Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloweening - My Very Own Halloween Party

Finally, after all that hard work, planning, creating, and decorating, the time had come to throw my Halloween dinner party :) And it was much needed as work was really bad last week so this came just in time :D

Everything was ready:

The buffet table for the aperitifs

The candy plate with lots of Halloween candy that I had bought over the last few weeks

Guacamoldy with Halloween Chips (recipe click here, courtesy of Martha Stewart)

Eyeballs (also idea by Martha Stewart, except that she froze them as ice cubes while I served them to eat and eaten they were!)

Gherkins and mini onions with prickers that I attempted. Sadly they didnt all survive the evening

Marshmallow Ghosts, I just didnt have time to paint faces on them anymore... Miraculously enough they werent all gone in the end!

More niblies on the coffee table with more pumpkins.

These trees were something I wanted to make for years. An idea from Family Fun and with the tiny pumpkins they really worked well. Check here how to make these, they now even have a video! (which I didnt know until just now hihi)

We also had balloons and pumpkins on the floor so you might not see all the pumpkins as they somehow got lost in the pictures...

Then the guests arrived, just as I was 99% ready LOL, with only one shoe on and no makeup yet

The bf as the Dead Explorer, doesnt he look scary? ;)

And there here I am, the hostess with the mostest ;) Nah not really, am actually a really bad host which is why I take care of the food and the deco and th bf does the entertaining :) I dressed again as Sally as it was the only costume I could think of that I could cook with without getting anything dirty or on fire... And thanx to everyone for the compliments on this dress in all the linky parties btw!

After they tried some of my lovely nibblies at the buffet table, I served these sausage mummies, idea by Frenchy at Le Chateau des Fleurs.

We then sat down for dinner at our lovely dinner table. We had moved all the furniture aside to have the dinner table in the room (there is no space otherwise)

The bf had rigged it so we had Nosferatu looping in the background for that extra Halloween feel.

Homemade pumpkin soup as a starter. I would love to share the recipe but I only have the paper version so have to type it up sometime... It was yummy though!

Check out this lovely candle. I found it in my Halloween stash and decided to use it at last. It was a bleeding hand candle so naturally it would run a bit so I put a plate underneath. Until, when I was in the kitchen preparing the main course....

All over my lovely sheep skin! I have to get it out somehow (iron and tea towel I think?) as I really dont want to have candle wax on my feet... oh well, it added to the Halloween deco for the night ;)

Dinner! Tuna bake with green pasta (for lack of finding black, and trust me I've looked!) and blackened cream. Lame as a dinner for a Halloween party? I think not, check out the next bit:

I love this! I found the idea for these peppers at The Farm Girl Recipes where she had used them with pasta. I just knew that I had to use this for ...

My salad! Tomato and cucumber salad for some extra gore (hey tomatoes can be gorey).

I love the way this looks, and the pasta looks quite gross also with the cheese. Sadly the blackened cream didnt show too much but on the whole am... well, super excited about this!

Luckily everyone else agreed :)

Even my in-house witch approved!

Here is one happy cook!

It was time to prepare the dessert so I left my guests with the bf for a few minutes...

For dessert we had Cauldron Cakes which I found at MegaCrafty and just loved! I didnt make the swirls as intrictate as here, I just topped the cauldron with a dollop of buttercream and swirled some food colouring in it. For the handles I used orange and lemon slice candies and the stick is a Mikado stick (that I had to hide from the bf all week as he would have eaten them all). I added a little whipped cream ghost which sadly deflated quite quickly.

The bf was funny, he said 'I wasnt allowed to have any Mikado all week and now I only get ONE?' hihihi.. but he sure loved his cauldron cake!

Of course I had to have a photo with Jack :) It was the thing to do, after all what is Sally without Jack? She isnt even on my bed spread I noticed!

After some talking, music, dancing, and kicking balloons around, the glasses were empty and the time had come to end the party...

Our guests were leaving, somewhat tipsy might I add (just like the hosts) and were still goofing around on their way out the door. Time to clean up now... nahhh!!!

I had a wonderful Halloween Dinner Party and thanx to all for coming :) Also big thanx to everyone in blogland for giving me such great ideas in addition to my own. I hope I didnt forget anyone in linking back. For now, I need to have some yummy leftovers and enjoy Halloween on the actual day by recovering from the activities of pre-Halloween LOL. I must be getting old...


Halloweening - Pumpkins (the final 2!)

I made it just in time :) I spent all Saturday morning carving and I wanted to share the final two pumpkins with you quickly. I've done it, I have carved 10 pumpkins!

I loved this design with the hands, but I thought something was missing so I added the face also

For the last one I had a choice, either do the Darth Vader design I had printed out, or do a free-hand and save time. Obviously I did the free-hand hahaha... not too bad really, except that my bats never work out...

All is now done, the party pics will follow soon. Happy Halloween everyone!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloweening - Pumpkins (3 more!)

Instead of finishing all 10 pumpkins before the party tomorrow, I have managed only 3. I was going to finish the other two tonight but here I am, happily blogging away... But I did want to share the three pumpkins I've done this week :)

Simple but classic, this will be the centre piece for the dinner table tomorrow so that everyone has a nice view and no one has to look at a plain side of the pumpkin. Plus the reflections it casts are cool :)

One of the last cool patterns I have left, I really like this one, very cheerful and Halloweeny :)

My beautiful spider pumpkin. The actual pattern was really tricky as it was tiny so I free-handed it larger. Worked out quite well actually although I did carve through one 'seam' that I shouldnt have but it's not too bad :)

See the webbing on the side?

Here you can see my tiny mistake. Really, next year I will get the Martha Stewart Carving Kit!

Now I must go to bed and have my beauty sleep for I have a dinner to prepare! And with that comes tidying, and cooking, and more carving, and selecting my costume...

Halloweening - Costumes - Corpse Bride

Three days without posts during Halloween??? OMG, you must have thought something had happened to me! LOL Nah, I was just super busy with work (in a really unfunny way) and in the evening I had to carve pumpkins because someone insisted to have 10 pumpkins for the party... Woops! But pics will follow of that later.

First of all, I have been featured!!! My first ever feature :) I am so proud! And feel so much better also of course hihi :) Check me out here where I am feature with my Sally Dress. Thanx Sunny for letting me know! *doing happy dance*

Now that thats done, do you remember the Leaf Dress? It was my master piece which was then turned into the Mombi Dress. However, all those dresses must have started somewhere right? Well, they did... the started with the Corpse Bride Dress. In 2005, during my dressy gothic days, I had a blue hair piece that I looooved to wear. Really, if I would have any choice in hair colour, it would be blue. I dont wear it anymore because it was really in bits at the end and I had to throw it away. But my love for poofy dresses (the bf hates those) and Tim Burton combined with the existing blue hair piece made we want to dress up as Corpse Bride for my first ever Halloween in London. I even made the bf dress up as Victor which was great because there was minimal dressing up on his part and a major dress for me :)

How to start? First get reference pics.

The Corpse Bride toy showing the dress really well: Of course the movie poster: And then I just happened to find the actual real-life movie poster which of course I had to have and display for the duration of the costume making and Halloween (and many months after)

After that it was off to the charity shops, but do you know how expensive wedding dresses are? Even used they can go up to hundreds of pounds... the cheapest one I found was £30 and that was a little too much for a dress I intended to destroy anyway. But THEN I went to (what is now my favourite) charity shop and found this super hideous and dirty wedding dress. About 3 sizes too big and stains everywhere, no one wanted to buy it and the lady was even reluctant to show it to me. I got it for £4 :) It was ugly, poofy, way too big and perfect for what I had in mind. I'm still kicking myself for not taking a 'before' picture actually but alas that cant be helped now.

Then I got to work. In the end I couldnt bear cutting it up too much but the end result it not too bad... Ready? Here we go!

I painted the whole dress with basic water paint in blue with black TB swirls. Yes this is the part where it doesnt look exactly like the movie dress but I liked it poofy.

I couldnt get myself to cut the 2 meter (!!!) long train so I painted it to match. In the pub I stood next to the bar all evening and we stuff the train under there LOL

I turned the big poofy sleeves (so 80s!) into these lovely gauntlets

I used a simple necklace that I had bought for £1 or so to accent the waist after I had taken it in a couple of sizes. Here you can also see that I cut off the neckline to give the idea of a bodice. I highlighted the edges of both the bodice and the gauntlets with darker blue paint.

The back I kept simple and just painted blue with details on the bow that was also too cute not to use. (Keep in mind, this was my first ever and only wedding dress so I enjoyed this to the max LOL)

I used simple muslin for the veil that I also painted with TB swirls and that was attached with pins and the headbands. I added some spiders for effect.

Here you can see how the headbands worked. I needed those as the hair piece only attached the a pony tail and the rest of the non-blue had to be covered. The vines were real vines from the garden that I spray painted black.

I had this bouquet with fake flowers from pound store with an added bow from some leftover veil, also painted with blue and with extra spiders

So, do I look like it yet?

The full dress. This is my favourite picture :) but this was only the dress rehearsal

The actual party where I'm actually blue. I didnt really liked the blue as I felt more like Smurfette than Corpse Bride...

We tried forever to get a decent movie poster picture but it just wouldnt work... Out of all of them I like this one best. Not bad compared to the original huh? ;)

So for only £4, some minor accessories, and about 4 days of work I had this fantastic dress that I wore for three years in a row on every occassion I could.

Halloween 2005...

Halloween 2006 (after a little too much punch)... Oh yes, here you can see the worm I made. You know how she always has this talking worm in the movie? Well, here it is :) I also adjusted some bridal shoes but under that dress you can hide a country so no sign of the shoes anywhere...

Halloween 2007, the blue worked best here...

Until the bf insisted I changed (see above picture haha)... which is when it became the Leaf Dress.

In this lovely time of Halloween I just had to share this dress. I hope you like it! And if not well that's too bad since it doesnt exist anymore LOL. For a while I tried to sell the non-dress parts on ebay but it didnt work... Hihi, I guess no one is as crazy as me!
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