Victorian Copper Wedding Celebration

Hi again everyone!
At the moment 'my busy craft life' is more like 'my busy organising life' so I'm not having too much time to craft. I'm trying my hardest to change that and now that two weeks of major events have successfully passed, I actually have time for that again! And time to blog also :) Of course there will be a few posts showing you what I've been up to, I'm sure you're going to enjoy them as it may not be crafty but it's still inspirational and so much fun :)

First of all, my lovely hat has been worn only once in public for the football EU Cup. Unfortunately, the Dutch is no more in this cup and the hat has been put safely away for future games or Dutch days. Shame really as I love how it came out, but it wasn't meant to be. 

One of the major events happening was my friends' Victorian copper wedding celebration. In Holland, 12.5 years of marriage is copper and quite a milestone, so they decided to celebrate this in style with her husband. They had actually invited me a long time ago so I would have plenty of time to make arrangements which of course meant I had forgotten all about it until the invitation landed on my doormat. Oops... But after a good few weeks of stressing, arranging, and organising, everything was done and off we went. 

 Welcome to the Victorian Copper Wedding Celebration!

But not just yet... Due to my late booking, we could only fly into Eindhoven for a reasonable price and the airport is really far away and the plane was too early for the train. Oops again. But not to worry, we got a cab, arrived in time at the airport, the plane was also on time and we landed in Eindhoven with time to spare. Because as it happens, on Sunday it was also my mother's 60th birthday! Now I couldn't really fly into NL and not see her for this big event. So I'd arranged to meet her in Eindhoven for brunch so we could see each other without having to travel too far.

 As we arrived quite early, we had time to wake up to some lovely Dutch hot chocolate. Doesn't this just look divine?

 For lunch we went to Usine where I had 'kroketten met friet', oh how I miss this! The restaurant was only soso and it was a good thing that my schedule allowed for lots of time here because the service was S-L-O-W. But I got to see my mom and even my aunt and we had a great time anyway. 

 Yes, we're definitely in NL, I just had to photograph this! Hihi... 

After my mom seeing us off on the train, the next stop was the B&B where we arrived perfectly on time. The lady of the B&B was lovely and had organised a lovely Dutch breakfast to my specifications which was much appreciated. I'm getting hungry just looking at this!

 This is Kasteel Ammersoyen where the party was. They had actually rented the entire castle, it was so wicked!

 The happy couple arrived in style in a gorgeous white carriage

 The guests were kept happy with drinks while we all queued up to meet and greet them. 

 Check out this amazing headpiece which was worn by the 'bride'. I love it!

 The fod was to die for, they even had a hog roast! Which we then consequently completely forgot to eat, but the rest was superb. I shamefully have to admit that my favourite part was the big bowl of 'satesaus' (peanut sauce) that you could just ladle onto your plate. Yumm!

During dinner we were asked to go upstairs to have our picture taken. After the party we were actually given the picture in a really nice frame as a thank you gift, it was so sweet!

 Inside there was entertainment and a real absinthe bar :) I didn't have any as I was told it is majorly strong, but the bf happily sipped a glass (though only one!)

 Spontaneous couple picture near the absinthe bar. We brought outfits that we easy to squash in our hand luggage (therefore saving £50!) so no fantastic crafted costumes this time. But at least we were in style and most of all comfortable :)

Nibbles at the dance floor. This was actually my very last glass of wine and funnily enough the only glass of rose I've seen all evening. 

The next day we had to fly home so after a lovely breakfast we jumped in a bus and headed back to Eindhoven where I saw this gigantic ice cream just screaming for a photo ;)

It was a very well-organised weekend (kudos to me!) and an amazing party (big kudos to the couple!). We had no stress (except a little bit on departure at the airport, honestly the Dutch don't have a queuing system), I managed to get everything done that I wanted to do, see all the people we had to see, and eat pretty much everything that I wanted to eat (very important for Hobbit-like self). I do think that I have a few extra grey hairs now, but who's counting right? ;)


  1. That was quite the trip, huh? I have to say, I’m really loving the bride’s headpiece! Where’d you get that? Or did you commission someone for it? Even better, did you make it yourself? 12 and a half years is a really long time to be married, judging by modern society’s standards. Congratulations to your friend for their copper milestone! If I am to assume, 25 years will make it a silver milestone, right?

    Isabel Cabrera


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