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#MakeYourStash Black/Grey Striped Jersey Maxi Dress

Hi again!
Many many moons ago, about 12 years ago actually, I visited San Francisco. While there, I thought it would be a great idea to go the largest (or that's what my guide book said anyway) flea market in San Jose. Because that would be so easy to get to without a car ;)

A few hours later, I made it there though and had a stroll through the market in the insane heat. I remember buying an enormous bag of chili peppers, and of course: some fabric. I found this fabulous black and grey striped jersey for only $1 a yard! At the time, I really only made big poofy dresses and even though I had never sewn with jersey, I thought this would be perfect for a big poofy dress. So I bought 10 yards, as you do.... Once I'd bought the fabric I headed the long wayback to SF as this fabric was heavy, schlepped it back home to the UK after the holiday, where it has been in my stash ever since. Making a big poofy dress with jersey was really not a great idea really, and it would be a few year…

#MakeYourStash Blue Linen Summer Dress - Butterick B5836

Hello again my loyal readers!

Of course the minute I write about blogging weekly, I then don't actually get around to blogging weekly. Oops! But then again the weather has been improving, which also meant I could finally take my new dress on its first outing :)

I bought this amazing blue linen fabric at one of the medieval festivals with every intention of making a nice medieval dress from it. Many many years ago... it just never happened. Of course I bought like way too much fabric, I think I have about 4 meters of it. The fabric was quite stuff and for some reason I took great offense when even washing and extra fabric softener didn't help very much. So it was in the stash for a loooong time. Until one day, I found the PERFECT pattern for it!
I just happened to come across this pattern and it was ideal. I may have been biased as the picture on the pattern pretty much showed the finished dress already ;)

You may have noticed I don't usually sew a lot of 'normal' c…

#MakeYourStash - Seventies Jersey Maxi Skirt

Hello again everyone!

It's becoming tradition to blog on  Saturday evening ;) Well, as far as you can call three weeks in a tow a tradition anyway...

In today's #MakeYourStash challenge, I made a super easy maxi skirt. I received this fabric from a friend who had a stash of original 70s fabric lying around and was having a clear out, so I could take my pick. So many great fabrics!! Some shocking ones also, don't get me wrong. These were the seventies after all. Of course I just had to pick this fabric with the giant purple flowers! So this fbric was in my friend's stash for many many years, and possibly in someone else's before then... Have you ever noticed that unused fabric travels between friends? That is so cool! It then took me at least 2 years to decide on what to make with this... It had to be the perfect item as I love the colours of this fabric so much! It's this super fake stretchy material, not unlike jersey, but obviously from 40-50 years ago so it …

#MakeYourStash - Iron Caddy

Good morning my lovely readers¬

It's the bank holiday weekend and the weather is turning out wonderful! I'll get to take more photos of my creations in the sun :)

Today I wanted to show you the other project I made for which I had bought the Insulbrite in the first place. That's a hard thing to find here in the UK if not online, so when I happened to find it at one of the sewing shows I was delighted.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest a while back, and as I normally store my iron in its original box which apparently is not a good thing, I thought this would make a wonderful storage for it. I remember thinking at the time: why would this be a travel caddy? Who travels with their iron?? It turns out: I do! Well, I don't travel with it meaning I leave the house, but I do move it around the house so in a way it travels a bit.

A while back, a friend visited my in good ol' London and we went fabric shopping. We both crushed on this purple button fabric, so we both had t…

#MakeYourStash - Ghastlies Apron and Kitchen Set

Hello again everyone!

This idea of blogging more didn't really happen yet as my last post was already over a month ago. Time flies when you're making things! I'm also realising that I'm starting every post with the same sentence in a way so let's not focus on delays with blogging anymore. Instead let's focus on all the cool stuff I made!

On a friend's blog I found this challenge: 'Make Your Stash'. It even has its own hashtag! How cool is that? The challenge ran until today actually so I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but let just extend it for this blog's sake. Mostly because I've been flying through my stash! Which simultaneously is a great thing as I'm using up fabric that's been lying around and therefore creating space, and a bad thing as new items take away space. I can't win!

Last week our annual 3 days of summer arrived in London. We had a minor heatwave (really bad for the marathon but lovely for everyone …

Haunted House Cross Stitch is FINISHED!

Hi everyone!
It's finally done! OK, it was done a little while ago (in 2016 to be exact as I've just discovered on my Facebook memories), but it took a long time to find the right frame so now I can finally display my beautiful Haunted House Cross Stitch :)

This is it, hanging in my hallway.
This project took my about 4 years, although I didn't work on it every day so I can't actually tell you how many hours are in this. Let me give you some closeups:

 I was so pleased when it was done! This was taken at the craft group, most of this cross stitch was done here so it was only fitting to have the grand unveiling here too
I found a frame in Walthamstow and getting it home is a whole story on its own, but I think it's perfect! It is just the right amount of ol and creepy. 
The next project is already underway, so hopefully soon I'll be able to post an update on that too!

Cupcake Pincushion Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I always want to make tutorials and when I'm doing a project, I get so engrossed that I forget to take photos. Oops... This time I think I managed, even if it was over several versions of the same project. This cupcake pincushion does require some prep work, so let's get started!

The prep:
Before you can start assembling your cupcake, you need to create the following:
Empty jar: ok so you'll technically not assemble the jar, but you do need one on hand. I use the jars from lumpfish caviar as they are the perfect size. Just eat the caviar (this sounds much more expensive than it is, we have this on special occasions and a jar is maybe £1.99) and clean the jar well.Knitted base: knit a rectangle using only knit stitch so you get the ribbing long and wide enough to cover the sides of your jar. I haven't added exact measurements as I assume that you might use a different jar. The rectangle should be about 4mm wider than the jar to cover any overlapping and se…