Vintage Afternoon Tea Memories

Hi all,
Today my best friend in London is leaving for a year to Australia. I am going to miss her very much, and I am sure that she will have a great time over there. As I hadn't posted our outing for a vintage afternoon tea for her birthday last year, I thought I'd post this today to wish her a great trip and let her know that we're all waiting with baited breath for exciting news updates :)

For those of you who have never had afternoon tea before, there is an order (yes, this was my first tea as well and I had to be shown LOL). You get tea, possibly some bubbly also depending on what you order, sandwiches, and a three-tiered tower of goodies. That is where it gets difficult.

First, you start with the sandwiches. These were particularly pretty :) No, it's not food colouring, it's beetroot flavoured bread, spinach bread, nutty bread, and eh... something else. (it's been a while). My friend gave me the tip to start with the thing you like the least and working your way up, saving the best for last.

Once you've finished the sandwiches, it's time to tackle the three tiers. The rule: start from the bottom and work your way up. You will go from somewhat sweet to OMG-my-teeth-are-falling-out-sweet.

The botton tier will always have scones and something cakey, in this case lemon cakes. Scones always come with jam and clotted cream, the order in which you put them on your scone have names too, but for me it's all down to preference. I prefer the jam on top to avoid making a mess.

The second (middle) tier will usually have something fruity and/or chocolatey, in this case chocolate cake pops and berry/custard tarts. These tarts were so yummy!

The top and final tier will have the supersweet stuff. Here we had passionfruit (or mango?) macaroons and mini white chocolate cheesecake slices. Personally, I hate macaroons so I left that one anyway but the cheesecake was quite nice.

And here we are, enjoying our vintage afternoon tea :) Have a great trip and I will miss you so much! Big huge hugs!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - that afternoon tea looks like great fun! How come I've never heard of it before? Think I need to bring this 'tradition' out in Cairns - could definitely start a new craze! :)


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