Recipe - Chocolate Cinnamon Bread Wreath

Hi again everyone!
A few weeks back I decided to make one of the recipes I found on Pinterest, a chocolate cinnamon bread wreath. It had Nutella and cinnamon, what could go wrong?

The original recipe can be found here and as it has all the step-by-step instructions, I won't repost them all here, but I will show you the end result. The recipe was very promising, but alas my bread making skills are not so it was a bit chewy. Yes I know I need to practice more, I just dont have the time (or the patience, that rising takes all day sometimes!). The idea of having 'cooked' Nutella also was not my favourite suggestion in this, I think maybe next time I will use the cinnamon only and spread the Nutella on top afterwards. I find that it loses its sweetness if it's warmed up too much. Or I've done something completely wrong which is very possible too of course ;)

By all means, I don't mean to criticize the recipe at all and I'm happy I've tried it. I just need to work on the whole baking bread thing a bit more. Oh yes, and getting the wreath to fold over nicely at both ends. Honestly, how do you do that properly? My wreath had a very thick end and a very thin end. I tried to take some nice piccies of it though:

It doesn't look too bad if you look at it from the right angle ;) Hahaha, oh my I really must try this bread thing again soon when I have some more time. Or maybe stick it in the bread maker and have that do the kneading for me? Ooooh idea! 

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you, check out the recipe with its very clear instructions if you like Nutella-cinnamonny goodness :)


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