#MakeYourStash - Ghastlies Apron and Kitchen Set

Hello again everyone!

This idea of blogging more didn't really happen yet as my last post was already over a month ago. Time flies when you're making things! I'm also realising that I'm starting every post with the same sentence in a way so let's not focus on delays with blogging anymore. Instead let's focus on all the cool stuff I made!

On a friend's blog I found this challenge: 'Make Your Stash'. It even has its own hashtag! How cool is that? The challenge ran until today actually so I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but let just extend it for this blog's sake. Mostly because I've been flying through my stash! Which simultaneously is a great thing as I'm using up fabric that's been lying around and therefore creating space, and a bad thing as new items take away space. I can't win!

Last week our annual 3 days of summer arrived in London. We had a minor heatwave (really bad for the marathon but lovely for everyone else), and since then the weather has again plummeted to 5C. I think our summer is over really ;) It also meant that I could use the weather to take looots of pictures of my creations. A bit of a nicer background than the wall really.

But first let me start with this gorgeous kitchen set I made with some Ghastlies fabric I had n my stash. Oh my this takes me back. This is actually the fun bit as each really old piece has its own story. Many years ago, and I have to check my blog for this one, I received what I like to call the 'coolest table set ever' from a reader in the US. I have since sent her something back, and we're still in touch of course. When I visited Salem in 2012, I bought some more Ghastlies fabric to make an apron to match the table set. Because nothing says 'I'm a fab chef' as much as matching your table wear LOL. Needless to say, I hadn't actually gotten around to making the apron yet, and time happily ticked by. So finally, during the cold winter months, I sat down and made lots of things with my 1 yard of Ghastlies fabric. It's amazing how much you can get out of one yard!

First, of course I made the apron:

I used a plain black polycotton for the lining, and pink Ghastlies matching fabric for the straps and the frills.

I used a very basic pattern of an old apron I had, so it doesn't have the usual round frilly edge, but it came out quite well nonetheless.

I had enough to add a pocket. You know, to carry my phone so I can Instagram my creations ;)

I had some fabric left, and it turned out that it was just enough for an oven mitt! It all came together as I had some Insulbrite leftover from another project (post to follow) and that was also just enough. Couple that with some leftover complimentary fabric from my yoga bag from many years ago for the inside, together with bias binding from my stash and we have all the ingredients needed for a lovely oven mitt: 

Yes this is what oven mitts look like in the UK ;) They're great as the inside of your arms are protected as well, very handy when taking pies out of the oven!

I still had a tiny bit of fabric left, so I made a tiny mitt as well. I use this mostly to hold the pan handle when I stir or fry stuff in my cast iron.

I even had enough for a matching inside

I just love my new kitchen set! And I really used ALL  the fabric, never had a project that did that...

Isn't it cute?

Of course I put it straight to the test. I had already finished baking by the time the photo was taken, but I just had to get all the items into the shot ;) 

Clearly the new apron is having a great effect on my baking :) This pavlova was divine!

That is some of my fabric used up, I have many more metres of fabric to go... more on that soon. Have a great day everyone and keep crafting!


  1. What wonderful ways to use your stash! I just love The Ghastlies fabric (as you already know), and your apron is lovely! I have never used the type of mitts you made, but they look very effective and they are darling. You are the craftiest person I know. Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing this with me!


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