Happy Halloween 2013!

Hi all and Happy Halloween!
I already attended a party last weekend and of course watched something Halloween yesterday so I wanted to share the fun with you :)

Last Saturday we had our annual Halloween party with my Sci-Fi group and it was so much fun! So many cool costumes! (That's me as Sally from NBC)

A better piccie ofme :) Yes I know I've been wearing this dress a few times now but it's my favourite, it's easy to assemble and oh-so-comfy and warm. Plus of course with the matching handbag it's great! hihi
I just loved this photo, it's too funny. That mask was rather simple but soooo scary!

And guess what? I won best costume! The competition was done by voting, everyone got 4 tokens to give to others. I ended up with 28 tokens which was a huge amount! My prize was chocolates, muahahaha, don't mind if I do :)

Back at home I backed this vanilla/chocolate bundt cake for work. It doesnt really look like the video tutorial did but it came out rather creepy looking anyway I think. The bats and the sprinkles on top I got at the Cake & Bake show a few months back. 

Yes it came out purple! I was a little worried the colour would be more blueish but it worked! Alright, it was supposed to be a black/purple swirl but at least the purple is visible... 

The bf bought my this wonderful Halloween bouquet, isn't it great? I love it!

No pumpkins this year, I just havent had the time... But scary movies were watched of course, DIE-ner is a real no-go, I got it at Poundland and the cover looked fine but the movie is AWFUL. Warm Bodies on the other hand is like a Zombie version of Twilight only much better and only on one part so that was quite fun. So it's over again for this year... Hopefully next year I will have some more time to carve etc, maybe I should start planning already? ;)


  1. Yay, Halloween! Your time of the year. I envy you the costume party occasions, I remember going to some years ago and they were such fun.
    It looks like you had a splendid time!


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