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Romantic 7-Year Anniversary

Hello again! Before the copper wedding anniversary of my friends, we also had something to celebrate :) A few days before our trip to NL, the bf and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary!! OMG I can't believe it, definitely a very long time :) 
With all the planning for both the NL trips and our medieval summer, I didn't have a lot of time (or energy) to arrange much for this, but the bf came through with flying colours :) 
 Look at these gorgeous flowers he bought me, aren't they just ... well... gorgeous?!
 As we're getting more and more disappointed with the service in restaurants, we decided to stay in and celebrate at home. I stayed up late the previous night to cook goulash for dinner (no pics as it's really not a very photogenic dish), and we organised some nice starters. Yes, the usual cheapo caviar was also included :)
 The bf had organised dessert in the shape of this wonderful mushroom cake. Not entirely sure if this is related to the Smurf movie we watc…

Victorian Copper Wedding Celebration

Hi again everyone! At the moment 'my busy craft life' is more like 'my busy organising life' so I'm not having too much time to craft. I'm trying my hardest to change that and now that two weeks of major events have successfully passed, I actually have time for that again! And time to blog also :) Of course there will be a few posts showing you what I've been up to, I'm sure you're going to enjoy them as it may not be crafty but it's still inspirational and so much fun :)
First of all, my lovely hat has been worn only once in public for the football EU Cup. Unfortunately, the Dutch is no more in this cup and the hat has been put safely away for future games or Dutch days. Shame really as I love how it came out, but it wasn't meant to be. 
One of the major events happening was my friends' Victorian copper wedding celebration. In Holland, 12.5 years of marriage is copper and quite a milestone, so they decided to celebrate this in style wi…

Hat Transformation for Euro 2012

Hi everyone! I just seems to be getting busier and busier... and strangely enough not with crafting! This whole loving London is backfiring a little bit hihi! Nah just kidding, am exhausted yes but also enjoying myself and that's always good :)
It's that time again, the orange feeling has bubbled up and the football is on. Not that am a great fan, but as you may know I do follow the Dutch matches for the cups. For Queen's Day I asked my best friend to send me over this cute little Dutch hat that I saw in the shop over there online and she was a total sweetheart and actually got it for me and sent it over :) Sadly when it arrived it turned out to be a bit big and in need of some serious restyling and I just didn't have a chance (or a clue on how) to proceed. But then Euro 2012  started and I insisted on wearing the hat for that so on Saturday I got up really early, defrosted my freezer which was also in serious need of doing, and finally worked on the hat. Check it out…

Final Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Hyde Park

Hello again everyone! My my what a busy couple of days! Well, ok I did spend ALL of yesterday on the sofa watching telly and in the evening the Jubilee concert. Who knew that you could just show up and enjoy the concert from very far away and have a great time? Or that you could register to have a chance of free tickets to attend? Sadly enough, not me. So the sofa was my last chance to see it and I got all teared up when Prince Charles made his speech about the Queen making everyone proud to be British (in my case to live in GB), though I did had to giggle when he called her Mummy on national tv :)
So this morning I really wanted to be part of the final day of the celebrations. My plans for a British baking day went out the door and as my friend sadly cancelled any street party plans, off I went into town to join the masses to see the Queen in her procession. Right on schedule, I arrived at Charing Cross at 1pm (yes I realise not exactly early). As was to be expected, millions of peo…

Pirates at the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant Flotilla

Good morning everyone! First good news of the day: I fixed the blog and it should load normally now :) It was the counter that seemed to mess everything up and cause the blog to take forever to load... But all should be fixed now.
I was going to blog about our lovely pirate adventure yesterday but I was just too tired to be honest as it was an extremely busy day. Yes, we went to the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla! And it was so much fun :)
As you may know, every year we have a PirateCon where we all dress as pirates and just have a good time. This year is just happened to coincide with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. On Sunday (that's yesterday) there was a huge flotilla in honour of her Majesty where they had arranged for 1000 boats to sail down the river Thames after being inspired by a painting of lots of boats on the Thames during Henry VIII's reign. I found the picture! I couldn't find it this afternoon, but if you click here then you'll what inspired the…