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Christmassing - Fabric Advent Calendar

Hi everyone,
It's been a while! As you may remember, I got a nasty cold on Halloween night. And I still have it! Yes, it's the one-month-cold as I've been told. Lots of people I know have and it's mainly a major throat ache that just won't go away. Very annoying... so I spent the whole of November taking it easy, only going to work and doing a bit of yoga. No major projects for me but only a few small things here and there.

Which brings me to this: December is just about here! And that means I can finally put up my shiny new advent calendar :) I actually had this finished about 6 weeks ago. Even before Halloween! I found the tutorial here, I came across it via Pinterest. It has a great tutorial with pictures :) Apart from the fabric (and oh my I never knew I had quite this much Christmas fabric!) the supplies would have been fairly pricey to buy in the UK. But luckily I could buy them from Joann's and have them shipped to the UK for free by some wond…

Halloweening - Halloween Dinner 2014

Hi everyone and happy post-Halloween!
I hope you all had a great time at whatever you chose to do last night. As I mentioned in my previous post, I took the day off to prepare for Halloween dinner. I had to decorate the house, carve pumpkins, make dinner, so I really needed that day. It started off in style... I'd ordered groceries online to avoid having to carry pumpkins. The shopping arrived, no pumpkins. Honestly, London must the be only place where you can't find a single pumpkin on 31 October! It took us over an hour to find a pumpkin. We went to at least 6 shops, and ended up at the market. But at last we found one! Only one but better than nothing... So after spending all this time looking for a pumpkin, I needed some breakfast and a break as my cold was really starting to kick in... on Halloween night!

But after some food, I got all my decorations out of storage and I got the place Halloweenified :) Then it was time to cook and carve and set the party table.
With only two…