Race for Life 2013 - Clown Style

Hi everyone!
After having planned this for years and gotten sick just after I started training, I've finally done it: I've run the Race for Life! Granted, only the 5k but for a couch potato like me that is very far. For those of you who don't know, the Race for Life is a charity run for Cancer Research in aide of all cancers. It's a girl-only run although I did spot some guys this year, and its main colour is pink. Naturally, running in a normal outfit is not my style and since the only pink costume I have was my clown outfit, enter Bubbles the Clown!

 It was early, it was warm, but still the bf came and support me and cheer me on (and try to take my picture). Isn't he sweet? He also wore an orange shirt so I could easily spot him amongst the pink :)

There was a whole warmup programme so I thought I would join. Yes, I am heading towards the activities... It was getting warm already! The sign on my back says who I am running for, and I dedicated this run to my best friend's mother who sadly passed away from cancer a couple of years ago. Everyone had a back sign with dedications, it was beautiful!

 After the warmup we gathered to enter the course. Runners first (if only! Being a runner meant completing the 5k in under 30 mins. Fat chance I was able to do that), then joggers (that sounds better) and then the walkers (unrelated to the Walking Dead hihi). THERE WERE 10,000 PEOPLE PARTICIPATING IN THE EVENT!

 After about 20 mins queuing and some tears due to some very emotional singing, we finally made it onto the course. The bf took this pic of the first runners starting the race. I love it!

This was taken by myself just after the offcial start line, you see all those people back there! OMG there were so many runners!

Along the way I met some great people, including these lovely curler ladies. I just had to get a pic of that hair :)

Just passed the 4k mark heading towards the Royal Festival Hall.

 Just before the finish line, I was so relieved and proud that I had completed the race! And in this outfit in this weather :)

I don't think this needs a comment really, it was a very popular pose to strike haha... You think I can join the Olympics next time? 

 And I got a medal too! Look at it, I've done it! I've run the Race for Life!

I have also collected £210 for the Cancer Research Charity which is not bad I must say :) I changed the target a few times as I'd never done this before and I'm only a tiny bit of the finally established target of £250. For those of you who would want to donate, please click HERE. I will do another race in October for MS which I will start planning for soon. Now that I have done one, I want more! And of course MS is an issue close to my heart but I will let you know about that one in due course.

Right now I just want to enjoy not having to run in 30C heat!


  1. Congrats on a great run! Looks like everyone had a great day - and for such a good cause! Love your costume!!!


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