World Zombie Day 2013 - London

***Contains zombie gore makeup pics so please be careful with children reading this***

Hello again!
Yes am finally posting stuff again! Not entirely making this for Halloween yet, am so unprepared this year... but unlike last year I was actually in London for the annual zombie walk :) It was fab, the weather stayed dry and was actually comfortable and I met up with a lot of fellow zombies who I pretty much only see at this event. The route was about the same as I remembered, I guess last year's change didn't go very well but I can't really comment on that as I wasn't there (still a little gutted). So we all gathered in Marble Arch...

It was a tad busy.... not sure of the numbers but definitely a few hundred...

 We all had instructions of course on how to be a zombie for those who didn't know already

There were a few photographers ;) The paparazzi is big in London hihi
And we even had Rick Grimes to keep us all in check! Honestly, this was the ONLY Rick at the entire event, the girls went crazy of course... Great costume (assembled by this lovely diner girl zombie)

 First zombie stop: a small park behind Oxford Circus. Yay I was there too in my big and poofy dress of course.This took me years to perfect and I love it :) Better without the scarf but it wasn't that warm...

Zombie Gangnam Style, too funny!

There was a pub near the park where the Smurfs hung out

After the park we made our way to Piccadilly Circus and tried to have the annual photo taken which turned out to be impossible as we were so many. Ranger Rick of course kept a watchful eye on all of us...

The final stop before the after party was Leicester Square where I spotted this Alice in Wonderland Zombie couple, love the idea :)

It was great fun! And a busy weekend at that as this was part of a three-day event weekend where I had even taken the Friday off to go somewhere. The Sunday was for the MS Run, the Saturday for the Zombie Walk, good thing I had taken Monday off to relaaaaax with all that walking hihi! But it was great fun so will definitely try to be there next year!


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