Christmassing - Fabric Advent Calendar

Hi everyone,
It's been a while! As you may remember, I got a nasty cold on Halloween night. And I still have it! Yes, it's the one-month-cold as I've been told. Lots of people I know have and it's mainly a major throat ache that just won't go away. Very annoying... so I spent the whole of November taking it easy, only going to work and doing a bit of yoga. No major projects for me but only a few small things here and there.

Which brings me to this: December is just about here! And that means I can finally put up my shiny new advent calendar :) I actually had this finished about 6 weeks ago. Even before Halloween! I found the tutorial here, I came across it via Pinterest. It has a great tutorial with pictures :) Apart from the fabric (and oh my I never knew I had quite this much Christmas fabric!) the supplies would have been fairly pricey to buy in the UK. But luckily I could buy them from Joann's and have them shipped to the UK for free by some wonderful people. Thank you all! I mean, £20 for some bingo numbers?? I paid around $5 now. Much better :) The main reason that I needed a new calendar was that the old one has been thrown away two years ago I needed one with larger pockets so have some more variety and not only chocolates.

I won't post the how to or anything, please visit the original website for that. You can also find the instructions and what you need exactly. In the meantime though: check out my result!

Am quite proud of myself here *smile*
It all started weeks ago with lots of cutting...

I actually managed to have each baggy have a different design. One fabric was used once for the front and once for the back. For some fabrics I only had just enough for the front bit so that is even more special :) Once I had 24 baggies, I was all set.

I glued the bingo numbers onto the red pegs using my glue gun. The numbers I bought had 1-31 which was great as I didn't need to buy the numbers until 99 as would have been the case in the UK

With all the baggies sewn up and all the pegs glued, it was time to assemble the lot. 

A good start! I just had to have the baggy on the left be number 24, it was the most Christmassy one of all! And the best thing is that I'll probably disagree with that next year, so then I can just mix them up again. 

I hung the giant rickrack onto the door (we don't have a mantel or a wall that is large enough to house this size calendar) and actually kept the numbers in order. It somehow called for it I thought. 

It looks so neat with the baggies empty! I spent a good few weeks shopping for this as I needed 48 tiny presents which were not only chocolate but also funny things. I can't go into detail yet as the bf is reading this blog, but I'll let you know after Christmas.  

At the moment it looks like this, ready for December 1st and the first present to be opened. Yes, I did wrap all of them, one each day for me and one for the bf. I'm so curious if he likes his! It's so tricky to shop for men... 

A big Thank You to Skip To My Lou for this excellent tutorial, I had great fun making this and am sure it will be treasured for years to come :) Roll on December 1st!


  1. This is awesome! I also love that you bought and wrapped lots of mini presents.

    1. Thanx Natasha! It was great fun indeed, especially when you unwrap something and later on you think 'oh yeah.. ' LOL

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful! All those different fabrics, the cute little pockets, very festive ricrac and the brilliant numbered pegs! Just wonderful.
    I am amazed that you found 24 things for your other half, I have trouble coming up with even one! Happy December!

    1. Hi Gisella, it sure was a challenge.. I've just posted the list today so have a look at that :)

  3. Hi MJ,

    Guess what? I also have had to deal with the one-month-cold. ARGH! ;) Let's hope that we will both get rid of it soon.

    Thanks for your visit and the nice comments on my Advent calendar. As I am a big Disney/Frozen fan, I am really thrilled with the calendar.

    Your Advent calendar just rocks -- it turned out beautifully! Sure thing I would love to know which little gifts you found for your boyfriend and yourself.

    Have a great day (or rather night now),

    1. Hi Birgit! Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) Luckily the cold is now gone at last (touch wood to make it stay away) and I've also just written a post on what the presents were and how much I spent. Maybe it will help you make a Frozen calendar next year? ;)

  4. What a cute little advent calendar! Hope you're feeling better soon. I had a lingering cough/cold earlier this year - I know how frustrating it is! In the end sniffing salt water up my nose is what got rid of it. I know, sounds disgusting, but it was very effective!! :)

    1. Hi Jill! Yes that does sound a bit gross but if it helps am sure it's worth it :) Thanx for the compliments!

  5. Love using the Bingo numbers as the dates on the Advent Calendar. Thanks for sharing at Make It Monday.

    1. HI Donna, thank you for hosting the linky party :) The idea is not mine alas but indeed I love the bingo numbers as well, and they even come in different colours so you can use green or black also.

  6. Love it! Really cute. I just shared on twitter. So nice to see you on blog land! Thanks for linking.


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