Pancake Day 2014

Hello again!
This year, Pancake Day was the day after the Oscar Party. Ouch! I actually wanted to skip yoga and just eat a ton of pancakes, but after all that food and drink at the Oscar party, I really needed to go. So we had pancakes afterwards :) 

I didn't go to any races again this year, my lunch break isn't long enough to cross half the city to see one. But someone posted a hilarious video on Youtube of the Parliamentary Pancake Race this year so check it out here:

It's so funny!

My pancakes are far from great so the bf made them. I sadly didn't catch him when he flipped the pancake in the air, but when he caught it in the pan I managed to get it :)

There were so good! And much better than my quite bad piccie shows. It's really quite wonderful to have pancakes after yoga, I could get used to that!


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