We Broke the Record! Though Not An Olympic One

Hi everyone!
Oh my it has been ages since I last posted! So much has happened and not happened at the same time... I've been really ill for about 2 weeks with sinusitis, then was kind of ok again for a week but still coughing my lungs out, and then back again on antibiotics for a week. Luckily I think it is actually clearing up this time. Sadly because of all this I haven't done any crafting and all the events that I wanted to post about have just been piling up on my computer. But have no fear because I am back! And this time with bells on :)

So let me tell you about this great event last month where we actually broke a world record!Two friends and I drove to Hastings, on the southern coast of England. Well, they drove, I slept in the car, hihi! It was official Pirate Day in Hastings and there was an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of most pirates gathered in one place :)

People arrived from all over, they even came by dingy!

Behold our little group, complete with pirate flag and treasure chest.

Mine, all mine, yargh!!!!

Of course there were rules as to what makes a pirate so this was the checklist of what you needed to wear in order to be classed as a pirate for the world record attempt.

There were so many cool costumes as well, like this Lego pirate, brilliant!

And this boat pirate, came complete with this own boat!

No pirate party without Smee!

After some waiting on the sides we were all hoarded onto the beach where we baked in the sun for a while... Yep, am still smiling!

I just loved this skeleton dog, so funny!

We had an amazing spot by the big cannon and it was so funny to see how all these really fancy boats kept on sailing just in front of it muahahaha...

Pirates come with pirate gear of course

The crowds are gathering... Aw, poor Jack Sparrow!

And more crowds are gathering...

I think it's safe to say we invaded Hastings...

We were thoroughly entertained while we waited on the beach. The cannon went off...

...or would have done if this tourist group hadn't been so eager to see what was going on and continued to bob in front of it for a good 20 mins...

And we were turning redder while we waited...

Just a great pirate pic ;)

Yes, we broke the record!!!! 14,231 pirates!!! Still gives me goosebumps today :) Flags were waving as everyone cheered (ok I think the cheering pic is in a different folder hihi) but we were happy! Two years ago the record was in Hastings with 6000+, then last year it was in Penzance with 8000+ and we have thoroughly beaten it with over 14000 pirates!!

The town went wild, pirates everywhere, and the council (I think) had even decorated the entire town with pirate things, including this stitched pirate bunting (WANT!)

And flags everywhere... and pirate bands and lots of stuff :)

When I went into the mall to buy sunblock coz I finally saw that I was very tomato-like, I spotted the Olympic torch. I mean really, who can say they have a pic as a PIRATE with the Olympic torch? ;)

After our record had been confirmed, we got a special show by the Red Arrows, it lasted for like 20 mins!!! It was so amazing!

I think all the viewers have this picture, but it was too cute! I also took a short vid so you can see how cool this airshow was :)

It was an amazing day! Sadly a few days later I was totally sick... was it the wind/the sun/the sheer fun/the horrible weather we've been having in the UK? But I am so glad I went, it was amazing :) Hope you enjoyed sharing this with me, even if it was a little late...I'm back now so keep your eyes peeled for more posts! *big hugz for all*


  1. Oh that was so much fun to read! Love the pics! I would so do a pirate day if they had one here. I'm going to check around and see if we do anywhere nearby. Love the Red Arrows! Very cool! And you look great...sunburn and all!


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