#MakeYourStash Blue Linen Summer Dress - Butterick B5836

Hello again my loyal readers!

Of course the minute I write about blogging weekly, I then don't actually get around to blogging weekly. Oops! But then again the weather has been improving, which also meant I could finally take my new dress on its first outing :)

I bought this amazing blue linen fabric at one of the medieval festivals with every intention of making a nice medieval dress from it. Many many years ago... it just never happened. Of course I bought like way too much fabric, I think I have about 4 meters of it. The fabric was quite stuff and for some reason I took great offense when even washing and extra fabric softener didn't help very much. So it was in the stash for a loooong time. Until one day, I found the PERFECT pattern for it!
I just happened to come across this pattern and it was ideal. I may have been biased as the picture on the pattern pretty much showed the finished dress already ;)

You may have noticed I don't usually sew a lot of 'normal' clothes, but with a 'normal life' looming, and an impending big number birthday, I figured I should probably adjust to society a little more and have some neutral clothes instead of just wearing geeky shirts all the time. And I absolutely love how this came out!

The pattern was very straight forward, and the dress does not have a seam around the waist, which is great for average-sized people like me. The gathered neckline and ruffles give it a cute feminine touch, and the linen makes it so very comfortable to wear.

This is the result!

It makes me feel very tall and elegant...

...while still being quirky at the same time.

I think this dress will be worn a lot over the summer

Definitely thumbs up for this result! I love it!

I may make a shorter version of this as well in a cotton blend fabric or so. Not the other dress in the pattern, but just this one with a shorter skirt. Although maybe I'll make the other option as well ;)

One more fabric used out of my stash, and even though I still have about 2 meters of this left, a friend of mine loved it so I might pass it on to her to use. Or make a matching bag, I don't know yet. I'll keep you posted ;) It'll probably take a while as I have many other fabrics to get through, but who knows what the future holds for this blue linen? ;)


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