LOTNA Sweet 16

Heyhey again!
Here is yet another backlogged post... I'm finding these left right and centre! But no matter, I still have so lovely things to show you :) About 8 weeks ago, it was the 16 anniversary of our LOTNA group. LOTNA is a group in London that is all about sci-fi. Luckily for me, things like LOTR etc are also included :) They've been going strong for 16 years, and I've been a member for about 3 years now. 

Whenever there is an event going on, some members bring food so of course I had to chip in with something nice as well. As the only sci-fi bakeware I actually own are Star Wars pancake moulds (very cool by the way!) I baked a cake in cool colours and topped them with a ton of different sprinkles. I basically put all the opened sprinkle jars into a bowl and poured that over the cake. The effect was great!

I made my usual banana/chocolate bundt cake, and covered it in white chocolate and said sprinkles. I was a tad with the baking so the chocolate hadn't set yet but the rest was ok. The inside was black and purple also!

 I also made these rhubarb muffins. The topping is the same, I added some white chocolate and the same sprinkles. The banana cake was a bit too solid for my liking but these muffins totally made up for it!

Of course others had brought things too, mini cupcakes and even Dalek cookies! So funny!

It was a great night with a lot of people celebrating this. I just had to share :)


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