Recipe - Gluten Free Chocolate Shortbread

Hello again!
Lots of stuffto write post Cake & Bake show :) I got some gluten free flour to bake some things for work as one of the girls can't eat gluten and I had never tried so this was my chance. I used this recipe that I found on Pinterest. I has all the instructions and details and how-to photos so I won't be re-inventing this recipe but simply linking you through there. The original recipe came from a different website and uses chocolate chips instead of the last bit of cocoa. I used the chocolate chips too ;) I used 4 different cookie cutter shapes (I have so many I really need to use them all at least one hihi): I had a butterfly, a heart, a sun, and a flower. I wanted to keep it quite simple as there would be no icing or anything on top so the shape would have to be recognisable. This is the result:

And my colleagues liked them!

So I am quite pleased with the result. My first ever gluten free baking was a hit :)


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