#MakeYourStash Black/Grey Striped Jersey Maxi Dress

Hi again!
Many many moons ago, about 12 years ago actually, I visited San Francisco. While there, I thought it would be a great idea to go the largest (or that's what my guide book said anyway) flea market in San Jose. Because that would be so easy to get to without a car ;)

A few hours later, I made it there though and had a stroll through the market in the insane heat. I remember buying an enormous bag of chili peppers, and of course: some fabric. I found this fabulous black and grey striped jersey for only $1 a yard! At the time, I really only made big poofy dresses and even though I had never sewn with jersey, I thought this would be perfect for a big poofy dress. So I bought 10 yards, as you do.... Once I'd bought the fabric I headed the long wayback to SF as this fabric was heavy, schlepped it back home to the UK after the holiday, where it has been in my stash ever since. Making a big poofy dress with jersey was really not a great idea really, and it would be a few years before my overlocker would arrive in my life.

Fast forward a few years, and I had this gorgeous maxi dress in a striped purple stretchy fabric which was slowly nearing the end of its life. This was the perfect time to recreate it! Enter the stripey jersey :) I don't have a photo of the purple dress to hand at the moment, but I basically made the same on in the jersey. I didn't sew in a neckband though, at the time that I made this I didn't know how, and I quite liked that the straps would be thinner without it.

I used the stripes the same way as the original design, with them meeting for the front bust piece, horizontal for the back, and vertical stripes for the skirt. The stripes are much narrower than the original, but the result now has a rather Tim Burton effect :)

It's so comfy!! Yes comfort is important, especially if wanting to be practical. I just love jersey, you can do anything with it really. So I now still have about 8 yards left of this fabric... I mean how many clothing items can/should a person on in the same stripey fabric? ;) Some if this may have to be passed on... But at least I made something with it :) One down, a LOT more to go...


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