Wet Bag #1

Hi all!
I seemed to have injured my knee a little so I have to take it easy on the exercising for the time being. It's been about 6 weeks already so nearly there, but I've had so much time for sewing :)

I found this great tutorial for a wet bag here. I love swimming but getting your wet kit home is always a bit of a drama when public transport takes a while. Enter the bag! Now I can just put all the wet stuff in here and keep the rest of my belongings in my bag dry.

The tutorial says to use a shower curtain. I didn't have one at hand, so I used some sewing plastic (am sure this has a name but you know what I mean). Sewing with that was really annoying and I got really annoyed when my zipper broke just when the whole thing was put together and I had to start all over again. I also wanted to make this into an easy project (obviously the zipper thing didn't help) so I wanted to use a fabric that didn't need quilting or anything. I found this adorable owl fabric in my stash, isn't it cute? I didn't need lining as the plastic was the lining already. This is the result:

Yes the zipper used the be teal but purple works too I think.

Clearly the zipper wasn't sewn on great, this plastic stuff is tricky to sew with!

This was more of a test though so for now I will be using this. I do have the perfect fabric to make a new one that I found at a show a few months back so I'll be making another one soon. So far this one is great though, coming home from the pool was so much easier without having to worry about my bag getting wet.


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