Upcycled Storage Tubes

Hello again!
I hope you're enjoying the weekend :) The weather in London is quite un-summery, but after my post from yesterday about the knitting, I wanted to share the storage tubes I made and also show you that it CAN be sunny in London sometimes also. Hihihi...

 Check these out, aren't the the coolest! Let me show you what they were before...
 The bf likes to drink scotch and the bottles come in these really cool containers. For some reason, we have always kept them so after about a year we had several containers lined up on top of our fridge. So I picked out a few I wanted to use. I only used the two round ones fr this project, the other one is still waiting for its turn.

 I had bought some really cute wrapping paper a while back, and had found amazing ribbons at various shows and even the 99p Store (5m of ribbon for 99p, excellent!), so this project was completely free! I covered the tubes in the wrapping paper, MP'd the whole thing with my Paper MP, and added the ribbons on the top and bottom.

The tops were tricky as I wanted to make them nice also. One was black and one was a horrible brownish colour. I spray painted the brown top white and mixed some (=a lot!) glitter with some more MP and covered the lid in with that. Another layer of MP and that top was done. The black lid I kept black and added a smaller amount of glitter and a rim with my solid purple glitter. I also covered it in MP afterwards to make sure the glitter would stay put. I still had some yoyos lying around that were assembled and ready to use so I just picked two that would match and stuck them on while the MP was still wet.

 Once everything was dry, they looked amazing :)

I really like them! At the moment they are proudly standing on my desk holding my cross stitch threads and my knitted squares. And the best part? Completely 100% free as I only used stuff I already had :) Now THIS is the kind of project I like *big smile*

As you can see, it was really sunny when I took these pics, so yes this was a few weeks back. At least I spent my time between jobs crafting in a very budget friendly way. And I had a ton of fun, got rid of some supplies while making something useful. More projects like these will surely follow :)

Yay I was featured on Crafty Confessions! Whoohoo!

Crafty Confessions


  1. Great idea! Just need to buy some whiskey!!!!!

  2. Love your new storage containers! And so nice to see the sun is shining somewhere! It's grey and wet here this morning!

  3. Oh and I meant to say t00 - love your new header!!

  4. Thank you so much for linking up to last week's Tuesday Confessional! I've featured your post, so head on over and grab a new brag button.
    I hope to see you at this week's party going on now!


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