Final Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Hyde Park

Hello again everyone!
My my what a busy couple of days! Well, ok I did spend ALL of yesterday on the sofa watching telly and in the evening the Jubilee concert. Who knew that you could just show up and enjoy the concert from very far away and have a great time? Or that you could register to have a chance of free tickets to attend? Sadly enough, not me. So the sofa was my last chance to see it and I got all teared up when Prince Charles made his speech about the Queen making everyone proud to be British (in my case to live in GB), though I did had to giggle when he called her Mummy on national tv :)

So this morning I really wanted to be part of the final day of the celebrations. My plans for a British baking day went out the door and as my friend sadly cancelled any street party plans, off I went into town to join the masses to see the Queen in her procession. Right on schedule, I arrived at Charing Cross at 1pm (yes I realise not exactly early). As was to be expected, millions of people had been on time and therefore had a prime spot along the Mall or in St James' Park. I was instructed to go to Hyde Park along with other latecomers as that was the only place available to see anything.

 I walked past the Whittard shop on my way to Hyde Park, all decorated in style of course.

 The streets looks very cheerful and one man was nice enough to lend me his flag and take my picture with this very cool backdrop. I felt very patriotic :)

It was getting busy already...

When I happily queued up for my goody bag, I saw the end of the Queen's carriage procession on the big screens they had set up in the park. But they were an hour early! I had checked the time on the Jubilee website so surely it should be 2.26pm when the procession should start and not 1.26pm? Anyway, no harm done and I got my goody bag in the end :) There was lots more to do but in order to not miss anything else I thought it might be best to stick near the screens from then on ;)

After taking a quick pic of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...

Excellent notification shown while the people were gathering on the Mall. I didn't have to rush or go anywhere, whoohoo!

The people at the Mall were having an absolute party!

But then again so were we :) Even though it had started to rain in the meantime...

Ah yes, check out the hair! No pirate hat this time but still a work of art if I say so myself. :)

The crowds gathered more on the Mall and it was nearly time for the Queen to come out onto the balcony.

Those in Hyde Park waited excitedly also though it may not look it in this exact photo hihi...

But she came out onto the balcony and they all went crazy! We cheered and waved...

We even watched the flyover although I was too late with the camera to take a pic of the actual colours coming out of the planes. But it was an amazing sight really!

We all sang the national anthem...

And I tried to get a piccie of me with the Queen. You can see her reeeaaallly small in the background there, hihi ;)

 On the way home I stopped by Westfield to get some dinner where another nice person offered to take my picture with the Jubilee bunting. AND my brolly of course ;)

I bought some Jubilee peanut M&Ms for the bf so he would feel all Jubilee-ish as well :)

 And this was in my goody bag :) These will make so many yummy things!
I made some lovely pasta for dinner and used our new medieval plates, I just had to show you!

I had a fab yet busy 4-day weekend but I loved it! No time to bake but I will make up for that and surely serve Jubilee cupcakes soon. I bought the wrappers already after all :) Now time for the sofa... *happy sigh*


  1. So wish I was across the pond celebrating with you now! Our national public broadcaster is rerunning the Diamond Jubilee concert right now - Stevie Wonder is on..

  2. Sounds like a great day out! What a great baking goodie bag too! I'm jealous!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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