Update on Absence

Hi everyone,
It certainly has been a while... after all our visitors had left (two weeks of friends visiting is a lot more tiring that I expected) I needed some time to recover. I'm still young yes, but London is stressful and right now my life is very emotional which is something I have to deal with. Nothing major, not to worry. It's just work related and the fact that I lack motivation for pretty much anything doesnt help much either, plus I worry that it might be MS related. So I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, doing some small projects on the side but nothing major yet to blog about. I only have some pics of the tourist things we visited on London to share. And some recipes that I havent written up yet for the planned linky party. Lots of ideas and so little action. I do apologise.
Please dont go anywhere, I am so pleased to have 122 followers! I will be writing again soon after the biggest mess has cleared (dentist appointments for the next 3 weeks and I am really not a fan so that's an additional emotional strain). I will try to post again soon with pics of something, whether it's the recipes or the outings. Thank you and blog soon!


  1. I hope you start feeling better very soon. Good luck at the dentist (I hate those visits, too)!


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