as of late, so sorry about that! Lots of things happening here, some things crazier than other. Last week I was in hospital with kidney stones! There is something I was not expecting at all... Feeling much better now, so hoping it stays that way and I can take up the activity that is life again :)

Back to business: sewing!! My stash has actually dwindled a bit with all the recent projects, and there are even more to come. Although I have to admit that I also went shopping for more fabric not too long ago... but this is another #makeyourstash post, so let me show you what I made with bits of jersey. I just love jersey...

Over the years, despite not having an overlocker or having ever sewn with jersey, I managed to gather quite a bit... and somehow ALL of it is striped. One can only wear so much striped jersey, and after the grey striped jersey maxidress, I wasn't sure what else to make. So I checked my stash and thoug…