Romantic 7-Year Anniversary

Hello again!
Before the copper wedding anniversary of my friends, we also had something to celebrate :) A few days before our trip to NL, the bf and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary!! OMG I can't believe it, definitely a very long time :) 

With all the planning for both the NL trips and our medieval summer, I didn't have a lot of time (or energy) to arrange much for this, but the bf came through with flying colours :) 

 Look at these gorgeous flowers he bought me, aren't they just ... well... gorgeous?!

 As we're getting more and more disappointed with the service in restaurants, we decided to stay in and celebrate at home. I stayed up late the previous night to cook goulash for dinner (no pics as it's really not a very photogenic dish), and we organised some nice starters. Yes, the usual cheapo caviar was also included :)

 The bf had organised dessert in the shape of this wonderful mushroom cake. Not entirely sure if this is related to the Smurf movie we watched a few days before, but it was really cute nonetheless. 

We exchanged presents (a very Rapunzel-style frying pan for me in purple of course and for him a romantic weekend away organised by me). Some wine and a good movie on our trusty sofa, we had a lovely evening :) I'm still very much in love and loving every second of it!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Love the cute cake - and did you really get a PURPLE frying pan?? How cool!!
    Wishing you many many more happy years together!

  2. Hi! It was great to bump into you on Goldhawk Road on Saturday.
    I blog over at:
    Best wishes,
    Claire x


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