London Alternative Bring & Buy Sale

I have to admit, this was a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share this anyway. Especially since that is where I found my new skirt :)

Every few months, the Gothic Meetup Group organises the Alternative Bring & Buy Sale. It is a day where lots of people come together and sell each other old clothes, books, jewellery etc. Some retailers also have a stall and sell their brand new and often unique goods. Entry is usually free (or 50p if you are not a member) and it's just great to meet friends again and to get some really good bargains. :) It's a great way to get really expensive gothic clothing for a lot less than usual.

Remember our trip to Windsor Castle? I was wearing my new skirt that I got at the AB&BS for only £15! It's by Dark Angel and was exactly my colour :) It was also brand-new as sold by one of the retailers there so not even second hand. This was me at Windsor Castle:

It was so cold that day! Anyway, this is the skirt I mentioned. Tiny pic isnt it? So let me take you back to the AB&BS. You must be curious what this looks like. Well, I tried taking a photo of the venue with everyone happily trading away:

This is it! Well, part of it. As much as I could get in the photo while not falling off the ledge I was standing on LOL. It may not look like it, but it's great fun! I bought a brooch, a hat, and a skirt and never passed my £25 budget :) Sadly I have yet to take pics of said hat and brooch but I will someday. The bf was away that day so I had to take a pic of the skirt myself. After many tries I came up with this:

Yes, not my best picture but I wanted to get the swooshy effect :) Plus you can see it better than on that tiny picture above hihi.

So that was my day at the Alternative Bring & Buy Sale a few weeks back. Always great fun and great bargains to be had. Should you ever be in London, check out this website and see if the AB&BS doesnt happen to be on :) You never know what bargains you may find....


  1. i just discovered this page... i agree with you, the Alternative Bring and Buy Sale is awesome! :) I go there every time!


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