#MakeYourStash Striped Jersey Layer Mini Skirt

Hi again everyone!!
This weekly blogging has not really happened as of late, so sorry about that! Lots of things happening here, some things crazier than other. Last week I was in hospital with kidney stones! There is something I was not expecting at all... Feeling much better now, so hoping it stays that way and I can take up the activity that is life again :)

Back to business: sewing!! My stash has actually dwindled a bit with all the recent projects, and there are even more to come. Although I have to admit that I also went shopping for more fabric not too long ago... but this is another #makeyourstash post, so let me show you what I made with bits of jersey. I just love jersey...

Over the years, despite not having an overlocker or having ever sewn with jersey, I managed to gather quite a bit... and somehow ALL of it is striped. One can only wear so much striped jersey, and after the grey striped jersey maxidress, I wasn't sure what else to make. So I checked my stash and thought I'd see if I could combine the various stripes, and this is the result:

Using a simple a-line pattern, Ilayered up the various jerseys with the stripes going in different directions, sewed the sides up, and added a waistband. It would have been more flowing and cuter if I'd not sewn the sides on all the layers but only the bottom one, but by the time I'd discovered that it was all done and I really didn't want to take everything out again. I overlocked the edges before sewing all the pieces together,

I just love this skirt, it's so comfortable! I actually ended up wearing it over white leggings when it gets colder, which also looks very cute.

I'm not sure how well it would work with a printed top as it might take away from the details of the skirt, but the plain top works as well. 

This shows, even with rather small pieces you can still make something nice. Now I just have to find something for the remaining 8 yards of grey striped jersey ;) Don't get me wrong, this skirt has its flaws, but none that are too obvious so unless I point them out (which I won't!) no one is going to notice and I have another comfy yet cute skirt added to my wardrobe!

Stay tuned for more finished projects!!


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