Polyjuice First Aid Baggy

Hi everyone!
The bag is back! LOL... By now I'm sure some of you know that I love this pattern for a cute little bag. I must have made about 5 by now... although after this one I think I'm done for a while, I can manage the entire thing until I have to add the top to the bottom and that can take days. I'm on the hunt for a new bag pattern!

But not before finishing another long planned project. I tend to carry a first aid kit in my handbag. Nothing major, just ibuprofen, antihistamine, plasters, savlon cream, stuff like that. I used to have a teeny tiny pouch for it and everything except the cream fit in there. It was small, practical, but oh so ugly. So I needed a change, something that would hold the cream too. I'd bought some Harry Potter fabric years ago, like when I moved here years ago. The fabric was blue (so not my colour) but had polyjuice potion print so it was quite cute. Together with some fabric that I won somewhere, it had potential. And it worked! The last sewing bit was done by hand as I just ran out of patience, but this is the end result:

Not my best work, but I like it :) This is it all filled up already by the way, so much bigger than the teeny tiny pouch! I may need a bigger handbag... ;)

The lining is cream polycotton that I had left. It's amazing how much polycotton I used to buy, no idea why but I have loads in plain colours... so most of the lining will now be done with that until it's gone. I used a metal zipper that I bought in bulk for a different project so for a change it doesn't colour matches. I just really wanted to get it done before I ran out of creativeness again! Now to find a project for the leftover polyjuice fabric...


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