Quilted Cupcake Fleece Blanket

Good morning everyone!
It's finally done! 
You might remember this (if not, it's totally ok), three years ago, I bought some baby sleeping bags made out of some very cute cupcake material at Primark.This was before I got some even better cupcake fabric from Joann's so it kind of just stayed in the to-do pile for a long time until I finally got about to taking at least one of them apart and see how much fabric I actually had. This was the fleece:

Isn't it cute? A bit too pink really but it still has potential!

So I searched in my stash and lo and behold, I had so much fleece left from other projects that I could actually quilt something out of this and make it pop a bit more :) I had orange, blue, and purple left so that would work quite well actually. I cut it all into squares and made a nice simple pattern out of it. 

I left it like that for a while but something was missing as it was all a bit dark and depressing. So at the Knitting and Stitching Show, I found this baby yellow fleece which was just the icing on the cake. It pulled it all together :) The pic already shows the border but you get the idea.
 I now love it :) 

 This blanket is supercomfy! I didnt quilt it in a sense that I sewed over it, but I did sew the two layers together at all the corners of each square (which was a much longer process than anticpated!)

 Clearly it was not easy getting a nice shot of this... 

This light is much better. So yes this is it! Still  not an officially proper quilt, but good training for once I finally start sewing my Halloween quilt together! And in the meantime I am nice and toasty. 

Making this also means that my pirate slanket has now been permanently claimed by the bf as he just refuses to even go near this blanket, he says it's too colourful! LOL he may have a point but I love it :)

And speaking of the Knitting and Stitching Show, check out this London cab all knitted up! I cant believe I didnt actually post about that yet although I do have a few leftover pics like that... 

 How cool is this, it even have a knitted picnic basket!

And of course a very happy me, fabric shopping whoohoo!

So another project done, let's hope I can keep this momentum going. There is a lot more in this to-do pile!


  1. Gorgeous quilt MJ! and that cab is just incredible!! I'd like a car like that! :)


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