Surprisingly Crafty Combo

Hi everyone!
One more day and then it's the bank holiday weekend! Yay!!! Ok, enough exclamation marks there, hihi... I have plans to see some more of London, though there is so much going on that I'm not really sure what part I want to see first. I know there are some nice exhibitions going on and one of the craft groups I belong to are visiting a museum also, plus there is a crafty thing happening in Kingly Court so who knows... As usual we're too late with booking anything (yes, totally my fault) but I'm sure I'll have fun. I'd love to actually stay home and craft a bit, maybe finish a few projects? A lot is part done which is why I haven't been able to show you anything recently. 

But tonight I had a nice surprise as I discovered that a pair of earrings I made fit perfectly with a shirt that I adjusted last year and the hair combs I made last month :) Want to see? 

These earrings I made a few weeks back match perfectly with...

This top that I adjusted last year :) 

And these lovely combs for in my hair also.

Whoohoo! Don't you just love it when things come together? Sadly I dont have a picture of the whole look, but I'll try to remedy that soon :) Though I still have to find a way to get it all in the same shot ;) Ooooh with mirrors! An idea is forming, I'll try to get the bf to take some pics soon. And I really hope to be able to finish some stuff soon also so that I can show you!


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