Star Wars Tote Bag

Hi everyone!
I've actually done some more sewing :) During my lovely trip to the US last year (which I haven't told you about yet, mmm I foresee a blog post about this LOL) I bought yet another "bit" of fabric at Joann's. The good thing was that I actually saved more than I spent this time, I love the US for vouchers :)

Anyway, I had this fantastic Star Wars fabric and I wanted to make this into a tote bag. I didnt use a pattern and kind of just used all the fabric I had (only 1/2 yard anyway) so it worked out quite perfectly. Check it out:

On one side I managed to get the symbol in the middle, quite happy with this actually!

The other side has it slightly off centre but it still looks good this way. It's the blue print fabric for the ships in SW. They had the same in blue with white but this was nicer I thought. Notice how I also made the straps from this?

The yoga tote has the better pattern and sewing, but this also came out well I think. I use it in the supermarket and I must say am getting some looks. I mean, how many people have a cool tote bag like this? ;)

All in all, the year is off to a good start. Let's hope it stays this way!!


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